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Happy MOTHERS DAY 2021 Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

Finding the Best Happy Mother’s Day 2021 wishes, Quotes, Messages, or Status? Look at these 110+ greetings and wish your Mother in a special way.

Happy Mother’s Day 2021 Wishes!

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My Love for you is Limitless. I am fortunate that some like you is in my Life. Beyond Kindness, adoration, cheers is our Love Mother. Happy Mother’s Day!!



Merely need to ensure that you realize the amount of Love and value I have for you in my heart. On this Mother’s Day as well as consistently. Happy Mother’s Day!


Admire you as my mom. I regard you like a lady. I confide in you as my companion. You mean such a significant amount to me and I’m so fortunate to have you. Happy Mother’s Day.


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How might I miss this day to welcome you with a grin! Your Love taught me meaning of my life. Let us make this day great in a way that it will remain forever in your memory. Happy Mother’s Day my Lovely Mom.


From my childhood, I saw you caring for me. Your adorable behavior made me capable. Today is your Day! Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother in the world.

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The beauty of our House, the queen of my life. My Mother! May your Face keep blossoming with the Happiness. Happy Mother’s Day to you.


Happy Mother’s Day 2021 wishes with Images

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The only human Love that is beyond the things of this world is mother’s Love. After Looking at you, my face shines. My Love, My inspiration, My Mom. I Love you. Happy mothers day.


In the stream of my memory, those sacrifices are still fresh that you have given for me. You fought with everyone for me. On this particular day dedicated to all mothers, Happy wishes for you.


The Mother! The only woman in the world who want her children better than her. Tribute to such Ladies on this Day. My Mother, you are my world. Happy Mother’s Day.


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In the world full of Faults, there is always a light of Hope. It is the Light of Mother’s Love that Keep persons like me Happy. Every Day I want to Love you, more than the last one. But this Day is only dedicated to you, my Mother. Happy Mother’s Day.


The Beacon of Love, the symbol of hope and Love, My Mother. When I smiled, I also saw your face smiling. When I cried you make me happy. The Beautiful gift of GOD. Happy Mother’s Day.


No one can be a friend, mentor, guide, and inspiration except a mother. You proved all the things for me. Your Eternal Love guided me in my life! My Life, My mother. Happy Mother’s Day to you.
Happy Mother's Day 2020: Wishes, Quotes, Photos, Images, SMS, Messages,  Greetings


Words can just explain feelings, they don’t show Love. These words are just a little example of my Love. My Heart Knew your Value and Respect. My Mother, I Wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.


Your adoration is the unlimited Dear mother; it’s not possible for anyone to give their heart like did. Whenever my heart thumps, it advises me that you gave me life and I ought to value you — Happy Mother’s Day.


Dedicated to a mom whose thinking, love and kindness are unmatchable. I’m so thankful for the ties that bind our hearts together in the tender of love. Happy Mother’s Day–you’re a gift from the above.


In the journey of life, whenever I Found Darkness, I saw only one person standing with me. That’s you, my mother! Your smile makes me Happy. On this Mother’s Day, I attribute my whole Life for you. My Dear Mother! Happy Mother’s Day.


Long Mother’s Day 2021 wishes

Dear Mother, sometimes I became cross with you, and sometimes you become displeased at me, but our Love is not bound of such things. With our pleasant memories of childhood and things we did together in the teenage, My Mother, I see my world in you. Happy Mother’s Day.
50+ BEST Happy Mother's Day Quotes From Son [With Images]


A single Day can’t describe the things that are permanent. Mother’s Love is not expressed in days; it is persistent. Each moment of every single Day, you bestow your kindness, love, and care on me. Fulfilling the tradition, I wish you Happy Mother’s Day. But Remember our Love is beyond the days and time.


Bundle of Smiles, cries and moments we spent together. Dear Mother, Thank you for your support, love, and warmth. Looking at you, I understand the real meaning of Life. Be Happy on the day dedicated to you — happy Mother’s Day.
Happy Mothers Day Messages, Wishes, Greetings for 2021


With the happiness also comes the sadness. Mother! I learn to be Happy in every situation — the joy of living every moment I learned from you. Mother, you devote your love every day for me. This day is special for you. I wish you live long with me. Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mother in the world.


Short Happy Mother’s Day 2021 Wishes!


