Father's Day

Printable Father’s Day Card

Wondering when is fathers day? It’s just around the corner, June 21st.If you’re looking for simple fathers day cards to make in a classroom with kids, check out this cute foldable father’s day card from Crispy Doodles that you can download and print for the whole class. Moms, you can print it at home to surprise dad with the child’s cute artwork.

I love the fact that this card has easy folds and requires no cutting making it easy for even a toddler to make it. Kids can fill the card in the colors of their choice. The inside fold of the card is all blank giving kids a lot of space to personalize it with message & drawings for dad.



Father’s Day Card Printable Template


1. Download and print the template (link at the end of the tutorial).

2. Let the child color and personalize the card using crayons or pencil colors.

3. Fold the card into half along the line in the center. Then again along the line into a quarter fold.

That’s it – Easy Peasy! Ready to make one of your own? Grab your template below and let’s get crafting!

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