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Sad Miscarriage Quotes To Give Your Comfort

Sad Miscarriage Quotes: When an expecting mother experiences a miscarriage, it’s the most painful and heartbreaking time of her life.
Every baby deserves to see the beauty of life and mothers spend time preparing for her little one and buying clothes, toys, blankets, bottles, and everything her baby needs, and it’s just an overwhelming experience to lose a baby.
So if you’re a mom who’s experienced a miscarriage or someone who wants to comfort a brokenhearted mother after her miscarriage, then you’ve come to the right place.
Here are miscarriage quotes that can totally touch a mother’s heart.


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Miscarriage Quotes for Moms

Miscarriages are sad and difficult for mothers. Throughout their recovery phase, they experience mood swings, emotional struggles and anxiety. So the best thing you need to do is remind them that someone is there to help them out through tough times. Here are miscarriage quotes you can use when you’re comforting a brokenhearted mother:

 We might not have experienced what you’ve experienced, but always know that we’ll be here for you to help you go through the pain.

 You can’t blame yourself why you lost your baby. It might have been unfortunate but maybe there’s a reason why it had to happen so stay strong.

 Nothing can make the pain go away after the tragedy you had with your baby but we will always be here to support you and tell you that it’s going to be okay.

 You fell in love with your child when you carried him in your womb, now you hold him in your heart instead of your arms.

 Don’t see life as a negative life after losing your baby, but rather see it as a different life, a new beginning.


 Miscarriage is hard so surround yourself with people who understand you and who can relate with what you’re going through in order for you to heal better.

 Only you know the agony of losing a child and only you have the decision whether to get out of that depression or not, but know that we’re always here to help you.

 As your husband, I understand your mood swings, how you’re so emotional and irrational most of the time. This is because of the sadness you feel the day we lost our baby, and I understand that the pain you feel is ten times more of what I feel.

 A logical person can become illogical, irrational and emotional after losing someone so special, how much more if it was a mother who lost a child during her pregnancy. So to all struggling moms out there, know that we are here to understand you and we feel what you’re going through.


 Let’s support each other. It doesn’t matter how early or how late you lost your baby, it’s just painful to lose a baby. That’s it. And going through it is difficult. You are not alone in this.

 I will pray for you every day and for your little angel who passed away. May our Lord God shower you with grace and hope and help you through this difficult situation.

 In this battle in your life in trying to move on from baby loss, it’s always good to cry on your shoulder’s partner and trust in what he tells you to do for you to recover.

 We lose a lot of people in this lifetime, but the journey still goes on. I know losing our baby is hard, but we will walk through this difficult path in our life together.

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 A miscarriage is a natural event, and so are the emotions resulting from it. We know it’s hard, we know you’re struggling so just let it out, talk to us, spend idle hours with us. We are all here for you.

 In this world full of uncertainties, a miscarriage is one of them and it’s often difficult to accept. But always remember that I love you and you will always be the best mother to our unborn child.

 I appreciate mothers who have been through a miscarriage but are still strong enough to smile at friends and families no matter how painful and difficult it was to lose a child.

 Every mother is strong, so let’s always take the time to appreciate them. They raise children, cook, clean, be a good wife and they try to be the best mother they can. But behind every smile, a mother might be struggling pain from miscarriage so let’s always be patient with them in their moody times.

 A mother experiences so many hardships in life than anyone else. So let’s always respect them always for they have endured life to raise us well and who knows, maybe at some point, they might have experienced a sad and heartbreaking miscarriage.

 Maybe you and mommy will see each other in heaven someday, so please be wait for me my dear as I also try to live the best of my life here on earth for you.

 It’s never easy for a mother to lose a child. It’s hard for her to move on when all she can think of is how different life would be if she had her child. So if you’re a father, take her out to dinner, spend time with her, make love with her and always remind her to open her eyes on what she still has.

Inspirational Miscarriage Quotes

Moving on from a miscarriage is a difficult this to do. Like all attempts to recover from a loss, it’s important to motivate and inspire a mother that a miscarriage is not the end of life’s journey. So here are inspirational miscarriage quotes that a mother would love to hear as she moves on from a difficult time in her motherhood:

 Our little angel is in heaven with God. It’s painful that I wasn’t able to hold you in my arms, but I promise that I’ll always hold you in my heart.

 Life still goes on my child, but I will always remember you.

 I cannot just cry forever about your passing. So I will smile, be thankful that I once had you inside me, pray for you and cook your father his favorite for dinner.

 I learned to value life more after I lost you. You were not given a chance to live your life, so I will live it for you together with father and future brothers and sisters.

 Mama will stay happy for you, my darling. I know it will only break your heart as you watch from above that I spend my days being sad.

 Let not one miscarriage stop you from having a family. I know it’s hard. I know it’s frightening. But let it be a thing of the past. We’ll always be here for you.

 I cannot stay sad because I know you’re in a better place with God in heaven. Sleep tight my angel and I’ll always pray for you.

 You’ll always have a special place in my heart and I will never forget you, my little one.

 Life ended for you before it even began and so here I am determined to live a different life in your honor hoping that one day we’ll see each other up there.

 You do not have power over conception, life and even death, but you do have the power to control your perception over what happened.

