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Blessed 2021 Ramadan First Ashra Dua in Arabic

The holy month of Ramadan Kareem 2020 (رمَضَان كريم) is one of the most beloved and blessed months in the Islamic calendar. Ramadan Kareem is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar.

Ramadan Dua List 2020

There is a total of 12 months in the Islamic calendar. The Ramadan first Ashra Dua is very famous in the 1st 10 days of this holy month.

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In this holy month of Ramadan Kareem, the rewards that a Muslim can earn are countless and the chance to commit a sin reduced. Ramadan Kareem (رمَضَان كريم 2020 ) month is basically to remove the sins of the people in a very quick way. In this blessed month of Ramazan, no obstacles can exist between man and Allah Almighty.

The Ramadan Kareem blessings are uncountable and this month is divided into three parts i.e. Ashra (of ten days each). The Ramadan second ashra dua and third ashra dua are also important prayers that Muslims recite during the second and third ashra of Ramadan.

The Ashra word is an Arabic word which means ten. The month of Ramadan Al Mubarak has 29/30 days depends on the moon. 1st Ashra of Ramadan Kareem starts from the 1st day. The first Ashra of Ramadan Kareem 2020 will end on the 10th of the month. Ramadan 1st 10 days Dua can be a very good practice to please the Almighty.

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The Three Ashras of Holy month Ramadan Al Mubarak comes with their own name, sanctions, and reward. The 1st Ashra of Ramadan Kareem (رمَضَان كريم 2020 ) is related to Rehmat that is “Mercy of Allah”.

For this first Ashra of Ramzan 2020, there is a first Ashra Dua with all other ibadah. In the 1st Ashra of Ramadan, you can pray for 1st 10 days of the Ramadan Dua. Ramadan Kareem 1st Ashra Dua in Arabic and English text is provided in the Ramadan Dua website.

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Every Muslim also pray Ramadan Kareem first 10 days Dua in the 1st Ashra of Ramadan Mubarak.

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Muslims start the 1st Ashra of Ramadan in great enthusiastic way. This is the start days of the holy month Ramadan Kareem (رمَضَان كريم 2020). Every Muslims is excited at the start of the first 10 days of Ramadan. There are a lot of people who come in the 1st 10 days of the Ramadan Kareem. It is hard to find a space in the mosques to offer prayer.

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Ramadan dua for first 10 days

You can make a list of Ramadan First Ashra Dua in any format. These will be the first 10 days Dua of Ramadan Kareem. You can also make a PDF for 1st 10 days Dus of Ramadan Kareem for your ease.

The blessed month of Ramadan Kareem (رمَضَان كريم) starts with the ashra that reveals the abundance and blessings of Allah Almighty. This is such a beautiful start to this holy month Ramadan. At the start of this month, the first 10 days are purely to find the blessings of Allah. No doubt Allah’s blessings are every time and every moment for His creature.


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These are a very special month and very special moments to search and requests any kind of blessings from Allah Almighty.

This first Ashra of Ramadan Kareem you need to seek mercy from Allah Taala. Allah Azzawajal only needs to bless His people with the wonders of life and the Hereafter.

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A great lesson and a door open in Ramadan Mubarak for the Muslim community to extend the same sympathy to other fellow Muslim brothers and sisters that Allah spreads on us.

Pray every time during the 1st 10 days of this holy month especially you can pray Ramzan Kareem Dua for 1st Ashra. Ramadan Dua will provide you the Ramadan Kareem 1st Ashra Dua on this website.

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The main objective for the first Ashra of Ramadan Kareem to be merciful to your fellow beings. This can be done by giving charity, the act Allah Almighty loves the most.

If you control your temper and treat well to your fellows and everyone in the society, you can found rain of the blessings of Allah, insha’Allah. Try your best to help anyone where need your help as Allah helps those who help others.

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There are also a lot of Ramadan 1st Ashra Dua which can be recited during these days.

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Holy Month Ramadan Kareem 2020 1st Ashra Dua in Arabic, Ramadan Kareem first 10 Days Dua, 1st Ashra Dua

Holy Month Ramadan Kareem 2020 1st Ashra Dua in English

Oh EVERLIVING, THE EVERLASTING, I seek Your help through Your mercy.

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Ramadan Kareem 2020 First Ashra Dua in Roman English and Urdu

“Ya Hayy U Ya Qayyum Birahmatika Astaghees”

اے زندہ اور قائم رب! میں تیری رحمت کے حصول کی فریاد کرتا ہوں

Ramadan Kareem first 10 Days Dua 2020 in Arabic

وَقُل رَّبِّ ٱغْفِرْ وَٱرْحَمْ وَأَنتَ خَيْرُ ٱلرَّ‌ٰحِمِينَ

Ramadan Kareem first ashra urdu Dua 2020

اور کہو کہ اے میرے رب! تو بخش اور رحم کر اور تو سب مہربانوں سے بہتر مہربانی کرنے واﻻ ہے

Ramadan Kareem first Ashra Dua 2020 in English

Translation: My Lord! Forgive and have mercy! You are the most Merciful of all, who show mercy”

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Ramadan Kareem first Ashra Dua 2020 in Roman English

Rabbi ighfir wairham waanta khayru alrrahimeena

Happy Blessed Month Ramadan Kareem Quotes 2020

Welcome the month of Ramadan with the heart filled with peace, harmony and joy. May the divine blessings of Allah protect and guide you.

After Eid-ul-fitr, may you find the utmost source of bliss and gaiety. Enjoy every purifying moment of Ramadan! Be blessed!

Fortunate Is The One
Who Has Learned To Admire,
But Not To Envy.
Good Wishes For A Joyous Ramadan
And A Happy New Year With A Plenty
Of Peace And Prosperity.

As the auspicious month of Ramadan starts, may the crescent-shaped moon brighten your path toward enlightenment and may Allah bless you with peace and grace. Wishing you a Happy Ramadan!

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May forgiveness be granted to you by our mighty Allah. Repent and be saved! Happy Ramadan!

He is the one God, the Creator, the Initiate, the Designer. To Him belong the most beautiful names… He is the Almighty, Most Wise. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan!

May Allah bless you & your families & accept all of your duas and wishes and forgive our major and minor sins in this holy month of Ramadan.

Allah’s Prophet said, Search for the Night of Qadr in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan

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Every action of the son of Adam is given manifold reward, each good deed receiving then times its like, up to seven hundred times. Allah the Most High said, ‘Except for fasting, for it is for Me and I will give recompense for it, he leaves off his desires and his food for Me.’ for the fasting person there are two times of joy; a time when he breaks his fast and a time of joy when he meets his Lord, and the smell coming from the mouth of the fasting person is better with Allah than the smell of musk.” [Imam Bukhari]

Ramadan Wishes, SMS, Greetings & Quotes for Ramazan

O Allah, Make upcoming Ramadan blessed and life-changing for Muslim ummah. Aameen

Ramadan is a month of blessing. Allah blesses Muslims in this holy of Ramadan.

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