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Halloween Candy Bag

Halloween Candy Bag: Halloween is right around the corner, which means creative costumes, creepy jack-o-lanterns, and treats. Some people spend Halloween escorting costumed kids from house to house in search of candy – which means you’ll need a treat bag they can rely on.

Halloween treat bags are an absolute must to keep your sweet treats organized no matter what your plans are this year. Find the best Halloween treat bags for every sweet surprise, whether you want candy-collecting accessories, goodie-filled bags for trick-or-treaters, or cute party favors.

Personalized (and reusable) tote bags and drawstring backpacks make trick-or-treating a breeze. Choose from novelty pumpkin-shaped goody bags and paper bags with festive Halloween designs.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite Halloween treat bags that are sure to do the trick (or treat!) for all of your sweet treat needs..

Halloween Candy BagS 2021

1Burlap Halloween Treat Bags


These reusable burlap drawstring candy pouches with four different Halloween designs are perfect for trick-or-treaters. This set comes with 50 treat bags that you can fill with a few pieces of candy each.


2TuhooMall Halloween Reusable Canvas Treat Bags


This Halloween treat bag doubles as a fun DIY project and has ample space to fill with lots of treats. The durable canvas bag has space for you to write your child’s name on it — which will help them make sure no one lays a finger on their treasured treats.

3Personalized Pumpkin Candy Canvas Bag


This Halloween treat bag doubles as a fun DIY project and has ample space to fill with lots of treats. The durable canvas bag has space for you to write your child’s name on it — which will help them make sure no one lays a finger on their treasured treats.

4Plastic Pumpkin-Shaped Treat Holders


These adorable pumpkin-shaped cases make for the most festive Halloween treat bags. Fill each one up with a chocolate or two and leave them out for all the costumed kids this year. Plus, they’ll look so cute in a basket on your front porch!

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5Self-Adhesive Cellophane Treat Bags (150-Pack)


$8.95 (10% off)

If you know your house will be popular among the trick-or-treaters this year, opt for this pack of 150 self-adhesive Halloween treat bags. Decorated with playful spiders and haunted houses, these goody bags are perfectly spooky.

Fill them with goodies and seal them up for easy trick-or-treating!

6Reusable Halloween Trick or Treat Bags


Large enough to hold the most impressive candy haul of the night, these reusable Halloween-themed tote bags are made for a star trick-or-treater.

7Halloween Drawstring Candy Bags


Need to leave candy out for the trick-or-treaters this year? 72 mini drawstring goody bags should do the trick. Fill these up with the best Halloween candy out there, and you are set to be the sweetest house on the block.

8Gothic Skull Drawstring Backpack


Upgrade your pillowcase Halloween treat bag to this gothic skull-patterned drawstring backpack designed for the coolest trick-or-treater. Kids can carry their Halloween goodies hands-free and with ease, making trick-or-treating easier than ever.

While there are a few Halloween patterns available, we like this one the most since it can easily be used beyond All Hallows’ Eve!

950 Cellophane Treat Bags


Spiderweb-covered cellophane bags are the epitome of creepy Halloween treat bags, right? This set of 50 bags with black twist ties is ideal for Halloween goody bags or party favors.

10Halloween Drawstring Treat Bags for Kids (72-Pack)


Fill these bags with candy and chocolate and hand them out to your trick-or-treaters this year. The drawstring handle on these Halloween treat bags make them easy to grab and give, rather than having hands digging around a candy bowl searching for the best treat.

11Skulls, Pumpkins, and Ghosts Party Favor Treat Bags


Sometimes simple is better. This set of 30 paper Halloween treat bags is perfect for a sleek Halloween party favor. While they work for classrooms and kids, reviewers say these bags also fit a bottle of wine for an adults-only party on Halloween.

12Shiny Trick-or-Treat Reusable Totes (12-Pack)


These reusable Halloween tote bags are perfect for your little ones to carry door-to-door this year. The over-the-shoulder handles make it easy for the smallest ghouls to hold. But, if you know you have a long night of trick-or-treating ahead of you, you can always bring an extra tote bag along for round two!

13Glitter Pumpkin Halloween Boxes (20-Pack)


If you’re planning an at-home Halloween party this year, these festive glitter pumpkin boxes are the perfect party favor. This pack of 20 boxes features four different styles of pumpkin grimace. We love them filled with candy, or add a tea light to a few for some mystical table-top decor.

14Candy Meter Deluxe Halloween Treat Loot Tote Bag


For the trick-or-treater with a competitive edge, this Halloween tote bag with a clear candy meter is a must-have. Your little one can watch as their loot level rises and head home with a satisfied sweet tooth.

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