Father's Day

Preschool Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Time for some fun with some adorable Preschool Crafts! Here we have our best collection of preschool Father’s Day Craft Ideas to keep you busy and make something special for Dad!

Whether you are looking to make a fun Father’s Day Card with your preschooler or a keepsake gift idea that toddlers can make.. take a peak at our collection of crafts. Enjoy!!! For a broader collection of Father’s Day Gifts Kids can make, hop over here.

Collage of Preschool Father's Day Craft Ideas

Father’s Day Gifts that Preschoolers can Make

Let’s kick things off with our Preschool Dad Gift ideas! We love things that are sweet AND practical. As mentioned, we have many more Father’s Day Gifts Ideas for both young and older kids to make! Do check those out too!


We have been making these Crayon Rock Paper Weights for years! They are such a fun craft to make – the kids will find the process fascinating – you could even call it a mini science experiment (how hot does the rock need to be to melt crayons etc?) and they make great gifts too!

Presents kids can make

The kids love getting the paints out.. buy some super inexpensive frames (or cut some from cardboard) and get the kids to decorate. I always recommend choosing just two primary colours, to avoid everything going a bit brown! Love how the two frames are quite different.. Red Ted loves to precise, whilst his sister loves to mix!!

More fun with photo frames, whilst making these easy cardboard photo collage frames. Preschoolers will love getting crafty with all the different textures and colours, making a wonderful photo frame for dad!

Funny Beard Craft for Dad! Such a fun Paper Plate Beard Mask for kids to make!

footprint crafts

I promise you, you will not regreat making these easy Footprint Bookmarks – they are quick and easy, and oh my… how the kids grow!!!!!! So very quickly. These will become much treasured keepsakes, I am sure! (Even if Dad doesn’t read much.. teehee).

Lollipop Stick Crafts

Superhero Bookmarks  Get the kids to design their own wacky Characters!

finished father's day paper plate medals to make

Cute Paper Plate Medals for Dad that Preschoolers will LOVE To make!

Father's Day Jar Lid Medals for kids

Similarly Dad will love these Jar Lid Medals. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Cereal box crowns

Adorable Father’s Day Crown kids will love to make!

Puzzle Pieces Father's Day Card - I Love you to pieces

Kids on any age will love to make (and play with) these DIY Puzzle Cards for Dad – Dad I love you to Pieces!!

HAndy Warhol for kids

Great for young and old.. have a go at this Andy Warhol inspired Handprint Art Project for Dad!

As super cute way to build memories with dad with this LEGO jar by The Seasoned Mom!

Get Arty for Dad! A super cute drawing prompt by Tot Schooling. Love it when preschoolers draw and colour!

Or how about a Father’s Day photo collage? Yes, I know.. at the time it will feel like a “lot of work”.. but you know what.. in a few years time, this will be a treasured photo collage in the home! Read more about it over on Crafts on Sea!

Working with Relief Art is always a great one for preschoolers and toddlers. They love nothing more than “marking making” and being involed. Playground Parkbench shows us how to make cool personalised coasters for dads on Father’s Day using this great art technique!

Father’s Day Medals with hidden message and photos

Fun Newspaper Art for Father’s Day. Make these personalised cactus with the handy Father’s Day templates!

Cards for Dad that Preschoolers can make:

You may haver seen our more extensive collection of Father’s Day Cards to Make for kids.. but we have pulled our our favourite and most easy Cards for Dad here to make with preschoolers and toddlers!

How about some easy Handprint Monster Hugs from your little Monsters this Father’s Day? Love all the arty paper creation too!

Combine Science and Art with these cool Sun Print Cards

Kids of all ages will love these Arty come Science Sun Print Cards. Fascinating and fun!

Printable Seahorse Father’s Day Card – love this easy expanding card idea for Father’s Day with the free printable Seahorse motive. So cute!

Collage of how to make a Handprint card turtle for Dad

Turtle Handprint Card for Father’s Day. Kids will have lots of fun making these adorable Turtle Handprint Cards. Love the tactileness of the pom pom Turtle Shells!

Nuts & Bolts Father’s Day Card for the DIY Dad!

You make me hap-PEA cards for kids to print and make!

You are out of this world! Love the process of making your water colours for this one too!

Father’s Day Handprint Rockets with templates

Thanks for helping me grow – Father’s Day Activity that also gives writing practice and fine motor skills development. There is also an option for younger kids who can’t write yet.

Easy Monster Card for young kids to make. Looking at shapes and colours

Monster Shape Cards – these would make great Dad cards to make for toddlers and preschoolers. Explore shapes adn colours and turn them into “Your Little Monster” cards!

Toddler with homemade robot card for dad

Another fun and easy Father’s Day Card to make for toddlers are these simple shape Robot Cards! Again, you can use the opportunity to talk about squares and rectangles and different colours. Add a “You are my favourite human” pun and they make the perfect card for dad on Father’s Day or his Birthday!

Remember what I said about “how quickly they grow” above? Oh man.. if you need another adorable Footprint Card idea for Preschoolers, this idea from Crafty Morning is it! “Following in my Daddy’s Shoes” is just the cutest.

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