 Your miscarriage might make you feel a lack of appreciation for your body for failing to conceive a baby, but let it not stop you from making a family. You can always try again, have regular checkups and do some necessary precautions. Don’t let it hinder you from happiness.

 Losing you is the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced, and for that, I promise to become a better mother to your future brothers and sisters. I’ll always love you and remember you.

 Miscarriage is hard, but that didn’t stop me from having my own family. I hoped and prayed every day that my next pregnancies would be a lot better. And now I’m happy two have two beautiful children, and my lost baby will continue to exist in their hearts as well.

 Life gets better when you start to change how you look at situation. In the case of baby loss, it’s a sad situation but there’s no other way to look at it. It’s sad no matter what. But what you can do is move on, no matter how hard it is.

 You didn’t make it, but you’ll always be my star, my angel, my baby, and I will always hold you in my arms.

 My sweet little one, may you be peaceful in heaven with our Lord God. I will pray for you every single day and night. I may be sad, but I should also remember that you are now in a better place with God.

 Losing a baby blinds you from all the good things around you because you can’t help being sad. But open your eyes again and see that we’re here shining a light of hope for you today, tomorrow and in many more days to come.

 You’re not functioning well after losing a baby, but all I can say is you’re still doing a great job recovering from your loss.

 I’ve had countless nights when I cried myself to sleep. Then one day I woke up and realized that it will break your heart if you saw me being such a mess. So I just decided I’d live my life to the fullest for you, my dear.

 The name that I have prepared for you will always be yours and I will call you by your name whenever I pray for you.

 I’m not sure how life would have turned out if you lived to see the world, but I’m pretty sure it would be a lot better.

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Grief Miscarriage Quotes

Losing a baby is just as painful as losing someone you’ve known for a long time, especially for mothers who experienced miscarriage. The mother looks forward to raising her unborn baby and is now faced with sadness when her baby passed away. So here are quotes about grief in a miscarriage:

 The most painful thing about miscarriage is that I will never get to hear you laugh, say ‘mama’ or smile.

 My body has failed me when I found out I lost you. I am in fear and in great sorrow. Oh how I wish I could just hold you now and watch you grow.

 The hard part about having a miscarriage is the endless anxiety about what might happen if I get pregnant again.

 I’ve never been so happy in my life when I knew I was going to have you, but I have never been in so much pain when I lost you.

 Your father took care of us when you were inside me, and I was always so careful about what I do and eat, I took vitamins, and bought you cute clothes to welcome you when you come out. But I guess we were just so excited and happy that it broke my heart into pieces when you passed away.

 I lie in bed, crying, and thinking how wonderful it would feel to hold you, feed you, and watch you grow. But all I can do now is accept that fact that you’re just gone.

 A miscarriage doesn’t only mean losing my baby, it also means losing a part of me. And the sadness just makes me go insane.

 It’s really unfair how a lot of undeserving people were given the opportunity to raise a child while so many worthy individuals, like us, lost a child.

 They say you can’t miss something you never had. But that’s just wrong. I never got a chance to hold you, but every night I cry myself to sleep thinking about how I really miss you.

 I just can’t understand why it had to happen. I was so excited and I couldn’t stop feeling giddy about finally having a baby, then one day it just happened. You came out of me too early, and lifeless.

 You lost a life, a huge part of you, your child. But in this world full of uncertainties, difficulties and pain, do not lose yourself.

 You don’t get to choose what happens to you, so sometimes bad things happen. You get sad, depressed, anxious and emotional from losing someone especially if it’s your baby. So just embrace the sadness, but don’t forget that it should be a temporary thing and that you still need to get back on track.

 They say that things happen for a reason but what good is there from a baby loss? My baby and I don’t deserve this suffering.

 It’s been a year and I have not fully recovered from my baby loss. Sometimes days are hard. I just stare at a blank space on the wall, and then a tear would just drop from my eye.

 My unborn baby, brought to life, and after four months your life was taken away without giving you a chance to hold mommy and daddy’s hands.

 Ever since I lost you, I had endless rains with no rainbows or sunshines. I’m just in deep pain and I can’t stop wondering how different life would be for us if you were here with mommy.

 People say that it’s always wise to just get over the bad unexpected situations. But for a baby loss, it’s just so difficult.

 When I opened the drawer where I stored the clothes I bought for you, I can’t help but cry and imagine how adorable you’d be in those clothes.

 Imagining if you’d have your father’s eyes or mine just sends me to tears in an instant.

 Ever since I lost my baby, I have started to hate abortion and everything about it and how some moms choose to let go of their baby, and about how envious I am that I wasn’t given the chance to bring my baby to this world when I really wanted to.

 It’s been hard I know, but I will never wish that you had not been created. You were alive in me for a short period of time and no happiness can explain it. But I do not regret having you at all. I love you with all my heart, my angel.

 The pain of losing you is indeed suffocating me, and I just hate how my body failed to keep you. I’m a failure and I didn’t want to lose you, ever.

 I’m not meant to have you, but I have written your name in my heart, and you will forever be remembered by mommy.

 It’s been months since I lost you, and I feel like my sadness is getting worse. They say I should move on it from it but I can’t help feeling sorrowful. It just broke my heart.

 The best day of my motherhood was finding out I was going to have a baby. And the darkest day was the time I lost you.

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