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Make Mother’s Day Special with Restaurant Events

Restaurants who go all out for Mother’s Day can reap the rewards as family members refuse to let mom cook and instead treat her to a lovely meal out. Entice people to bring their mother to your restaurant by offering some targeted Mother’s Day events and promotions.

Greeting all moms with a special gift will make the day that much more memorable and win you customer appreciation and customer loyalty. An inexpensive option is a carnation flower; carnations are easy to stock up on and quite affordable. Say that all moms get a flower, but offer one to all young and older women and allow them to accept or decline.

Brunch Buffet for Mother’s Day

Brunch buffets are popular, but if you do not usually offer buffets, stagger seatings. Seating too many people and parties at the same time results in clogged lines, long waits, and dissatisfied customers. By staggering when you seat parties you ensure that everybody will not be in the same line at the same time.

Instead of choreographing a buffet, you may decide to offer a special brunch menu. No fancy brunch is complete without some eggs Benedict dishes. The richest of these recipes comes complete with smoked salmon under the eggs. Other options include crab cakes or maple ham. Freshly sautéed spinach under poached eggs is eggs Florentine, but don’t stop there. Experiment with artichoke hearts, roasted bell peppers, or other delicious vegetables.

Beverages to Serve on Mother’s Day

Be ready to make mimosas all day on Mother’s Day. Offer fresh squeezed orange juice by the glass and use it in the mimosas, as well. That small amount of orange juice makes a big difference when it is fresh squeezed.

Make your Bloody Mary mix ahead of time so there is no need to add horseradish or other ingredients at the last minute. Offer a “Mother Mary” or something else that is a Bloody Mary made with a twist (like citrus vodka) as a special Mother’s Day drink.

Come up with your own special champagne drinks to offer on Mother’s Day, like a fruit juice mixed with champagne or Prosecco. Place a table tent on each table advertising special Mother’s Day concoctions and have your servers offer it to all the moms.

Mother’s Day Dinner

Mother’s Day dinner is a special event. Consider offering pink roses instead of carnation flowers to each “mom” that comes in to dine. The extra investment may be worth it.

One nice way to make a dinner special is to offer a complimentary appetizer. Instruct wait staff to bring the complimentary appetizer or amuse bouche to the table after taking the order and before bread is offered. Complimentary appetizers are small and simple; bring one for each guest. Pate spread on a crostini, or a crostini with a slice of fresh fruit and a slice of brie cheese, or one escargot, or even a small, bite-size quiche are appropriate offerings.

Continue to advertise and offer special champagne drinks during dinner. Consider having a special on a bottle of champagne or a carafe of white wine.

Offer something especially nice among your special entrée options on Mother’s Day. This is a great time to have lobster, steak or crab as an entrée, so offer your finest for your specials for Mother’s Day dinner. People are coming out to honor their moms and to celebrate, so you are more likely to sell the best you can offer.

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