Mother's Day

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day From Afar

The best gift you can give your mom on Mother’s Day is your company, of course. But this year, because of Coronavirus and social distancing, most people won’t be able to celebrate the holiday with their mothers. That means you’ll have to be on the lookout for the second best gift you can find, and that starts with figuring out how to celebrate Mother’s Day from afar. Even though you can’t physically be with your mom, that doesn’t mean you can’t be with your mom. This also, of course, applies to anyone who is a motherly figure in your life, even if they aren’t necessarily your biological mom. Luckily, there are tons of ways to show that special person in your life you love them and appreciate them without having to be in the same place.

Whether you’re trying to plan a virtual party or surprise visit for your mom, or you want to send the perfect gift to remind her that you love her and are thankful for her presence in your life, there are easy ways to do so. Thanks to the internet, it doesn’t matter if you’re right down the street or a million miles away, there are still easy ways to tell your mom “I love you.”

Host A Zoom Brunch

Send Mom brunch from her favorite restaurant and eat “together” over Zoom or FaceTime to celebrate the day. It’ll feel like a treat (no cooking or dish washing involved!) and will make the day feel extra special. If you really want to make things special, try delivering some flowers to her as well. They’ll brighten up her table, and make brunch feel extra fancy.

celebrate mothers day from afar
Be sure to test out the technology side of video chatting before Mother’s Day to make sure there are no kinks on the holiday itself.


Send A Goodie Bag Full Of Surprises

Sending flowers or other gifts is always appreciated, but if you think your mom might like something a little more unique this Mother’s Day, it’s time to get creative. Consider a gift box from Small Packages Co., which has curated gift boxes of treats that will make any mom (or anyone) smile. All you have to do is pick a size and a price point, and they’ll do the rest, arranging and packing a box full of fun surprises for your mom.

Host A Family Tribute Night

Gather your siblings and have a “Tribute to Mom” night. Make sure to bring your favorite photos, videos, and stories to the Zoom or Skype call and have everyone talk about their very favorite things about mom. This is sure to result in laughter, tears, or probably both.

celebrate mothers day from afar
Your family tribute night can include a talent portion where family members preform songs or recite poems, all to show their love for Mom.


Put Together A Care Package

Think of the things your mom loves most and throw together a care package to send her. If she’s a movie buff send popcorn, candies, and her favorite DVD; if she likes curling up with a good book send her one of your favorites and a box of tea; if she could use some more relaxation, a candle or soft blanket will be much appreciated. Add in some framed family photos or other sentimental items for a personal touch. No fancy dinner reservations or expensive purchases required.

Gift her a subscription that she’ll love

Would your mom like a monthly subscription to a wine company? Popcorn? Meal kits? Whatever you think she’d love, choose something that will make her smile every time it comes in the mail. The best part is that she’ll think of you and the gift whenever she gets it throughout the year!

Although these are only a handful of easy ways to celebrate your mom on a special day (no matter what your budget is or how far away from her you are), the most important thing to remember when celebrating from afar is that it’s truly the thought that counts. Did you remember to call her? Did you send a card or a handwritten note? Did you make plans to see her months in the future and let her know? Whatever you do, whether you were thoughtful about the day will be what makes all the difference and what your mom notices — whether that includes a special gift, a long FaceTime call, or a thoughtful note.

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