Mother's Day

Lovely Mother’s Day Poems 2021 | Happy Mother’s Day 2020 Poems for MOM

Nothing in this world is beautiful than mother’s day, where all children take an effort to wish their mother. A mother is the one who’s both presence and absence is felt. She knows to make her kids happy when they are sad, and she knows what makes her children happy.

We never saw her taking a leave, she works all day long, and she doesn’t take rest a day. She manages to cook your entire wish, but none ask her what her wish is. She knows what our favorite dish is but do we know what her favorite dish is?

Let’s start a new beginning, where we spend our day with our mom. Give her all the things she deserves. Spend this Mother’s and play with all your family. Play a quiz that includes the entire question about a mom and check out who knows her the most.

Respect your mother to get the respect from the world. Love your mom and the whole world will love you. Send Happy Mother’s Day 2020 Poems for MOM and see the sweet smile on her face.

We have brought you few of Lovely Mother’s Day Poems 2020, Mother’s day quotes and Mother’s day wishes 2020. Do share with your Mother through Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Whatsapp. You can also use these lines in your greeting cards.

Lovely Mother’s Day Poems 2020 for MOM

I am thankful that I have got

A Mother who loves me a lot

I am grateful that I have mother

Whose motherly advice is a healing remedy

All mothers should take a cue

From women as cute as you

Happy mother’s day mom!

I wish I have enough words to tell you

That how much I love you

And how much I miss you

May God bless you, Mom.

Happy mother’s day!

Mother’s Day Wishes from Son 2020 to MOM

I thought to write how much I love you in the sky

But thought it would blow it away

Then I thought to write how much you mean to me in the sand

But thought waves would wash it away

Final believed to keep you in my heart

And forever it will stay

Happy mother’s day!

You are the reason

For the happiness in my eyes

The flash of my teeth

The love in my heart

And the strength in my feet

Happy mother’s day!

Mother’s Day Wishes from Daughter for MOM 2020

To the women who call me all day

To the women who loves me endlessly

To the women who kisses me gently

To the women who I have fun with

To the women who I cuddle with

A happy mother’s day!

Your smile is my strength

Your hug is my shelter

Never leave my side, Dear Momma

I love you so much

A very happy mother’s day!

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