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Words of Encouragement For a Friend

Words of Encouragement For a Friend: Friends are very dear to us.
We’re so close to our friends that we treat them as family.
We are there for them during good and bad times.
We laugh and cry together.
But indeed, not all times are blue skies and sunshine and one of your friends might be going through something in life.
What you can do for your friends is give them nice words of encouragement that you can find in our collection.
Here are our well-written words of encouragement for a friend that you can use.

Words of Encouragement for a Sick Friend

At one point of our lives, we will surely get to witness one of our loved ones (be it a friend or family) getting sick. Whether it is a mild or serious illness, they still need to be told that it’s going to be okay so their spirits will be high despite the pain they experience from the illness. Here are some words of encouragement you can use for a sick friend.

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 We hope and pray you will get well soon. Let’s play outside again, have fun and nap under the afternoon sun. We really miss you, buddy. Stay strong, we’re always here waiting for you.

 Don’t forget to take your medicine and get well soon. We miss your jokes and your genuine smile and we want to hang out with you again. Let’s play again soon.

 Don’t let the pain of your illness make you give up on fighting for your life. You mean so much to us and to everyone. We’ve got homework to finish at school and pranks to make on our other friends. There’s still so much to do. We will not give up on you and so don’t give up on yourself.

 Remember to eat a lot of fruits, don’t skip meals and take your medicine regularly. We’ll visit you every day and make sure you’re happy until the day you get better.

 Getting sick is just one of life’s trials. Sure you get to miss out on school and some fun, but we’ll help you catch up. So here’s today’s homework. Let’s do it together and I’ll study by your side.



 If you get sad sometimes because of your illness, we’ll make sure that won’t happen. We’ll visit you every day and cheer you up and make you laugh. You’re so precious to us that seeing you sick and bed-ridden breaks our hearts. We want you to be up, healthy and running again. Get well soon, buddy.

 Getting sick isn’t all bad. You get to be excused from school, lay in bed all day long, eat meals in bed, and have friends come over to visit. It’s like a vacation, but a little painful.


 Your immune system is trying to fight off bad stuff in your body and that’s why you’re sick. Try to help your immune system by eating fruits, drinking your medicine and staying happy.

 You’re having a battle for your life and we know you’re not giving up. We’ll always be here to help you in all aspect because you really mean the world to us.

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 One of the greatest pleasures in life is getting sick. You’re not expected to work or go to school or even care much about other things until you get better. So stop whining about getting sick and read a book or watch TV and you’ll know what I mean.

 God is greater than any of our problems and He will help you especially in times like this. So get up and conquer the illness you are in for God is with you always. Take care my dearest friend.

 You are the bravest person I’ve ever known. You can overcome anything that comes your way. You might be sick now but I know you can always get up and beat that sickness you are in and I will always pray for your health to be better than ever. We love you, our best friend.

 Being sick might be putting you down but never forget we are always here to support and help you with everything you need. You will always have our shoulders to cry on and you are not alone in this fight for we are here for you.

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 Never give up and keep fighting. I love you like my brother. We are family and I will be here till you get better and I know you can overcome this illness and you will stand victorious and the sun will shine on us again brother and we will be having more adventures in no time.

 What you’re facing right now is nothing for you. I know that because I know you and I know you can overcome that state you are in. Your family and friends will always be by your side so you don’t have to worry about anything.

 Hoping for your fast recovery and I’m praying that God will answer your prayers. you have a bright future ahead of you and you just can’t let your sickness be in the way of achieving your dreams. You are amazing and talented I know you will be better soon.

 In my darkest day you were there for me to have someone. You were always at my side. And now that you need me more than ever, I will never leave your side for I will always have your back.

 You have proven yourself brave and noble and a mere sickness will never get you down. You are the strongest person I know and I look up to you. Don’t worry because you can do it you will be Ok soon.


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Words of Encouragement for a Friend Going Through Hard Times

Hard times are normal and everyone goes through it because that’s life. However, there will always be people who are at the verge of giving up and one of them might be your friends. Don’t let them give up and let them know that it’s all going to be okay. Encourage and motivate them to get through it because that’s how life works. Not good at giving good advice? Read our collection if words of encouragement for a friend who’s going through hard times and feel free to use them.

 Life is indeed tough sometimes and that’s normal. Whenever you think the world is against you, I’ll always be here for you and we’ll get through it together.

 I am your shoulder to cry on. I’ll always be here to comfort you and help you get through it. Hard times like this is just temporary so don’t worry because it’s going to be okay soon.

 Life sucks sometimes but I’m here and you can always tell me why it sucks and we can laugh at it together.

 Treat your problems like they’re a joke but still face them with positivity. They happen for a reason and that is to teach you a lesson.

 Be grateful for all the problems you face. It moulds you into a better person and it makes you stronger. If you feel like giving up, don’t. I’m always by your side to help you.

