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Mothers Day Crafts for Kids 2021

Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holidays to make handprint crafts. Our very first handprint craft, these butterfly handprint cards are one of our most popular. But beyond handprint crafts we have lots of Mothers Day Crafts for Kids here and we’re sure you’ll love some of these ideas!

Mothers Day Crafts for Kids


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Mothers Day Crafts for Kids

1. These butterfly handprint cards are perfect to make for Mom! Add a Mom or Dad handprint behind the child’s and you can also make it for Grandma!

Butterfly Handprint Cards

2. Salt Dough Handprint Ornament – this salt dough recipe is perfect for taking an imprint of your child’s hand and to give as a gift for Mother’s Day!

Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments Recipe

3. Capture your child’s handprints and turn them into this handprint suncatcher! We love that the two hands form to make a little heart where the sun can come through too.

Handprint Suncatchers Summer Craft

4. This Mother’s Day Handprint Flower Pot is so cute! We love that the pot opens up to make a card inside.

Mother's Day Handprint & Fingerprint Flower

5. If you have a toddler, this Mother’s Day craft for toddlers is perfect! This mess free painting idea is especially great for toddlers that don’t like to get their hands messy with paint.

Mother's Day Craft for Toddlers

6. If you’re looking to make a flower for Mom, this free printable flower template is so cute! You can add a photo and under each petal you can write a special message to Mom.

Flower Template Printable

7. This Handprint Heart card is easy to make and Mom will love all the messages you can write on the hearts inside!

Handprint Mothers Day Craft for Kids

8. Nothing says I love you more than the cute phrase “I love you to pieces”. Tear up little tissue paper pieces and make this handprint card craft for Mom!

I Love You to Pieces Craft

9. These handprint flowers make a perfect centerpiece or office or kitchen decoration. We love how these flowers can be kept for many years to come!

Handprint Flower Bouquet

10.  This You are my sunshine handprint keepsake is perfect to give as a gift for Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Kids

11. Make a homemade Mother’s Day card from buttons! We love these easy button flowers for a DIY Mother’s Day card.

Button Craft

12. These pom pom flowers are so cute! You can turn them into magnets for the fridge or make them as gifts for Mom.

Pom Pom Flower Craft

13. These shrinky dink footprint keychains are simply the best keepsake! Mom or Grandma will love having little feet or handprints on their keychain.

Put Keychain on Butterfly Footprint Shrinky Dinks

14. If you like a recycled project, these recycled tin can planters are easy to make! Plant some spring flowers and brighten up Mom’s window sill with these.

Tin Can Planters

15. If you want to give mom some flowers, these Trolls mason jars are the perfect DIY craft to make for her!

Trolls Mason Jar Flower Craft

16.  And for all of the Trolls fans, you can make these Troll handprint cards signed, “Love your little Troll”. Mom will love getting her very own Troll card!

Poppy Trolls Craft

17. If you find salt dough hard to work with, you can make a clay handprint keepsake! Turn it into a dish like these leaf clay dishes or trace the hand and you can even make the hand into a jewelry dish!

Polymer Clay Handprint

18.  This cupcake liner flower card is easy for anyone to make! Grab our free printable template and you’ll be on your way making this lovely card.

Mothers Day Card Handmade

19. These salt dough flower magnets are perfect for kids to help make. They make a great gift for Grandma or other family members too!

Salt Dough Flower Magnets

20. These thumbprint butterfly mugs make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Kids will love making these for Mom.

DIY Mug Painting

More Mothers Day Crafts for Kids

Here are a few more ideas for Mother’s Day Crafts and Gifts kids can make:

– Egg Carton Flowers

– Heart Button Card

– Heart Bath Bombs (made with adult assistance)

– Paper Roll Flowers

– Salt Dough Hearts

– Yarn Wrapped Letter Bookmarks

– Leaf Clay Dishes

Mother's Day Crafts for Kids and Preschoolers

More Craft Ideas for Kids

Easy Craft Ideas for Kids


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