Father's Day

Unique Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Your One-of-a-Kind Dad

He changed your poopy diapers, taught you how to drive, and walked you down the aisle—both times. Is a boring pair of socks really the best you can do on the one day of the year dedicated to the man who helped bring you into the world? I didn’t think so.


Find inspiration on this list and wow your dad with something that shows him just how much you care:

  • Movie mood: Cinemood is a tiny (3-inch) standalone projector that can transform pretty much any surface into an up to 12-foot cinema experience. So you can have movie night on the wall of his man cave or the side of the house. I was a little nervous while testing one out but it really is easy to connect to your computer or phone and the charge lasts for up to 5 hours (though mine seemed to get a little cranky at 4 hours) so he can binge watch his favorite shows or embarrass everyone with old family movies. Note: You will absolutely have to make sure the latest software is updated or the experience can feel a bit confusing.
  • Picture this: If your dad can’t bear to throw any of your ancient artwork away, this one’s for him. FastFoto FF-680W makes digitizing photos (and family works of art) really easy, so it doesn’t matter if your dad is tech savvy or not. It’s also really fast, you can batch scan 36 photos or documents at a time. I’ve been testing one out and I love the fact that our old family photos don’t have to fade away. They’re also easier to share with the whole family and you can print only the ones you love.
  • A trip down memory lane: If your nostalgic dad loves everything to do with days gone by, consider taking him on a road trip. Did you know the Catskills town of Fleischmanns, New York was founded by two brothers—Charles and Max—who co-founded baking mainstay Fleischmann’s Yeast? If you love this kind of quirky trivia, you might want to head over to one of their original 19th-century homes, Spillian which now operates as a resort.

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