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Grandchildren Quotes Sayings To Make Your Heart Warm 2020

Grandchildren Quotes: The bond between a grandparent and grandchild is very special and different from other relationships despite the age gap.
Being a grandparent lets you relive the memories of your childhood because of your innocent grandchildren, and being a grandchild lets you get a glimpse of life as you listen to your grandparent’s stories.
Here are our collection of grandchildren quotes that will warm your hearts as grandparent or as grandchild.

Quotes About Grandchildren Being a Blessing

Grandchildren are a blessing. They come to this world to bring joy and happiness to our old hearts making us feel young again. They are also the reason why we look forward to the future of our generation. Here are our quotes about grandchildren being a blessing.


Grandchildren certainly are a blessing. Their innocence and curiosity brings out the youth in me again and I pray that may they grow healthy.

I am so thankful for my grandchildren. Not only do they make me so happy, but seeing how happy they are reminds me that I’ve lived a good life.

I feel so blessed to have children and grandchildren and they’re all living a good life. We all get along and they visit me more often. I’m so happy to have them in my life.

Being a grandparent makes me feel a great sense of fulfilment. My children finished school, they found good paying jobs, got married and now they have beautiful grandchildren. May God bless our family always.

My grandkids are indeed adorable and full of innocence and I pray each day that may God guide them always as they grow up.

I thought reaching my 60s was bad because I’d be old and getting slow and wrinkly, then my grandchildren came and loved me and then I knew being a grandparent is the best thing ever.

Grandchildren are every parent’s dream when they grow old. They love how toddlers that resemble their youth run around the house and play, filling the room with joy and happiness. Indeed, children are a blessing in the family.


Our old age might make us weary but our grandchildren brings us life and strength to live each day. Indeed, grandchildren are a blessing.

Grandchildren make us feel whole and alive because their innocence reminds us of how we are like in the past and it just makes us smile.

Grandchildren are God’s gift from above because they are here to put smiles on our faces so wouldn’t have to worry about how old we’re getting. Our grandchildren remind us to keep on living life to the fullest no matter how old we get.

I have faith in humanity because I have faith in my grandchildren. That is why I try to pass on what I’ve learned over the years so they can use it well as they go through life.

Seeing my first grandchild reminds me of the time when I first had my son. It was exhilarating and I knew that life’s getting better with age.

It makes me happy listening to my granddaughter’s goals and dreams. They’re all very unique and even if they’re quite odd, I will always encourage her to keep chasing it because one day she’ll reach it eventually. And I want her to feel that her grandma will always be here to support her no matter what.

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Grandchildren are a gift from above that parents and grandparents will forever hold dear and nurture because the give joy and happiness to the family.

The joy of having grandkids is the best feeling an old man can ever feel, it brings smiles to our faces and thrill in our hearts, I love my grandkids they are my treasure.

The heaven knows how I feel for my grandchildren. I treat them like angels sent from above, and I love them with all my heart. I will not let anything harm my angels, they are my life.

My grandchildren are my powerhouse, they give me energy when I see them, they make me feel like a teenager again. That is one of the reasons why I love them so much. I’ll be here for them.

I can always remember the day they came to our lives. It feels like yesterday. Having grandkids is the best thing that ever happened to me.

The thing about grandkids is they give us happiness and they give us power to do things. I pray for a longer life so I could be with them longer.

Have you ever wondered what life would be without your grandchildren? Well I can’t. They mean the world to me, they complete me.

Reasons why I love my grandchild. They are the child of my child and that fills me with delight. I am very happy to have you in my life; I pray for your well-being my grandkids.

Like stars they are precious. Like jewels they are priceless. My grandkids are the best thing that ever happened to me.

You might think that grandkids are the best but they can also be the worst but we still love them anyways.

Stop thinking about the negativity in life. That is why we have our grandkids to cheer us up. Life is full of ups and downs but only those little angels just bring us joy.

What connects generations to generations are our grandchildren. They are the dots that gives us hope to continue a legacy.

Sometimes perfect love doesn’t come until grandchildren are born, so treat them with love and give them sense of belongingness.



Grandparents Quotes from Children

Our grandparents are like our parents but they’re wiser, gentler and better storytellers. They share whatever we need to know about life and they want to be a part of our lives given the time we have left to spend time with them. It is very important that we show our grandparents how much they mean to us so we wrote quotes that you can read to your grandparents so you could let them know how awesome they are.

I really love my grandma because she is so nice. She’s even a lot nicer than mom and she makes really good chocolate chip cookies.

The best place to visit during the weekends is at grandma and grandpa’s house because we love to hear their stories when they were still young like us.

Grandpa and grandma are really old but they still make us laugh and feel at home. I wish time would run slow so they wouldn’t have to grow older so soon.

I’m really grateful for what my grandpa taught me and that is to never stop chasing my dreams no matter how ridiculous they are as long as it makes me happy. Because that’s what living is: to be happy.

