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Moustache Crafts – Mug Gift For Dad

So, a little while a go, I decided it would be fun to investigate all things MOUSTACHE (or mustache! depending on where you are from). The Moustache is a quircky little accessory, that is great to adding to ANYTHING, a bit like googly eyes and turn it from “something” into “something fun”! I wouldn’t say there are particular Moustache Crafts as such – as you simply slap on the moustache and your job is done. But… it is still fun to explore exactly WHERE you can place a moustache and liven things up.

Mustache Crafts - Gifts for Dad

Anyway, I digress.. there are lots of different moustaches – there are black ones, big ones, curly ones, small ones and there are LORAX ones!!! When crafting with Moustaches, don’t forget the good old Lorax and have a giggle creating some Lorax Moustaches!! When I made these mugs below, the kids were TOTALLY taken by The Lorax Mug and had a good old giggle about. Both mugs are great for Moustache enthusiasts and also make great Father’s Day gifts for the kids to make!

Lorax Crafts

Moustache Mugs Materials

* You will need some Porcelain Pens

* A normal felt tip pen

I used these for UK Readers (affiliate link) – they come in packs of 5 (you choose a set you like) and you need to bake them in the oven. For US readers I have found this set by reputable brand Pebeo – but I can’t ACTUALLY say how good they are, as I haven’t used them. But I trust this brand (I have some their products and love them).

I have heard that “apparently” American (NOT UK) Sharpie brand permanent markers can be dishwasher safe. I do not know if this is true…. but you can experiment?

* Inexpensive plain mugs (from the Pound Shop/ Dollar Store or IKEA)

* an oven!

Moustache Mugs Materials

Moustache Crafts How To

1) I am FAIRLY confident drawing free hand.. but not confident enough. SO. I used a normal felt tip pen to draw an outline of a moustache that I liked. It meant I could smudge it away and start again when I didn’t like it. Or adjust one end and then the other. You can of course print off a moustache – e.g. the one from our Photo Prop booth and use that as a stencil.

2) I then went over with the procelain pen and let dry for the specified 4 hours.

3) Before popping into the oven, I carefully wiped away any remnants of the FELT TIP pen.

4) Then followed the instructions for my pens – slowly heat in oven to 150C and leave for 90min.

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