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Know Your Worth Quotes

Know Your Worth Quotes: Do you know your worth? Do you love yourself? A lot of people don’t know their worth which results to low self-esteem and confidence.
Not knowing how to value yourself also means you lack self-care and self-respect.
So keep your head held high and love yourself.
If you have doubts, take the time to read our collection of knowing your worth quotes and be encouraged.

Know Your Self-Worth Quotes

Know your worth and don’t let people take advantage of you and don’t let them look down on you, and never settle for any treatment that you don’t deserve. So when people are being so harsh on you with their standards and with their bad behaviours, remember that you’re more than that. Read these quotes about knowing your self-worth and be inspired.

 I will not belittle myself. I can do so many as long as I believe in myself. Not everyone will support me so I will cheer for myself.

 Don’t worry about your failures. Move on and learn from it because failure means experience and experience adds up to your worth so treasure those failures.

 People are confident because they know what they’re worth. So don’t look down on yourself because the moment you do, you’re sure to lose confidence too.

 Love yourself because in order for other people to see your worth, you must first be the one to see it.

 You can’t please everyone, so don’t stay with people who can’t appreciate your efforts because they don’t see your worth no matter how hard you try.

50 Self Worth Quotes To Boost Your Confidence


 Standards make us all miserable. They keep you from being unique and they try to define how things and people should be, but standards will forever exist in this world so be the one to set your own standards that defines who you are.

 Evaluate yourself and get to know yourself more so you’ll know how you should grow, but avoid comparing yourself to others because if you do, you’ll start belittling yourself.


 You’re not average or below than that. We’re all equal because we all have a purpose in this world and each one of us matters.

 I want people to like me because they value me, and not pretend to like me just because they want something from me.

 Don’t aim to be perfect because that’s impossible. No one is perfect. Just aim to be good and do good to others.

 Loving your self is not bad at all you know how to please yourself you know what interest you love yourself unconditionally and you will ahppy in the end.

 Self-love means self-care it means if you are asking how to improve yourself you must love yourself first, in order to achieve that goal.

 Life as you know it is hard and you should never give up on yourself if you think nobody has your back be that someone you yourself can count on.

 Nobody should love you more that yourself for loving thy self means learning how to love others as well.

 Never allow yourself to be made a victim stand up for yourself and be who you are instead of feeling sorry for yourself. step up and own your time don’t let anyone or anything bring you down.

 Your special just the way you are you don’t have to fit in a mold to be special to someone you’ll know your special when that person loves you for who you are.

 Save yourself the trouble of thinking bad things. Make your own path, be yourself and chase excellence and success well follow.

 You should always love yourself first before loving someone because you can’t give love to someone else when you can’t even love yourself first.

 It will do you more bad than good wanting to be someone you are not and it is a total waste for you are already perfect just the way you are.

 Think of it this way, if you could love something or someone why can’t you love yourself? Save yourself from darkness and improve.

 You might wonder why you are not like others. Don’t you are who you are don’t let anyone take that away from you.

 You don’t have to be someone you are not. In order to stand out just for being yourself, you have to think outside the box.

 The greatest feeling in the world is knowing who you really are and no one can take that away from you.

 The person who can’t love himself can’t love something or someone for how can you give love if you haven’t felt it yourself.

 I prefer hurting myself with the truth than comforting myself with a lie. Pain only makes me stronger.

 People want to see me do good but not better than them. That’s the sad reality. But hang on and just strive do your best and just be good to people and eventually they’ll be happy for you.

 If you feel like your friend is trying to pull you down because of the improvements you’ve made, then talk it out nicely. If talking fails, then your friend is toxic and it’s time you distance yourself.

 Most people measure a person’s worth through his physical appearance when the only thing that actually matters is a person’s character. You can be rich or pretty or handsome but it takes character to have a heart of gold.

 Let people know how great they are by encouraging them with what they do best whether it’s art, music, literature, drama or whatever. Words come a long way on boosting people’s confidence.

 Don’t let other people’s toxic opinion get to you because at the end of the day it’s just their opinion and it doesn’t decrease your worth in any way.


50 Self Worth Quotes To Boost Your Confidence

Know Your Worth in a Relationship Quotes

Sometimes we lose ourselves in a relationship. You know your worth in a relationship when you understand that your partner refuses to support you, starts manipulating you, or makes you feel small which shouldn’t be because in every relationship it is very important to emphasize valuing your partner’s worth because respect, love and support will always follow. Here are quotes about knowing your worth in a relationship.

 Don’t let your partner make you feel so low. You’re more than what you think so if he/she doesn’t change, then it’s time you two go separate ways. Otherwise, the two of you won’t grow further.

 I love my girl. She’s the reason behind all of my success because when everyone’s doubting me, she never stops believing in me and she always reminds me how much I’m worth.

 My partner and I always avoid making each other feel little because we know there is nothing we can gain from it. What we do know is that we gain so much from supporting each other and lifting each other up.

 You know your lover is worth sharing a lifetime with when he/she is: loyal, loving, caring, and understanding.