 When life gives you lemons, call me and let’s make lemonades together. I’ll help you be positive when you’re feeling down because that’s just life happening.

 Difficult situations will always be there and that’s a part of life. Just remember to never give up because tomorrow’s another day.

 Today might be a stormy day but surely tomorrow’s going to be a sunny day and you can count on it. It’s always hard to go through a storm but it’s worth the struggle.

 Experiencing hardships is just like climbing up a very tall mountain. It’s hard but you get to learn so many survival tips along the way. And the moment you reach the top will be one of the best ones in your life.

 Life’s tough but you got to be tougher than that. Remember that you’re supposed to be making something out of life so you have the power to turn anything negative into something positive.

 Life is just testing you and you don’t need to study to pass, you just have to not give up. Sure it gets hard, but know that it’ll get better in the end.

 Hardships are the bittersweet things in life. You feel better when you’re really down, but when you learn to get through it, it’s one of the sweetest and best feelings.

 In times like these? I have no one to count on but you but we have each other so let’s be there for each other so we can get through all things.

 Some night I stay up praying that whatever is bothering you will vanish to thin air for I know it’s just trials and I know you can do great things. I love you like family. There will be problems but you are bigger than your problems you will get over them and move on and that’s the best friend I know and love.

 Even the best of the best fall down sometimes but that doesn’t mean they don’t get up. You should keep your head high and stand up because obstacles are meant to be conquered and you have what it takes to make a difference in your life.

 Because you’ve been going through so much lately, it gives me more reason to stay by your side. As a friend I have an obligation to protect and motivate you through hard times. You helped me out now it’s my turn to lighten your path. Keep your promise that you will never give up and we will venture the world together. You can get through it I know.

 Sometimes we can’t have things our way but we still strive to get there. You will always be the strongest person I know.

 You are worried about the things that is about to happen but all you have to actually think is what is happening now. With God nothing is impossible. He will save you and get you through all things that is bothering you and all you have to do is accept Him and pray to Him all your problems. Trust me. I’ve been there, done that. I know you can do it too.

 There will be days that we will feel that we are hopeless, but don’t worry everybody gets a chance to feel that moment but the difference is you are amazing and you can get through almost anything. You are the best person I have ever known so believe that you can do it.



Words of Encouragement for a Friend Who is Depressed

Depression is an illness that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There has been a lot of suicide cases that resulted from depression. And anyone like your family and friends might be going through depression. So if you have a friends who are depressed, let them know you got their back with these collection of word of encouragement for a friend who is depressed.

 I just want to let you know that we’re here for you and we love you. Don’t ever think you’re worthless because you’re a gem to us. If you’re so down, then we’ll lift you up.

 Going through depression is hard, so we’ll always be here to cheer you up. We won’t let you feel lonely and we will check on you. And when you want to go out and hang-out, just call and we’ll be at your door.

 What you’re feeling is deep and hard and not everyone can understand. But I understand you and I’ll always be here for you to help you get through things.

 Depression is a sickness and I know you’re trying to get well. You’re fighting every day because you don’t like how you’re feeling. You know what? Don’t fight depression on your own. Talk to me and cry on my shoulder. Let’s fight it together.

 Pay no attention to the negative feelings your depression gives you. I know it’s hard you just have to. Do the things you like to do and always think positive thoughts.

 Depression is a serious illness but I know you’re stronger than that. You’re a brave and cheerful person so don’t let depression change you.

 Don’t let depression get the best of you. You’re still there and I know you want to be okay again. I’m here and I’ll be supporting you all the way. Just don’t give up.

 You’re strong and I want you to be happy and okay again. Don’t lose to depression. Don’t think about how terrible of a monster it is. Calm your soul, know how wonderful of a person you are and a lot of people care about you.

 Every one of us is unique so you don’t have to fit in to be happy. You just have to be yourself. I never knew you were depressed about it but it’s not the end of the world. You can get through it.

 Have you heard of the saying no man is an island? Then you should realize that you don’t have to be alone every time, for we are here to support and guide you. You don’t have to isolate yourself from us because we are your friends and the best is yet to come.

 Best things in life is not always about you. Sometime you will find true happiness by helping others, and engaging conversations to those who need it might not only help them but help you also.

 Better days will come so never forget that. You have family and friends who love and support you with everything you do.

 We care for you and we hope you care for yourself too because you have the entire world to explore. It’s beautiful, it’s big and you have to see it with your own eyes.

 Life is full of mysteries and you are never alone in figuring it out. We have more places to explore. So don’t keep yourself at that state. Help us help you and let’s see the world.

 What matters is we have each other and no one can ever take that away from us.

 You might be down today but life will always give you something to smile about. You are depressed but we all know you can get over that because we know you are strong and you can do everything you want. We will always be here for you.

 We all have problems that we think we can’t overcome and that is the reason why God gave us angels. They are called friends to help us through hard times and I wish you will let me into your life no matter how depressed you are and let them help you with the burden you’re carrying.

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