I really pray that grandma will always be healthy. She’s old and she walks slowly and carefully and I hope she will live longer years because I love her so much

I wish grandma and grandpa will be healthy and have more years to live. I wish they will stay together for a long time because I know grandma and grandpa really love each other. I love them both and I don’t want them to be sad. I enjoy visiting their house because everything is so warm and cozy. I love my grandparents and I wish all the best for them every day.

I have grown to be a successful adult and I always look back at my past because I will forever be grateful with my grandparents’ advice and all the wisdom and knowledge they taught me. I love them so much.

My love for my grandma will never change. She’s getting a lot older than how I remembered her as a little girl and she’s a lot gentler now, but I will always love her no matter what.

Let us always respect our grandparents because without them, we wouldn’t have parents, and without our parents means there’s won’t be us existing in this world.

If we’re a gift for our parents, then our grandparents are a gift for us. Not only do we have parents, we also have grandparents who have experienced life at a whole different level. Not only are they great at storytelling, but they’ll also teach lessons we ought to remember in life.

I feel comfortable telling my grandma what I feel about everything. She doesn’t judge. She just listens, scolds me a bit if I did something wrong and gives me the best advice. I love her so much.

Grandma always makes me feel like she’s waiting for eternity just to give me a cookie that is why I love her so much treat them with love and affection.

Treat your grandparents with respect, and they will treat you ice cream. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that. Life is amazing with grandparents.

Always say you love them that is how you pay all the kindness your grandparents give. One look at you they melt with love for you bring joy, don’t wait for tomorrow tell your grandpa your grandma what ever you call them ‘I love you’.

Special words for special people like your grandparents. They might be old but your grandparents scolded your parents that should give you a bit of relief that there is someone who is annoyed with your parents like you do.

What would you do in a world without your grandparents? You would cease to exist for they are the parents of your parents. So, love them while they are still here.

The thing about grandparents is they will love you no matter what. Even if you’re down, even if you hate your mom or dad that, day you will always have a grandma that will love you. So treat both your parents and grandparents with respect so you’ll have double the love in return.

Things you can’t avoid in life is missing your grandparents. They take care of you they love you unconditionally and the most important part is, they give you food. Whether your hungry or not they have food for you, always be thankful.

The only woman who will love you like your mother is your grandmother. Cherish the time you have with them for the time will come and they will only live in your memories.

Don’t rush being an adult. You will miss out the fun and happy memories with your grandparents, they don’t have that long to live. You could either enjoy their company or grow up.

I always love it when I visit my grandmother, she’s the sweetest, she gives me everything I need and she loves me with all her heart. I miss her every day we are not together; I miss how she makes me hot coco in the cold winter. I look forward to my next vacation at granny’s house.

Love for Grandchildren Quotes

Grandparents love their grandchildren because they are family and their grandchildren’s youth and innocence reminds them of their childhood. Below are humorous and wise quotes about love for grandchildren that you will love.

My grandson is now a teenager and I’m glad I got to see him grow and struggle through life. He comes to me when he thinks his father can’t understand him and I’m glad he’s comfortable talking with me.

I love our grandchildren. They’re all so young and innocent, they look a lot like their parents and look a bit like us.

I’m glad I stored all of my old clothes because I certainly enjoy seeing my grandkids dress up and play pretend. They are so adorable.

The best things you can pass on to your grandchildren is not property, land or money, but it is the gift of wisdom, knowledge and good character.

We love our grandchildren just as much as we love our children. We want to see them grow and share our wisdom and stories of experiences with them. We want to be a part of them before we go.

Let’s love our grandchildren like how we raised and love our children because they are the future of our family and they need all the attention and guidance in order for them to grow healthy and happy.

Life is seeing your children live successful lives with their families, love is spending time with them and with your grandchildren, and beauty is seeing how happy the family is.

I’ve been living my life well with my partner and we had a great time. Now that we can barely walk a mile, we just read books, sip tea, take naps and be excited when our children and grandchildren come to visit us.

I love my grandchildren because they don’t care about how old I am because they’re too busy listening to my stories, eating my homemade cookies and wearing the knitted sweaters I made.

My love for my grandchildren will come with me to my deathbed because they are one of the greatest reasons why my life was a good one.

My grandchildren are the reason why I smile and why I stay happy. I love them all and every day I am always hoping we’d be together longer.

My grandchild is my sunshine. She is the reason I wake up every single day. Her weekly visits are the best thing in the world and I would go an extra mile for my grandchild. I love her to the moon and back.

You are not living your life if you haven’t felt the grasp of your grandchild. Those tiny hands with their cute little grip bring me so much joy and delight. I would not miss it for the world.

Its hard seeing your grandkids once a week. So, I moved in to their house so I could cater her needs I love my grandkid she’s everything to me.

There are times that I look at the stars wondering, what my little angel is doing is she alright?

One question always comes to my head did she eat yet? Poor grandchild she must be hungry.

The moment your grandkids grow up, would you visit me and your grandpa like how you visit us now? Well just in case here is a delicious pie I bet you’ll be wanting more.

Closing my eyes in the evening dreaming of the day when my grandchild was born it was the happiest day in my life it filled me with delight as she held my finger gently, I can feel the warmth of her palm. I love my grandchild she is the best.

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