Hello Doosts!

With such busy lives and barely time for ourselves, we at times have to stop and just for a moment, be still, like water. Listening to ourselves and our thoughts. Listening to the world around us. Being still, Being in the moment. Savor the stillness, it is a treasure that is readily available to us always.


I pride myself on believing that I am predominantly an optimistic person, with a ‘glass half-full’ way of looking at life. However, there are times when fear and uncertainties appear and there are no logical answers for them — we become caught up in our everyday hustle and bustle, plugged into our devices and losing sense of real life moments. We rush all day doing things like texting, emailing, and social media. We are always connected, always thinking and moving. We lose time for ourselves; for contemplation, for observing, and listening. We lose peace.

Listening to your inner self will help you determine what your limiting beliefs are, those that prohibit you from ‘getting over hump,’ so you can focus on believing in yourself to rise above. It’s a path that we have to shed light on. It’s an illuminated path that will shine on our goals and will bring us to our desired success. It’s inside of us and we have to find it.  It will expose our obstacles and deceptions…


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