My whole life is dedicated to a only a woman, and that’s you Dear Mum! Happy Mother’s Day to you.
Happy Mothers Day Quotes From Daughter to Mother Wishes Messages


From the Day, I started Speaking to this Day, I found you at the top of all humans I met. Love you My mom! Happy Mother’s Day.


Tribute to the Lady who dedicated her Life to make my Life jolly. Lots of Love for My dear Mother on This Mother’s Day.


From the Laughter to cries, the constant Love of Mother I enjoyed. My Mother! Happy Mother’s Day to you.


The protection of your arms is the strongest, the guidance of your Teachings is permanent. I Love you my Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to you.


There is nothing in this world that can describe you my Mom! Being a good Mother, your are a nice Lady. Salute to You.


The place where I am today, all credits are on. Your education make me enough capable to challenge the world. Be Happy on the Day dedicated to you.
100 Happy Mother's Day Messages for 2021


Whole year every Day and Night, you care for me. This Day is your. I also promise to take care of you. Happy Mother’s Day.


Happiness comes in Life when we get more love than our Thinking. Dear Mother, your Love make me feel very Happy. May you Live Long.



There is a Force that Binds us Together, the Force of Love! With a Bundle of Love, Happy Mothers Day.
The only women with whom I can share everything that is in my Heart, My Mother! Happy Mothers Day to you.
The Day that is specially dedicated to all mothers, I accolade the mother that gave everything for me. Happy Mother’s to Loveliest Mother in the World.
Whenever I found any troubles, I knocked at your Door. You always guide me. Thank you for your Love — happy Mother’s Day.
How to be strong with being so nice, I learned from you, my Mom. You are the Best Teacher and Mother in the World. Cheers for this Mother’s Day.


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Short Mother’s Day 2021 wishes with Images

The commonness of Thoughts makes me such close to you. You understand me better than anyone else. Love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.
Mom! Whether I call you a Gift of God or some super Lady! But Believe me, I saw no one in this entire world more caring than you. Long Live Mum.
Beauty, Love and Care are the things that made you. You care about everyone! Bundle of Praises for you on this Mother’s Day.
Mother is the woman who is behind every man success. Mother! Every achievement of mine is because of you. Happy Mother’s Day.
My Life bestows Love on the Lady that made me the right person. Happy Mommy Day and Thank you for everything you did for me.


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The Hidden Love of your anger, the smile of your Beautiful face and your art of teaching makes you the Best Mother in the World. Happy Mother’s Day.
Your services for me are just beyond explanation. I can’t even count. Dear Mother, I wish you always Keep Smiling — gifts of Love on this Day.
Mother! You are the most important person in my entire Life. Thank you for all the things you have done for me. Be Happy and let me take care of you this Mother’s Day.
Every Child has an Ideal Personality and Mom! you are my ideal personality. May this idealism remain forever with me. Happy Mother’s Day
Being a Sensitive Kid, I got more affection than any other siblings from you. Probably, this make me so Close to you. I love you Mum!
The Greatest gift I got in life is you Dear Mother. May you be always Happy of me. Bunches of Love for my Dearest Lovely Mother.


Happy Mother’s Day 2021 Wishes/Messages From Son!

Every son must be proud who got a Mother Like you. As a Best Friend, as a Teacher, and as a Mother you are just perfect. Mother! I was not capable of Love that I got from you. Today is the day when I am grateful for all your Kindness. Happy Mother’s Day to you.
Mother's Day Messages: Best Wishes for Mother's Day | 143 Greetings


The Joys of Life are with Mother. Happiness of moments, beauty of scenes and charm of Nature can only be understood when mother is with you. Happy Mother’s Day Dear Mom! May you always keep smiling.


There is a natural Love between the son and the mother. I am fortunate to get such an amazing Gift in the form of you My Mother. All my life dedicated to you. Happy Mother’s Day Dear Mom!


The only love that is beyond the boundaries of this world is love of the Parents especially Mother. Dear Mother! Bundles of accolade to all your services for me. I wish to see your face always glitter with smile. Happy Mother’s Day to you.


To be a son of a brave, determined, charming and moral lady is a proud. Salute to the Mother, who dedicated herself for betterment for his son, stand as Rock for son’s protection. Love you Dear Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

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Conqueror are those who respect their Mothers. The Moral grades, the values of Love, and strength of character that’s are your Legacy for me. My Heart respect you more than anyone else. Happy Mother’s Day to you.