 You mean so much to me because you’re the one I want to be with forever. You’re worth more than anything else in this world.

 By the time you know your worth, that is the time you will notice that it’s harder to stay in a place where people don’t see your value.

 Staying with someone who doesn’t know your worth is like putting your neck between the ropes, eventually it will kill you.

 Be mature enough to walk away from people who disrespects your values, moral, beliefs and self-worth.

 You can learn how to go your separate way when you learn to know your worth.

 Make the most of your time by giving them to the people who values you more than anyone else.

 If your partner can’t value you, then you should start valuing yourself. No one’s going to love you like you do.

 People often think it’s the worst losing their partner or someone special, but the truth is losing yourself while loving someone is the most terrifying thing you can do to yourself.

 Never limit your importance to the standards of someone. Be yourself and do not let anyone break you down.

 Do not lower your worth for your worthless partner who doesn’t even value your efforts. Find time to love yourself more.

 Do not pursue love for those who doesn’t know your worth. Your love, energy and time is precious, never give it to someone who can’t value you.

 Giving is truly better than receiving, but also remember to give something for yourself.

 Take the chance and takes risks, never settle for less and know your value and you will start acting confidently.

 As much as you want to love others, you can never do it correctly if you cannot even love yourself. So find your peace, value yourself and don’t let anyone pull you down.

 Just because people say they want you doesn’t mean people value you. Always be on a look out for yourself and don’t you ever make things hard for your self

 Sometimes you just need to meditate to get your head out of the things that has been bothering you, always make time for yourself to find peace.

 Never tolerate anything or accept things that you don’t deserve. Always take note of your worth and love yourself.

 One of the major rules in our relationship is valuing each other because it keeps the respect, love and understanding we have for each other.

 I’d never want to make my partner feel small. I always try my best to support him and encourage him so he’ll always have confidence in himself because as long as someone sees his worth, he’ll never lose sight of what he deserves.

Know Your Worth as a Woman Quotes

Some women are mistreated by their partners but because of love, they still stay and extend their patience even if it already hurts. There are women who suffer from abusive relationships because their partners can’t see their value. The same goes for women who experience inequality and are given little opportunities because people look down on them based on gender. So for all the women out there who are starting to forget their worth, here is our collection of quotes about knowing your worth as a woman. Read them and be inspired.

 I am like a rose. Vibrant and elegant, but if you don’t handle me right then be ready to get hurt with my thorns.

 Just be yourself and don’t try to change who you are just to impress a guy. Let the right guy love you for who you are.

 I love it when my man compliments me for the things I do and when I put effort on how I look. He sure knows how to lift my spirit up and he makes me feel worthy of all the good things in this world.

 I spoil my man by giving him a back massage when he comes home from work and prepare his favourite meal that I cooked for him. And I also spoil myself every week by going to salon, having my nails done and shopping.

 I am a woman with principles, ideals, and beliefs. If a man can’t respect and love me because of who I am and what I believe in, then I have no time for him.

 People should see women not on how good they put they’re makeup on, but see how women are such loyal and loving beings. They for men and children and the world will always need them.

 I love myself and to my future lover, I maybe crazy with so many flaws but I’ll love you with all my heart and care for you with all my best. Love me for my good and bad sides because if you don’t well I can just love myself anyway.

 The man who understands you is the man you should keep because that means he appreciates you and values your worth.

 It’s okay to value someone and give him your all, but be careful not to lose yourself on the process.

 My man treats me well and values me with all his heart and I do the same. He sees me as a very rare diamond and he treasures me because he knows he’ll never find a woman like me.

 Sometimes you have to remember what you deserve, and forget what you feel to become happier; never forget who you are.

 Being a woman is not a weakness. Without you, life would be meaningless so appreciate your self-more and you will see the difference in life. Enjoy the little things for you are special.

 You don’t have to compete with other woman to get a man. Never degrade yourself for some man, because the right one will eventually find you and love you even in your weakest time. So never settle for less and know you are the best.

 Keep in mind that even if you don’t put so much effort in making yourself look good, men still chase after you so don’t give yourself to someone who doesn’t know your worth and choose the one who will love your good and bad side. Love someone who loves you even if you show your darkest side and still stay’s by your side.

 Never ever beg a man for the things you know you deserve because the right man for you will give you things you didn’t ask for and even provide what you need. Where a man has a will, there is a way.

 You should never be afraid to eat alone if you know what you bring in the table. Stop depending on someone when you can be independent.

 Sweet words are empty without actions so never surrender yourself to a man who never knows your worth.

 Be calm for you know your worth do not compete with other women just to feel pleased. You should only focus on loving yourself for you know what you deserve.

 Be an awesome woman, a woman who your daughter will copy and your son will look for on a woman be an example.

 Your value will never decrease how you treat yourself, so never let anyone bring you down and don’t let how they judge you affect you so easily.

 Never live to someone’s approval; you’re unique, you are special and that’s enough.

 I am a woman. I am strong, independent and beautiful. I will be brave and will take risks because I can do what I want to do.

 No woman is more beautiful than the other because we’re all beautiful inside and out.

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