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Happy Halloween Gif, Images, Pictures 2021

Fantastic collection of Happy Halloween gif animated images. Mix of Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat wishes with pumpkin and jack’o lantern theme, to share with your favorite people. Ghostly and other scary pics are featured on next page. I created some of these gifs by adding the Happy Halloween on top of the original animation.

New Happy Halloween Gif, Images 2021

You can share or download all the animated Happy Halloween images entirely for free. Use the share tools provided on the page to quickly share out the images. To save the Halloween Jack’ o Lantern animations right click on the gif or for touchscreens press down on the graphic for several seconds. Please give me a link back on your homepage or blog. Every bit of love helps.

Dancing Dance GIF - Dancing Dance Halloween GIFs

Boo Skeleton GIF - Boo Skeleton Happy Halloween GIFs

Halloween Dance Halloween Funny GIF - Halloween Dance Halloween Funny Halloween Party GIFs

Halloween Costume Dog GIF - Halloween Costume Halloween Dog GIFs

Halloween GIF - Halloween GIFs

Betty Boop Happy Halloween GIF - Betty Boop Happy Halloween Halloween GIFs

Halloween Dance GIF - Halloween Dance GIFs

Pennywise Scary GIF - Pennywise Scary Halloween GIFs

Halloween Scary GIF - Halloween Scary Jack Skellington GIFs

Happy Halloween GIF - Happy Halloween Trickortreat GIFs

Halloween Michael Myers GIF - Halloween Michael Myers Halloween Dance GIFs

Pumpkin Dance GIF - Pumpkin Dance Man GIFs

Pumpkin Patch GIF - Pumpkin Patch Halloween GIFs

Michael Myers Scary GIF - Michael Myers Scary Halloween GIFs

Happy Halloween GIF - Night Witch Pumpkin GIFs

Halloween Scarecrow GIF - Halloween Scarecrow Spooky GIFs

Happy Halloween Fire GIF - Happy Halloween Fire Burning GIFs

Halloween Wallpaper GIF - Halloween Wallpaper GIFs


Bonky I Dont Know GIF - Bonky I Dont Know I Dont Understand GIFs

Halloween Pumpkin GIF - Halloween Pumpkin Bat GIFs

Two amazing carved pumpkins, Starry Night and Nightmare Before Christmas Happy Halloween pumpkin animations.

Scary Jack O Lantern pumkin on fire. Happy Halloween Jack O Lantern glowing in the dark.

Halloween Halloween Town GIF - Halloween Halloween Town This Is Halloween GIFs

Halloween GIF - Halloween GIFs

Halloween Bardledoo GIF - Halloween Bardledoo Scary GIFs

Pumpkin Halloween GIF - Pumpkin Halloween Scary Pumpkin GIFs

Super awesome Trick or Treat Halloween card. Metallic type with a giant yummy candy cane. Happy Halloween animated golden type over a pumpkin pattern.

Mysteriously smoking skull and a pumpkin makes a great Happy Halloween gif. Beautiful orange glass lantern in shape of a pumpkin gif.



Classic scary pumpkins out in the yard Happy Halloween wishes. Pumpkin exploding with fire experiment. Don’t try this at home kids!


Halloween Ghosts And Scary Things


scary Halloween scene
Scary jack-o’-lanterns for a Happy Halloween.
electric frank - It's Alive! - animated gif
Frankenstein Green and Electrified, animated.
give me candy
Trick or treat – give me candy.
devil animation
A devil of a trick or treater animation.
witch sitting on a jack-o'-lantern animated
Cute witch animated.
dancing witch
A dancing witch with Happy Halloween.
spooky halloween
Have a spooky Halloween graveyard scene with animation.
If you are looking for animated ghost gifs you have come to the right place. We have fun ghosts, scary ghosts and children dressed as ghosts. You will also find ghosts rising from the grave and ghosts with bat friends.

Want your Halloween gifs a little darker? Included are grim reapers with wings and reapers with scythes and at least one grim reaper with a black cat friend. We didn’t forget skeletons and skulls. In this section are animated skeleton and animated skull gifs plus images. Skeletons walking and skulls talking. There is even a skull dripping blood. Not dark enough? We’ve also included The Devil. Can’t get much more darkly evil than him.

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween with glitter and a haunted house.
halloween scene with jack-o'-lanterns
Scary Halloween Scene
witch flying on her broom animated
Witch flying 1st class.
ghost animation
A spooky ghost trick or treater animation.
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween with animated fire.
ghost animated
Animated Ghost
fun jack-o'-lantern
A very excited jack-o’lantern. Here comes The Great Pumpkin!
flying witch and jack-o'-lantern
A flying witch and her friend the jack-o’-lantern.
fast moving witch
Little witch on the move in a hurry.
Ghost and Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween animation with a flying ghost.
Happy Halloween with Jack-o'-lanterns
Happy Halloween with carved jack-o’-lanterns.
Halloween animated
Halloween sign animation.
witch flying
Witch flying on her broom in front of a full moon.
animated skeleton
Waving skeleton, jack-o’-lantern and Halloween animated.
witch cauldron animated
Animation of a witch stirring her cauldron.
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween with glitter animation.
man melting animation
Zombie wants to eat your brains. (well, what is left of him does)
ghosts and jack-o'-lanterns
Jack-o’-lanterns and ghosts.
black hairy spider
Hairy black spider animation.
witch and broom animation
Cute witch with her magic broom.
Happy Halloween with Jack-o'-lanterns
Happy Halloween with jack-o’-lanterns.
trick or treat
Plenty of trick or treaters at the door.
bats and jack-o'-lanterns
Happy Halloween scene with bats and jack-o’-lanterns.
flying witch
Witch and her trusted broom in flight.
animated black cat
Black cat in a pumpkin patch animation.
Happy Halloween girl
Happy Halloween with glitter animation.
cool jack-o'-lantern
Cool looking jack-o’-lantern animation.
Happy Halloween animation
Happy Halloween with ghosts animation.
creepy halloween
Have a creepy Halloween animation.
trick or treat animation
Trick or Treat with animated jack-o’-lanterns.
Happy Halloween ghost animation
Ghost with Happy Halloween and animation.
pumpkinhead dancer
Animation of a skeleton with a jack-o’-lantern on his head dancing.
witch and cauldron
A witch making her special candy.
jack-o'-lanterns, candles, spiders
Happy Halloween night scene with jack-o’-lanterns, candles and spiders.
skeleton on the move
Slow walking skeleton animation.
witches ball
The Witches Ball with a witch and bat.
animated black cat
Black cat keeping a close eye out on Halloween.
flying witch
Flying Halloween witch.
Things that go bump in the night? We’ve included a variety of animated haunted houses in the Halloween section. Haunted houses with ghosts and witches plus a haunted house with terrible things going on in the attic (perhaps a mad scientist). We also remembered zombies and bats because they are always bumping into things.
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween with a wolf howling at the moon, jack-o’-lanterns, bats and a witch flying in the background.
a cute devil
Cute Little Devil with jack-o’-lantern for candy.
spooky halloween
Have A Spooky Halloween animation with a spider and jack-o’-lantern.
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween with animation.
trick or treat
Halloween trick or treaters.
family witch
Being The Family Witch is a difficult job.
Have A Scary Good Time

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