Laughs, cries, worries, Depressions, cheers all are interim, But the Love is eternal, especially the Mother’s Love. Whenever I found any Trouble, I found you standing for me. Thank you mom for all your Love, support and care. Happy Mother’s Day from your son.


In the Valley of Life, The force that took me out is your Love, Dear Mother! You are a Blessing for me. May this Blessing always with me and Guide me in this grinding life. May this beautiful Face, always keep smiling. Happy Mother’s Day.


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Bliss of Life is to see you, talk to you and get guidance from you. You made this boy, capable to face the world. Dear Mother, My Thanks can’t pay for your love but My heart Knew it’s Value. Love you Dear Mother. Happy Mother’s Day to you.


A man can’t be dependent on anyone but there is one person who always stands for him. It is the Beautiful soul, the charming Lady, The Mother. You Never Let me Down Dear Mother. I promise, you son will never Let you down Dear Mother. My love for you this Mother’s Day.


121 Happy Mother's Day Messages & Greetings 2021


When Life is in hard times, Everyone will leave you But Mother will stand with you. I saw you standing with me when I was alone. You are Biggest gift of God for me. I am thankful for this Gift. May you always be Happy. Happy Mother’s Day.


To salute respectful and courageous Mothers, We celebrate this Day. But Dear Mother, our Love is beyond such Days. I respect and Love you Every Month of the Year, every day of the Week and every minute of the Hour. Happy Mother’s Day from your Son.


Dear Mother, The symbol of True Love, The face of True Happiness and The Picture of True Kindness, this Day is for you. I wish to see that beautiful smile always glow on your Face. Happy Mother’s Day from your son.


In the temporary life, I got some permanent Gifts, the Biggest is you My Mother. Dear Mother, your sympathy and care guided my life on the road of Happiness. May your life shine because of your Son. Happy Mother’s Day to you.


Attribution of Life, Giving of Love, Donating Moral Support and Building Character, these are the few gifts among many, that you gave me. Thank you Mom for all you care, love and affection for your son. Happy Mother’s Day to you.


Happy Mother's Day 2021: Wishes, Images, Quotes, Status, Messages, Photos  Download

Essential things in life are love and care. After opening my eyes, I got these blessings through you. Your face is a symbol of ecstasy for me. Love and Delights from your son on this Mother’s Day. Good Wishes for you this Mother’s Day.


The simple word of “LOVE” demands a high value of affection. My Mother, My Universe, I got so much Love from you, that I don’t expect. My Heart also Loves you. Bundles of Loves from your son. Wishing you a Joyful Mother’s Day.


“A Mother” is a symbol of Warmth, guidance, hope and motivation. Dear Mother! you are more than all these values; you are my whole world. May you be happy in all your just like you made your son happy. Cheerful Mother’s Day to you.


As a Mother, you doted me. Being a teacher, you educated me. As a woman, you inspired me. Like a Guide, you help me in my Journey. You are the Best Lady in the world. You are My Mother. Happy Mother’s Day my mom.


“Right Care” and “True Love” nourish a good soul. Your Beautiful character provided me these things. This guidance of care made me a Better person. Love you Mom for all your kindness. May you Live Long. Happy Mother’s Day to you.


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Short Happy Mother’s Day 2021 Wishes/Messages From Son.


Being a son, I started my Learning through your guidance. You provide me every Luxury of Life. Thank you Mother for making me a Good Person. Happy Mother’s Day.
Life is Really Delighted when you have a beautiful Mother. It is the Mother, who helps to get essence out of Life’s Tree. Be Happy and Have a Good Mother’s Day.
I don’t know Whether to call me a Fortunate or Blessed, But I know whoever I am, is because of you Mother. Thank you Mother. Happy Mother’s Day.
Behind every august character, lies a great Mother. I don’t think me as an august person but feel sure you, as a charismatic Mother. One Day, your son will prove that. Happy Mother’s Day.
Every value has a Gauge, but Love is beyond Measurements. When the Love of Mother come, all other values Darken. It is the Greatest Gift I got. Tribute to the Mother who Loves me so Much. Happy Mother’s Day.


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When all things hide under the severeness of time, only My Mother Stood with me. Each Day in Every Year, You Cared for me Mother! It’s your Day. Happy Mother’s Day. May you Live Long.
Characters make Words and Mother’s Affection makes a son. Life is Hard until we are every Fortunate. I got this Fortune in your Form Mother! May this Fortune shine Forever. Happy Mother’s Day.
The memories of Childhood are nourished with Mother’s Love. I am thankful to God for Giving me such a Blessing in form of My mother. Love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.
Mother is a such a personality whom I can’t define in words. Only the Heart knows the Value. Though every day of the year is dedicated to Mother but it is a special one. Happy Mother’s Day Dear Mum!
When the Darkness is in Everyone, there is a personality who is filled with Light. It is “The Mother”. Bundle of Love for my Dear Mother on this Mother’s Day.


