Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day 2021


  1. Wishing you happiness and joy on this your day, Father. I will love you always.
  2. F riendship – you are a true friend
    A ffection – you always display your love for me
    T eacher – you have been and still are my best life teacher
    H umor – you display and showed me the importance of laughter
    E nthusiasm – your never discouraged, you always encouraged
    R ole model – you are an example for me to follow!

  3. Dad thank you for all that you are and all that you have done.
  4. Father you are the best
    You are better than the rest.
    I am blessed to have you
    The best Dad through and through.
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  5. Wishing you a Happy Fathers Day on this day, and wishing you happiness and sunshine for the coming year. Thanks for all you are and all you do.
  6. May the love and respect we feel for you make up for the worry and care we have caused you.
  7. There were times in my life when I didn’t understand but you always took the time to help me and be there for me. Thank you!
  8. Dad I wish you happiness
    I send you love
    I wish you blessings from above.
    Happy Father’s Day!
  9. Thank you for your encouragement, for your love and support. I am so fortunate to have a Dad like you.
  10. Dad, there is a saying that goes like this: “Any man can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a Dad!” You are that special man in my life, thanks Dad.
  11. Dad growing up I know there were times that I was a pain, and now that I have children I find that I am a pain to them, but the wisdom and the knowledge you gave me makes me appreciate the pain in a very happy way! Thanks Dad.
  12. You always worked so hard to provide for us.
    You always made the time for us.
    You have always encouraged and supported us.
    And you are the best DAD to us!
    Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. A Father like you is a gift from God. I give thanks for the blessing of you Dad!
  2. Dad, may your days be filled with the love you fill today.
  3. Today is your day. A day to celebrate and let you know how much you are appreciated and loved Dad!
  4. If I was to pick an example of what a good man and a great father looks like – I would definitely pick you!Father's Day Wishes! Enjoy YOUR Day! #fathersday #dad #holidays | Happy fathers day, Happy father, Fathers day wishes
  5. I can’t express my gratitude enough for the encouragement you always give for the values you have taught me and for the love you give me each and every day.
  6. Every day you worked hard to provide and every day you showed me how much you cared. Your example has influenced my life, you are an amazing Father.
  7. When I had a problem I didn’t know how to solve, I called Dad.
    When I was upset and feeling down, I called Dad.
    When I was broke and needed money, I called Dad.
    When I felt the world was against me, I called Dad.
    When something arose I didn’t understand, I called Dad.
    And, every time I called Dad, he always made me feel better.
    Thanks for always being there Dad!Happy Father's Day Wishes | Touchtalent - For Everything Creative
  8. The greatest gift, the most wonderful blessing in my life is having you as a Dad!
  9. As I grew, inspiration you gave me. An example to follow you were. Giggles you gave me when I sat upon your knee. And now that I am older I always know you are near.
  10. Words like,
    I appreciate you,
    I am thankful for you,
    You are the best,
    You are number one in my books,
    None of those words can express my love for you Dad.
  11. I don’t tell you enough how much you mean to me. But always know in my heart I give thanks to God for you.
  12. I didn’t get to choose who my Father would be, but I am so happy it was you! You are the best Dad anyone could ask for!
  13. We don’t get to choose who our Fathers will be. But Dad let me tell you if I could choose you would be my Number 1 choice!
  14. There were times I drove you nuts. And there were times I made you proud. But today is the day to tell you Dad I appreciate you and all you do.
  15. I know I could and still can always count on you. Thank you for always being there.
  16. D edicated you are
    A wesome you be
    D evotion you always give.
  17. Dad, your example is my inspiration. When I don’t know what to do, I think, “how would Dad handle this.”awesome-fathers-day-wishes - Dividend Cake
  18. I hope and pray that I will be as good as a Dad as you have been.
  19. Your are one of a kind,
    You always helped when we were in a bind,
    Dad you are inspiring and encouraging
    We could ask for no better man than you.
  20. When I think of you Dad
    It makes me feel glad
    As I could not ask for
    A better Dad like you that I adore.
  21. Father you have shown me love
    You were sent to me from above
    I am thankful for you
    You keep our family together like glue.
  22. We all have heroes in our life, and you Dad, are mine. I love you!
  23. All your life you have put us kids first. Today is the day where we say you are number 1 Dad!
  24. You always gave me encouragement, and you gave me an example of how to live life. You cared, you shared, you laughed and consoled me. You are all that a child could hope for in a Father. I love you Dad.
  25. Words can never express my love and appreciation for you. I can’t imagine my world without you as my Dad.
  26. You are smart, you are funny
    You are more important than money
    If I could have one wish
    Is that your day be filled with bliss.
  27. You are a remarkable man. For all you have done, for all that you do. May life be good to you my Dad – you deserve it.
  28. You are one of a kind
    And you are mine
    You are the best
    Better than all the rest!
    Happy Fathers Day Dad!
  29. You know you are always loved but on this Fathers Day I wanted to make sure you know how much you are appreciated and how much I look up to you! I could not have asked for a better Father.

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  30. You may be officially my stepfather, but you are a Dad to me.
  31. For all the times I gave you a hard time, you always were there for me. Thank you for being the man you are.
  32. We had to conquer each step of learning to live as a family. But you have always been there for me. You have been more than a stepfather to me – you have been a Dad. Thank you60 Best Dad Quotes - Happy Father's Day Quotes
  33. Like the saying goes, “any man can be a father but it takes a special guy to be a Dad”. You may not be my father by birth, but you sure are my Dad!
  34. I am not your natural child, but Step Dad you love me like I am. You will never know how much you mean to me.
  35. You have helped me take many steps, you have helped me up when I have stumbled. I’m so proud to call you my Step-Father. Love you lots!
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    Happy Fathers Day Wishes For Your Grandfather

  36. Gramps when I think of you, I think of the saying – “you put the grand in Grandfather.”
  37. You are like a loveable teddy bear,
    you are like a jolly Santa Claus.
    You always listen
    You always care.
    Thanks for always being there.Grandfathers are awesome and should be sent a terrific Father's Day card! Your grandfather will especially ... | Fathers day wishes, Day wishes, Happy father
  38. Gramps you are like a second father to me. You are the best, I appreciate all that you do. Love you more than you can imagine.
  39. There is no other Grandfather I would choose.
    You make me laugh when I feel blue.
    You make me feel special in all I do.
    Love you Grampie, yes I do.
  40. How blessed I am to have you as a Grandfather. Your support and encouragement over the years means more to me than you could ever realize. Love you Gramps!

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  41. While you do not have the official title of being my Dad, you have all the characteristics of a great Father. Thank you for always caring and for your support over the years. You have made a difference in my life.
  42. There are Dads, there are Fathers, and they are special men. You my friend are a special man whose attitude towards life has influenced me and helped me overcome life’s challenges. Thank you for being you. Words can’t express my gratitude for having you in my life.
  43. You have been like a Dad to me. I feel blessed to have you in my life.
  44. Today I express my gratitude that you are part of our family. When you first entered our lives I had no idea of change our family would experience because of your love and influence. I hope you realize how important, how much we appreciate you, and how much you are loved.

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