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Halloween Fruits Vegetables & Snacks 2020

Halloween Fruit:  A  darling tray of healthy treats and fruit tray ideas for kids for Halloween. This Halloween inspired fruit tray has all the fun of the holiday, and not all the added sugar.

You get Frankenstein Kiwis, Ghosts made from bananas, cute dipped strawberries meant to look like candy corn, and my personal favorite, Monster Mouthes.

Serve this fun fruit tray alongside your Monster Cupcakes, Witches Hats, Boo Bark and Caramel apples for the perfect Halloween party spread!





How cute is this? I really had fun making this fruit tray with my kids because I knew it was one Halloween “treat” I could really feel good about.

And the funny thing is, my kids ate it just as quickly as they did when we made the sugar options like Halloween Sugar Cookies. I have to say that I think we sometimes underestimate our children.

Needless to say, a few of these were a little less hands on for the kids. I did all the cutting. They helped to assemble. But they loved dipping and decorating!

Tips For Halloween Fruit Tray

  • Melt your candy melts in batches so they stay nice and smooth.
  • This is best served immediately, so you can prep ahead by assembling ingredients, but wait to make until you are ready to serve.
  • If you are NOT going to be serving this right away, be sure to dip your apples in sprite, or spritz with lemon to keep them from browning.
  • Make the boo-nanas just before serving, or they will brown.
  • Get creative!
  • Add extra fun Halloween Fruits to the mix, like a Jack-o-lantern made from a cutie orange.
  • Make sure your fruit is ripe, as cute as it is, it won’t taste good if the fruit isn’t ripe.

When to Serve a Halloween Fruit Tray or Healthy Halloween Treats

  • Halloween Party: These healthy halloween snacks are great for adults and kids alike!  When it comes to healthy halloween party food, these cute fruit tray ideas are the best!
  • School Party: Most schools have rules about treats these days, and these healthy halloween treats for school class are the perfect party idea. The kids can make them during the party, or  they can be served at the party. Check your school rules.
  • Hand out: These are not the best healthy halloween treats to hand out, but you could hand out a kit with an apple, candy eyes, sesame seeds and peanut butter with a picture so kids can make the monster mouthes themselves at home.
  • Family Fun: These easy kid friendly halloween treats are a fun activity to make together in preparation for your Halloween festivities. Make them as an after school snack, or at a party.

Halloween Fruit Ideas

Frankenstein Kiwi’s

These darling little Frankenstein’s will be the hit of the fruit tray. They  are so simple and cute. Just be sure to have an adult help with the cutting.

Tips: Use a peeler instead of a paring knife if kids are doing the cutting. 

Monster Mouthes

Apples and peanut butter are already the perfect combination, but making them super cute for Halloween just takes this healthy Halloween treat up a notch.


  • Have an adult do the cutting.
  • Core the apple first to make it easier.
  • Use marshmallows and a food decorating pen to make the eyeballs  if  you can’t find googely candy eyes, or want them to be easier to eat.
  • Use your favorite nut butter!
  • Get creative! Monsters are cute with 3 eyes! Or use other nuts for the teeth!


These darling boo-nananas or healthy banana Halloween treat are the simplest treat ever and just so much fun.

The biggest problem with them is they start to brown fairly quickly.

Once you peel and cut bananas, they will start turning brown almost immediately as the air will oxidize them. Stop them from browning for your fruit tray by dipping or brushing them in lemon or lime juice. Or even pineapple juice. Basically any acidic juice will work. Just remember it can impact flavor!

Tip: Brush bananas with pineapple juice for fun flavor and to keep from browning. 

Candy Corn Strawberries

This is the most time intensive healthy Halloween treat to make from this group, but is so cute and fun.

The biggest tip is to use the fridge between dipping, and be sure to not overheat your candy melts.

Candy melts can be finicky, and if you over heat them they will get harder and lumpy. So heat in 20-30 second intervals, stirring well between each heating cycle to get a nice, melty, and not clumpy, result.

Tip: Melt candy melts just before dipping for best results. 

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