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15 Interesting ‘Halloween Facts and Myths’ You Should Know

Halloween Facts and Myths: The spookiest night of the year, the time for candy, costumes and the cartoon Charlie Brown, is popularly known as Halloween. While some believe that the spirits wander around freely, the others believe that it is the children and the teens running around in the neighborhood with their threatening tricks. As the Hallow’s Eve comes near, you must definitely know some interesting Halloween Facts and Myths about the day.

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Halloween Facts Everyone Should Know

  • One will be charged a fine of $1000 if he uses or sells the Silly String in Hollywood for Halloween.
  • It is the Celts where the Halloween dressing comes from. The Celts alleged that the spirits and the porous ware a wall between the paranormal world and our world during Samhain. And thus, the Celts used to wear these costumes and masks during the festival to befuddle the evil spirits.

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Facts about Halloween

  • The Halloween symbols like the black cats, bats, and spiders aren’t just random but relevant due to their scary history tying to Wiccans.
  • The Daylight Savings Time used to be influenced by the Candy industry and Halloween.
  • Another fact you must know is that these tricks have been around since medieval times. It was known as souling or guising in the past. The children and the poor wore costumes during the Hallowmas and begged for money and food in exchange for their prayers.

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100 Interesting Halloween Facts About The Spookiest Time Of The Year

Halloween Facts

Fun Facts about Halloween

  • Halloween is the second-most commercial holiday enjoyed in America every year.
  • Halloween is known with other names also like Hallows Eve, Samhain, The Day of the Dead and All Hallowtide.
  • In the olden times, the Jack-o-lanterns were made of beets, turnips, and potatoes.
  • Black and Orange are the most associated colors with Halloween.
  • Minnesota, Anoka, Massachusetts, and Salem are the self-proclaimed Halloween capitals in the world.

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Funny Halloween Facts

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Facts about Halloween

Halloween Myths You Should Know

  • One must beware of the razor blades in the apples. However, there is no or very little fact about this happening.
  • Halloween is typically an American holiday. It is, in fact, a feast and a big family celebration in Ireland.
  • The Halloween is satanic. While you will definitely see devils as the symbols of Halloween, but it is a time when people show their fears in happy and safe ways.
  • The trick-or-treating is a central feature of Halloween. Instead, it is not. It is just an appropriate way of saying that the children enjoy their holiday.
  • Halloween is incomplete without pumpkins. Actually, the jack-o-lanterns were made of giant turnips. They were hollowed, carved and carried as lanterns, set in places like the graveyards. Pumpkins are just replaced with turnips in America.

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Halloween Myths

Interesting right? It is great to know the history of these Halloween facts and explore more. I hope you enjoy eating lots and lots of candies at Halloween this year.

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