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Thinking of You Quotes & Text Messages For Her

Thinking has been an essential part of every humans life and it mostly occupies our mind, it’s either we think about work, school and every other areas of life but thinking becomes more fun when it’s about what or who we love. Sometimes we get entangled to thinking about our love ones that we tend to get lost in our deep thought.

Who says thinking is not fun, it become more romantic when we get lost in the thought of moment shared with the person we love so much, when we get lost in the groove of the moment. Sharing good moment with our love ones is not a waste and it’s actually what we hold on to when the moment is fast spent away.

Being romantically involved with your partner doesn’t stop at the moment, its actually felt more when your love ones is not by your side. Every other feelings can be controlled but the thought of our beloved can never be overshadowed by other thoughts most especially when we are miles apart from one another.

Our feelings can’t be control and we cannot dictate what the heart should feel, how your girl makes you feel and how much you are engross with her thoughts can’t be explained. Girls often want to have the assurance that their partner is just all over them alone.

If you’re looking for ways to express all that you feel for your girl whenever she’s not around you, then you’re at the right page.

Here are messages and quotes you can send to her to make her feel you she’s always in your thoughts everyday and that you can’t stop thinking about her.

  1. Your thought has taken over my body and my soul, and now I discovered your thoughts have taken over my whole being, I find myself thinking about you even in odd times. 

  2. I find myself smiling for no reason only to come to realize and discover how the good moments we spend  together has taken over my thought. 

  3. The moment and the lovely memories we had together has always been what I run back to when you are not here and your thought has been my escape route that keeps me  going on. 

  4. You came into my dream like a reality and I wake up only to discover that I’m still filled with your thought my love, this is a big prove that you mean so much to me my world.

  5. Thinking of you has been a daily routine in my life and I find myself only thinking about you everyday of my life. I love you. 

8. At least if I couldn’t be near you, the thought of you have drawn me closer to you and I couldn’t imagine myself without your thought. I love you.

Thinking of You Quotes
Thinking of You

9. You have been the only girl in my thought as well as how you have been the only girl in my life. I love you much my Queen.

Thinking of You Messages For Her
Thinking of You Messages For Her

Sweet Thinking of You Messages For Her

  1. My heart has been stuck with your thought, but I’m always happy to know how much your feelings has taken over my mind. I love you. 

  2. I am happy whenever your thought cross my mind because that’s when I get time to relax and enjoy my sweet imagination.

  3. Coming across you have been one of the blessing i cherished and having a sweet thought about you is what has always been my greatest joy. I think about you every day and night. I care and love you so much. 

  4. The thought of your loving smile, kiss and emotions shared together has taken over my mind and heart. I love you. 

  5. Even when you are beside me, i still find myself thinking about you deeply and it has become a part of me. 

  6. Sometimes I laugh when I get the thought of the sweet and hilarious moments we often share together. I love you. 

  7. You are always on my mind, no wonder I find it easy to think about you every day, even when I’m busy I still finding my self thinking about your lovely smile. I love you. 

8. One of my best hobby is thinking about you and I have come to realize your thought has become the best feelings I go through everyday. I love you.

One of my best hobby is thinking about you
One of my best hobby is thinking about you


Sometimes I wonder why, of all the whole things that could cross my mind, why does your thought rule over every other thoughts in my mind . I love you.

Thinking of You Message For Girlfriend
Thinking of You Message For Girlfriend

Romantic Thinking of You Quotes & Text Messages For Her

  1. If the thought of you is considered a disease I never want to get over because it will still be the medicine to cure me. I love you. 

  2. You’re the  first thing that comes to my heart in the morning and the last thing I think about before going to bed at night. I love you forever. 

  3. I don’t know what you think about every day but as for me in whatever I do daily your thought has always been on my mind.

  4. If I am to count how many times I find myself lost in your thought I am going to be losing counts, that’s why it’s better never to count. I wish to keep thinking about you for the rest of my life because that’s what I enjoy doing the most. I love you. 

  5. It is easy to find a beautiful girl but it’s more captivating to get a girl as sweet as you are. Your thought have ruled my world and I have happily embrace it my love. I care about you always.

Whenever I think about the times I’ve spent with you, then I’m easily convinced that we are both meant to spend the rest of our lives together. I love you.

Thinking of You Quotes
Thinking of You Quotes


The distance between us can’t be felt because of the thought of the moment I spent with you often put smile and joy into my life. I love you.

the distance between us cant
the distance between us cant


I got smacked out of the moment and it became surprising when I discovered I’ve been thinking about you for a quite a long period of time. Love you and your thought have always been on my mind.

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