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When is Mother’s Day? Check 2021 Mother’s day with Country Wise

When we hear the word Mother, naturally a smile comes over on our face. Nobody in the world who doesn’t love their mother, everyone in the world is connected with their mother. Without mother a person is incomplete. To show our love, respect for our mother, we celebrate Mother’s day in all over the world. But when is mother’s day and when we celebrate this special day. Most people do not know when is mother’s day? they get information about this day through social media like Facebook, twitter or others where people post something special for their mothers.

It seems to be a universal event that cultures put a day each year to celebrate the special day for mothers. We celebrate Mother’s Day in the honor of mothers.

when is mother's day

Mother’s day is not only celebrated in Asian countries but also in other countries. Everywhere in the whole world, mothers are respected for their extreme love, care, and devotion towards children.

When is Mother’s day – Country Wise:

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Canada
  • UK
  • USA
  • South Africa
  • Australia

When is Mother’s day in Pakistan:

The question is when is mother’s day is celebrated in Pakistan. Mother’s day comes on a different day every year. As you remember the date of mother’s day we celebrated in 2015 is Sunday, May 10. The date of Mother’s day in 2016 is Sunday, May 8. The date of mother’s day in 2017 is Sunday, May 14. And this year 2020 the mother’s day will be celebrated on 10th of May.

When is Mother’s day in India:

The mother’s day is celebrated on the second of May in India. In India, people send cards, gifts to their mothers on Mother’s day. The whole idea of celebrating Mother’s day is to show love and thank mothers.

When is Mother’s day in Canada:

Mother’s day is the most popular festival in Canada and it is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May. Not only children but also young ones and a married man pay tribute to their mothers on the day and thank for their moral support.

When is Mother’s day in the UK:

Mother’s day in the UK is celebrated with great excitement on the fourth Sunday of lent. Since the Lent days are not fixed, the date of mother’s day changes every year in the UK. Mother’s day came to be celebrated in the UK in the 17th century as Mothering Sunday. On mother’s day children give flowers and bouquets to show their unconditional love to mothers.

When is Mother’s day in the US:

In US mother’s day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement on the fourth Sunday of lent. Mothers are pampered by caring on that day. Many children present their mothers with handmade gifts like drawings, cake etc. Children make feel their mothers like a princess.

When is Mother’s day in South Africa:

Mother’s day is celebrated on the first Sunday of the May in South Africa.  The US celebrates its Mother’s day after this week.

When is Mother’s day in Australia:

In Australia, The mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May same as the US celebrates Mother’s day festival. Mother’s day is an opportunity to express devotion to their mother. Children show their love by drawings, gifts, cakes or by treating them like a princess etc.

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