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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Virtually If You Can’t See Your Mom IRL


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and while we’d all love to celebrate with our moms IRL, sometimes we don’t get the opportunity to do so. Still, just because you can’t be in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! There are so many virtual Mother’s Day ideas that allow you to treat your mom without ever leaving the house. Myriad activities you and your mom love to do when you’re together are actually possible online or virtually, so there are no excuses allowed. From virtual wine tastings to gifting her an at-home spa day, you can easily create an amazing Mother’s Day experience for your mom—all while sitting at home. While being away from your mom on Mother’s Day is never an ideal situation, these virtual ways to celebrate are easier (and more personal) than you might think.

Below, you’ll find 13 different ways to have the best virtual Mother’s Day of all time. Sure, you might miss the days of taking your mom to brunch or spending the day doing a fun craft, but many of these things are still possible. Mother’s Day might look a little different to you and your mom this year—Just choose to roll with it! Having a positive attitude and creating a virtual way to spend time with your mom are the first steps in creating a sense of normalcy, even if you’re far away.

Distance? I don’t know her. These virtual Mother’s Day ideas below might even make you feel like you’re really there. So go ahead and get brainstorming. You might just have the most amazing Mother’s Day yet.

1. Create A Family Scrapbook


Shutterfly 7×9 Photo Book (Prices Vary) 12.78

Shutterfly currently has a 50% off deal in honor of Mother’s Day, so now is a great time to send Mom a photo album full of family memories! Include all her favorite photos, and once the book arrives, arrange a time to video chat so you can look through it together and reflect. She’ll love it!


2. Send A Family Video Message

Andrik Langfield/Unsplash.

If you have siblings who also aren’t with your mom to celebrate, have everyone send you a video message wishing her the best day, and compile them all into one huge video you can send her on Mother’s Day morning! Feel free to include messages from her friends, other family members and whoever else is game to make sure Mom feels special. The best part? She can watch it over and over, as many times as she likes.


3. Send Her Flowers

Send A Bouquet (Prices Vary) 45

This might seem like the most obvious no-contact way you can show your mom you care, but fresh flowers really do make a wonderful gift. Plus, if your mom is stuck inside, having something cheery and bright in the house will instantly brighten her day. I’m a big fan of 1-800-Flowers—they’ve got everything from classic bouquets to fun floral shapes, and even Magnificent Roses that look fresh for up to six months!


4. Convert Home Video Footage

Alexander Dummer/Unsplash.

I did this a few years back, and my mom was totally obsessed. Gather up your family’s old home video footage, most of which was likely shot on VHS tapes or film, and send it in to a company that will convert the tapes into digital files that you can keep forever and watch at any time. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!


5. Have a Virtual Wine Tasting


Set up your video chat and have a little DIY wine tasting with your mom. You can either send her bottles of wine, or just use whatever you both have at home. This is a chance to relax and have some fun with your mom—even when you can’t be there. Plus, a little booze will put you both in the party spirit. (Psst, maybe you can even include a wine subscription box membership as part of your big gift!)


6. Try an Airbnb Online Experience


Try An Airbnb Experience (prices vary) 20

Since most people can’t travel right now, Airbnb is offering one-of-a-kind virtual experiences, and they practically scream “Mother’sn Day Activities.” From cocktail-making classes to cooking with a Moroccan family, you can gift your mom a unique experience she can enjoy while sitting on the couch—and then call you immediately after to tell you all about it.


7. Mail A Heartfelt Letter


Hallmark Signature Mother’s Day Card $7.99

Even if you can’t see your mom in person, you can send her all your thanks, praises and love with a sweet letter or card. Make your message heartfelt and sincere, no standard “Happy Mother’s Day” basics! And, if you’re worried about going to the store to pick up a card, have no fear. There are so many cute Mother’s Day cards you can order online, especially on Amazon.


8. Send Her a Customized Playlist

Juja Han/Unsplash.

If your mom has a Spotify account—or a different music subscription service—make her a custom playlist with songs she’ll love. You can give her something fun to dance to while she’s at home, or get personal with it. What were the songs you sang in the car together growing up? Or, find out her faves from a friend. Bonus points if there’s a great song named after her (Why isn’t my mom named “Sweet Caroline”?!).


9. Have a Virtual Paint Night


Starry Night Diamond Painting Kits $23.80

Set up your video chat, grab your canvases (and a cocktail) and get started on a virtual paint night with your mom. You can chat the night away while you create beautiful paintings to share with each other later. If you and your mom aren’t naturally the artistic type by nature (or don’t have art supplies around the house), you can always send her an all-in-one paint kit. It’s just like taking a painting class, but this way, you can do it virtually.


10. Order a Customized Puzzle


Personalized Photo Print Puzzle $14.89

Jigsaw puzzles are a THING right now, and I promise they’re more fun than the idea might sound. Since puzzles have become an at-home staple, try creating a custom one for your mom. She can either frame it when she’s done, or do it again when you can see one another. Maybe use a photo of you two together, your pet, or a beloved family location! This 99-piece personalized puzzle lets you add any photo you’d like—from old childhood pictures to recent gatherings.

11. Throw a Virtual Surprise Party

Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Plan ahead with your family members and all your mom’s loved ones and create the ultimate virtual surprise party. Have everyone join a video chat, then call your mom in. She’ll be so excited to see those who mean so much to her in one place—even if it’s just virtual!


12. Send Her a Spa Day

Green Canyon Spa.

Luxury Wicker Basket Gift Set $27.99

If you can’t send your mom to an actual spa, gift her all the items she needs for a spa day at home. She can spend Mother’s Day pampering herself and relaxing, and TBH, she might like that better than the busy day you would’ve planned if you could’ve seen her IRL. This adorable spa gift basket comes with eight different products, all in a soothing lavender scent.


13. Order Her Favorite Meal

The Endless Meal.

If you can’t be there to take your mom out to lunch or dinner, have it sent to her! Order delivery from your mom’s favorite restaurant and surprise her with the meal you wish you could give her in person. Make a promise to take her to that restaurant the next time you can meet up!

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