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Importance of Shab-e-Barat 2020 Mubarak Date, Quotes, Wishes, SMS, Images

There are many religions around the globe, people perform their religious acts according to their’ believes and ideological thoughts.
In this number of religions, Islam has its own identity. All the people who are believers of Islam they do follow all Holy days regarding their religion.

There are some Holidays that are celebrated by Muslims of different months of the lunar calendar. They celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Eid-Milad-un-Nabwi (PBUH), Shab-e-Barat, Shab-e-Meraj, etc.

Here we are going to discuss the importance and significance of Shab e Barat. Regarding this, we have to know what is it, and on which day we celebrate this auspicious day.

Importance of Shab-e-Barat

What is Shab-e-Barat and its History?

  • First of all, I would like to clear the confusion that most of people have about the holy nights.

Shab e Barat, Shab e Qadar, and Shab-e-Meraj are totally different nights with their own importance. People usually confuse them with each other. As we are talking about this specific night so we will continue talking about it.

What is shab-e-barat

It is basically the night when Allah shower His countless blessings and fortunes for the coming year for His creatures, especially for human beings. Muslims believe that at this night Allah Almighty decides and finalizes and decides about how the following year will pass and everything is decided beforehand for all humans’ lives.

Muslims strongly believe that on this blessed night, Allah Almighty forgives all the mistakes and sins of people who admit their bad acts in front of Him and make a promise that they will never do it again.

People arrange the special prayers on this night, request their relatives and friends to pray and they also request their family members and friends for the forgiveness of their bad acts.

If you are thinking that why people call it Lailatul-Barat then I would like to tell you that this is the night of seeking blessing, mercy, and forgiveness from the Almighty Allah.

This is the night to seek freedom from all of your calamity or Azaab. People repent and ask Allah Almighty again and again that remove their sins then Allah accepts this regret and showers His countless blessings on the people who truly are seeking forgiveness.

Muslims from Fiqah-e-Jafriya believe that this is the birth date of Muhammad al-Mahdi. They consider this day this way and celebrate it by prayers, worship, and fasting.

  • In Short, We Can Say that this is the Night of Salvation!

When Muslims Celebrate Shab-e-Barat:

Shab e Barat Date 2020

This Night begins from the evening of 14th Shaban and ends by the evening of 15th Shaban. Let me tell you that Shaban-ul-Muazam is the 8th month of the lunar calendar. This year, Shab-e-Barat 2020 will begin on the evening of Wednesday 8th April and will end by Tuesday 8st April.

When Muslims celebrate Shab-e-Barat

People get fortunes, blessings, and mercy at the midnight of Shaban 14 and 15 by prayers. This is an Islamic holiday for the Muslims Community of this world. This night is also called Nisf-e-Shaban.

How Should We Welcome this Special Night?

Now this year this blessed night is coming in the month of April and being Muslims people have to welcome this night in a special way. Here are some important facts you should do for this night:

Important Facts About Shab-e-Barat
  • You should perform proper Ghusal and Wudhu and then welcome this blessed night with prayers.
  • After Ghusal and Wudhu you need to perform 2 Rakat Tahhiyatul Wudhu.
  • After performing these 2 Rakaat, you should perform 8 Rakaat Salaat with 4 Salaams.

All around the world, Muslims will perform different Salaats, Wazaif, and prayers on the blessed night of Shab-e-Barat 2020.

Shab e Meraj 2019

As we know that the month of April will have this night and then it is followed by Ramadan 2020.
There are some wazaif which we have to perform at this blessed night like we should recite “La Hawla walaa Quwwata Illa Billahil Aliyil Azeem” for 40 times right after sunset with three times Durood-e-Pak before and after reciting.

It is said that, when a person performs this wazifa, Allah Almighty forgives 40 years of his sins and shower His mercy and blessings upon the person.

Some Special Prayers for this Night, Shab-e-Barat 2020

Do you know how should we spend this Night? Obviously, as a Muslim, you should know that very well but there is much more than that. Let me tell you some special prayers for this fortunate night which will help you get the blessings and acceptance of the Almighty Allah.

Some Special Prayers for this Night, Shab-e-Barat 2019

You will have to perform more Nawafil as you can, recite Holy Quran, recite Durood-e-Pak and perform different wazaif on this special night.

You should recite Kalima Tayyaba and Astaghfaar as much as you can. It is said that if you will recite Surah Dukhan for 7 times then you will be rewarded by Allah Almighty, Allah fulfills seventy deeds in the Hereafter and seventy worldly needs.

Muslims believe that this night offers them forgiveness, mercy, blessing, and other fortunes. If a person wants to get all of these benefits then he should do some effort, perform special prayers and recite special wazaif.

Benefits of Performing Nawaafil and Special Prayers on Shab e Barat 2020:

Special Prayers on Shab e Barat 2019

Let Us Discuss Some Benefits of Praying On this Night:-
Benefits of Shab-e-Barat 2020
  • Protection of Imaan
  • Get the home in Jannah
  • Get unlimited Rizq
  • Live with Imaan and die with Imaan
  • Good Deeds

1. Protection of Imaan:

If you want to protect your Imaan then on this night this year, you will perform nawafil and prayers for it with true heart and Allah will surely protect it.

2. Get the Home in Jannah:

As a Muslim, we believe that we will live the true life hereafter in Jannah. So, for this, they try to live according to Allah’s orders and want to get home in Jannah. If you want to get the place in Jannah then you should perform 100 nawafil on this night, Allah will send 100 angels, 30 angels will give the news of Jannah and the other 30 will remove your misfortune and other 30 will protect you from azab.

3. Get unlimited Rizq:

Every person wants to get unlimited rizq, as Muslims we believe that Allah gives us everything whatever we demand to Him. There are some ways to get Rizq-e-Halal from Allah Almighty. If you also want this then you should utilize this blessed night. You should perform 2 Nawafil, recite the Heart of the Quran means Surah Yaseen once and Surah Ikhlaas for 20 times then do pray. Allah will give you unlimited Rizq-e-Halal and you will never dependent on anyone except The Great Creator.

4. Live with Imaan and die with Imaan:

You should perform nawafil and then pray for your life with full of Imaan and death on Imaan. Allah will surely accept your request and your life and death will be with complete Imaan.

5. Good Deeds:

If you want 10,000 good deeds to reward from Allah then you should perform 20 Nawaafil after the Maghrib prayer on 14th of Shaban and recite Surah Ikhlas 10 times after Surah Fatiha, then you will get 10,000 good deeds in your record (Amal Namaa).

These are some benefits which you can get on this special blessed night. Moreover, if you perform Salaatul Tasbeeh on this holy night, you will surely get more virtues and blessing.

You can perform more Ibaadat on this blessed night, a few of them are mentioned below:

  1. On the evening of 15th Shaban after Asr Salaah, you should recite the following:

Astagh Firullaha Rabbi Min Kulli Zam Bin Wa A’tubu Elaih

  1. You should recite 40 times following, just before sunset:

Laa Hawla Wala Quwata Illa Billa Hil Aleeyil Azeem

These are two special wazaif and by these, you can get much more benefits and blessings for this life and hereafter as well.

Shab-e-Meraj 2019 images

This night is full of blessings and holds great significance for all the Muslims of the whole world. This is highly recommended that you should perform special prayers, nawafil, and wazaif for good fortunes, the forgiveness of sins, collect blessings, mercy and unlimited rizq.

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