121 Happy Mother's Day Messages & Greetings 2021


Feelings can’t be Described that are manifested. On this Mother’s Day! Love and appreciation for My Dear Mother, who always cared for me. Happy Mother’s Day.
Among the all persons related to me, My Mother is the Closet. She Taught me the most important Lessons of My life. Thank you Dear Mother. Happy Mother’s Day.
The Lighthouse of Love, The signature of Hope and an embellishment of sympathy! My Mother. Happy Mother’s Day to You.
With a Life, full of Flaws! There is a person who’s Love is perfect, whose kindness is untouchable and whose character is Flawless. It’s you My Mother! Happy Mother’s Day to you.
Standing on a Coast with my eyes closed, remembering my Mother and Tears Flow. The Love she gave, and the warmth of her. Thank you Thank you! May You Live Long.


111 Mother's Day Messages That Will Inspire You

In the Favor of Mother’s Love, My lips became empty and my Words seem unexpressed. But Heart Knew the Value. I Really Love you My Mother. Happy Mother’s Day to you.
Being a Son of a Lady, whose ambitions can conqueror even the Hardest challenges, make me capable to vanquish every Hard time. Thank You Mother for your Education. Happy Mother’s Day.
Bunch of Love for My Mother who filled Emptiness of Life with Love and Gave me a reason to Live. Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom.
The Haunting memories of Childhood, the pleasant of time of boyhood is only special because of you Dear Mother! I thank you This Mother’s Day also a Happy Mother’s Day to you.
Counting the Blessings is like counting the stars. Among the stars of Blessing My Mother is the sun whose light shine me everyday. Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom.


Happy Mothers Day 2021 wishes from Daughter!

Love of Mother and Daughter is more special, as it is connected with a Cord of Friendship. My Mother from My childhood to till day, I saw my Motivation in you. I learned everything from you. Thank you to the Best Mother and Friend in the World.


Happy Mother's Day 2020 Wishes, Messages & Quotes: Best WhatsApp Wishes,  Facebook messages, images, quotes, status update and SMS to send as Happy Mother's  Day greetings

It is Difficult to Understand the girl, but You are gifted with a sense to detect even Minor problems of Mine. Your sensibility never Let me feel sad. The way I am enjoying Life is Because of you My Mother. I respect you more than anyone else. Happy Mother’s Day to you.




Kindness, Enthusiasm, Beauty and Delicacy in my Character are inherited from you. You are a Friend, a well-wisher, A teacher and a Motivation for me. On this Day, I am remembering, you are My Mother and as a Lady who taught me the real meaning of Life. A Happy Mother’s Day from your Daughter.


The smile of my Face and charm of My eye are from your sight. Your education and guide make me able to do Right. I was not able to achieve goals until you taught me to Fight. Gifts of Love to my Mother with a sweet smile.

Happy Mother's Day 2021: Wishes, Images, Quotes, Status, Messages, Photos  Download

Among all people “Mother” is the closet person in the Life. I feel you more close to me as you completely understand me. You are a single solution to all my Problems. You are my Mother. Happy Mothers Day to you.


Everything loses its value as the time passes but the Love Burgeons. In my childhood your strictness worked as a charm to strengthen my Character. Now, I realize the Value of care and the worth of your Value. Love you Mom. Cheerful Mother’s Day.


When Hours seemed to pass quickly, and the heart is enjoying the company I am in your closeness Dear Mother! My day blossoms when my Mother give me a Blessing. May my life always glitter because of you and you enjoy a long Life. Happy Mother’s Day.


Every girl is empty until she gets a Light of Education. I also quenched My thirst of building character and creating moral from fountain of My Mother’s Love. She made a strong girl who can face the world. For my Mom a Bunch of Love and a Happy Mother’s Day.


I am among those blessed who got a friend in the shape of a Mother. A friend to whom I could share my grieves and discuss my pleasures. Wishing to my Love! My best Friend! My Mother! A happy Mother’s Day.


111 Mother's Day Messages That Will Inspire You

Short Happy Mother’s Day 2021 Wishes/Messages from Daughter

Many times when I weakened, you prove my savior. Whenever I cast a glance on you, I saw my ultimate teacher in you. Happy Mother’s Day to my Lovely and Brave Mother.
The Best Gift one girl can get is a self-less partner who educates and Motivate her. One who never let her Down. I found my Partner in you My Mother! May we enjoy same moments Together.
For Defining a Mother my life is little. To tribute her favor words are less and for her praise wishes are Less. Still I try to depict My Love for My Mother! Happy Mother’s Day from your Daughter.
Describing a Love in words in difficult and Boundless Love of Mother and Daughter is described in Feelings. For My Lovely and Beautiful Mother, A happy Mother’s Day.
111 Mother's Day Messages That Will Inspire You


Not have words to praise my Mother and to describe beauty of her Soul. I wish to see my Mother, be always happy because of me. May you Live Long Mother, and a Happy Mother’s Day.
A daughter finds her True companion in only one Face, her Mother. Her Mother is a personality whom she share her thoughts and sorrows. A happy Birthday to my Lovely Friend! My Mother.
Lights shine in the space but no one knows, a Daughter Loves her Mother But only she knows. For the Love of My Life, For my Lovely Mother! A Happy Mother’s Day.
Kindness and Sympathy, Moral and Values, Charm and Beauty are all part of a Lady I call my Mother. May this Beautiful Soul always shine like a Diamond. A happy Mother’s Day for My Lovely Mother.


The Proud of Night is Moon, the Beauty of Mountains is snow, the Charm of Rivers is water. For a Daughter, the proud, the Beauty and the charm is her Mother. For My Beautiful Mother. A happy Mother’s Day.
I was an astray soul, there is a lady who purified me and guided me. It’s My Mother who made me apt. I Thank her. I Love Her. May she Blossom like a Beautiful rose. A Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom.
Survival for a girl is not Easy but when you teacher is capable no one can stop you. My Mother is my Mother. He set a new path for my Life. I wish my Lovely Mother, a Happy Mother’s Day.
Seeing the sunshine, falling stars, and dew drops all making the mind delighted. But to see a happiness on the face of Mother is More beautiful than all these Things. Happy Mother’s Day to My Mother.
When Flowers Blossom, when Light twinkle, when Moon shine they are beautiful. But when my mother smile their charm put into shade. Wishing the most Lovely Mother, a Happy Mother’s Day.
In the wilderness of Life, a personality who protect me is my Mother. She prepared me to face the challenges and overcome the difficulties. For such a Lovely person, a happy Mother’s Day.
Delicacy is the charm of girls, but to shield this charm a girl has to fight hard. My Mother educated me the value of life. I am thankful to her. I wish a Happy Birthday to you.
Being a Naughty girl, I got good punishments from My mother. At that time I were Displeased on the strictness. Now, I thank my Mother to refine my Character. Love you Mom! A Happy Mother’s Day to you.
The Real meaning of Life is sitting with Mother, listening stories from her and getting education in a very pleasant atmosphere. Such days are the best of my entire life. A happy Mother’s Day to you my Mother.
When I was at the edge of Breaking, My Mother protected. When I was sad, she made me Happy. My mother! who fulfilled my every desire. Love you Mom! A Happy Mother’s Day.
Sight from eyes, smile from face, and sound from ears lead to perfection when they are touched by a soul who is full of beauty and Moral. It is the Mother! Tribute to that Mother and a happy Mother’s Day.
The personality beyond the praises, the character can’t describe in words, The Mother. The symbol of Pride and Love. It’s your Day Dear Mother. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

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Happy Mother’s Day 2021 Messages!

Sun creates Lights, Knowledge creates literacy, Mother made a good Soul. On this Mother’s Day, thank you Mom for your Love and a Happy Mother’s Day.


Happiness and Joys, sorrows and grieves all are temporary. Permanent is Love, Mother’s Love. Mother’s Love for me and my Love for her complete our Lives. A happy Mother’s Day for My Lovely Mother.


How Quickly Life pass is unimaginable! The days of childhood still came across my eyes and Remembers me of my Mother’s Affection. Happy Mother’s Day for my Mother.


The Moon of My life, the proud of my personality, and Grass of my meadow my Mother! A happy Mother’s Day for the most beautiful Mother of the world.


The Highlights of My life, hidden on that person whom I call my Mother! She is my whole World. A Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother.

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