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Funny Spring Quotes

Funny Spring Quotes: Spring is one of the best times of the year.
Spring break is the time to make memories with friends and family without worrying about homework, if you’re a student.
It might just be a week or two, but it certainly gives you the freedom from the stress with reality.
Let’s face it, we all experience stress and anxiety with work or exams so let’s make the best of spring.

Funny Spring Break Quotes

 Whether you’re spending spring break with friends or with family, it’s definitely the best time to enjoy life to the fullest. Go to the beach, go to another country, or stay at home. What’s important is being stress-free! So here are spring break quotes that’ll really make you feel the best of spring break.


 Spring break is coming, the time where me and my girls head out to the beach and party!!

 Study hard, party harder because spring break is coming.

 Traveling this spring break is the best time to lose myself in the good times and to find myself in the beauties of nature.

 Spring break isn’t about going to the beach and party. For me, it’s about snuggling in my bed, waking up late in the morning, read a book all day, and binge watch all my favorite movies.

 An awesome vacation where you don’t have to worry about exams and quizzes is the best ever!

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 I hope spring never ends! You can never have too much beach and parties.

 Spring break is the best time to go on memorable adventures with your friends.


 Rest, have fun, get wasted, live life and make the most out of everything while it lasts.

 Can’t wait to get wasted on the beach with pretty girls in bikinis.

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 Time flies fast, so get up, have fun and never let a good vacation day go to waste.

 Playing video games all week is my kind of spring break.

 Study hard, party harder is the most cliché quote that I will always appreciate this spring break.

 The good days are sleeping in ‘til noon, eating brunch, and not minding how the day goes. And then the night time comes, where my friends and I make our way to the great bars in town.

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 You can never have too much fun on spring break. So do whatever makes you happy while you can.

 Life is all about having a good time. So make the best out of every day on spring break!

 My advice for a happy spring break: dance and sing and drink while the party is still on.

 Nothing lasts forever, including spring break so enjoy every second of it.

 I’m getting tanned this week and I know this will all just fade, but the memories I have this spring break will surely last forever.

 A staycation with my family is not a problem. I love them so much that I treasure spending my spring break with them.

 Spring break is the best part in our school year, so let’s make the most of it with friends.

 Spring break is not about going out somewhere far to enjoy it, sometimes it just means having sleepovers with pizza and friends.

 There’s no need for bikinis or sun screens when the only thing I enjoy about spring break is getting cozy at home with my cat.

 I love spring because this is the time where I don’t have to wear makeup or stylish clothes. I can just be myself and watch Netflix all day.

 Spring is the time to find out who you are while enjoying every minute with what you’re doing.

 I don’t need to go somewhere; all I want is to be far away from stress.

 Spring break can take me to different paths, but my favorite one is the path that leads to the beach.

 I can’t buy happiness, but I can buy a plane ticket to a tropical island and that’s close enough.

 Spring break means it’s time for more adventures!

 It’s more than just spring break, it’s a way for me to regain my sanity by enjoying myself to the fullest.

 There’s plenty of things to be grateful about this spring break. For starters, you passed your exams and made it.

 The purpose of spring break is to take a break. Party once or twice and relax most of the time.

 Life is short so spend that spring break well by going on to parties and getting wasted.

 Spring breaks were always meant for good friends and great adventures.

 Every spring break spent has a story to tell.

 Feel the spring breeze, go out with friends, swim in the sea and hang out with friends.

 Don’t let spring break when you have not fully enjoyed yourself. Enjoy and indulge in everything around you that you can enjoy.

 · Farewell books, farewell homework, farewell projects and hello sandy beaches because I’m on a long spring break.

 · You don’t need to have a lot of money this spring to enjoy it. Sometimes, enjoying other people’s company is all it takes.

 Do not ponder too much about what things you’ve done this spring, just enjoy comes every day.

 Don’t let a day pass without enjoying yourself because you might know how quickly spring break will end.

 I’ve been having so much fun that I don’t ever want to say goodbye to spring break.

 School’s out and spring break is in. Let go out of the drama and let the fun begin!


Funny and Relatable Spring Break Quotes for Teachers

It’s not just students who get to enjoy spring break, but teachers too! Even teachers need several days off from work. So here are funny and relatable spring break quotes for you teachers out there.

 The great part about spring break is going on a vacation, too! Just like your students.

 The semester was a complete headache but I am so going to the spa and relax.

 If the students are excited about spring break, then we teachers are dying for it.

 The best days of the year is going to the beach and not worrying about a single thing because you’re on a vacation.

 Spent an entire year of dealing with stress and naughty students, so I deserve to have a break, a me-time, a trip to the beach, or just a satisfying staycation.

 Goodbye stress, hello relaxation.

 I don’t need therapy, I just need to go on a vacation.

 I will never miss my students, but I will surely miss the beach.

 For me, spring break is about enjoying you morning coffee without having to worry about being late for work.

 A week free of worries and stress. Hello spring break! Hello vacation!

 From study hard to work hard. But I will never let spring break pass without partying harder.

 Spring break is the best time to do nothing but self-care stuff. Take care of your heart, mind, and body.

 Spring break is another way of saying let’s party!

 This vacation isn’t what I want; it’s definitely what I need.

 I let all my students pass during their finals. I can’t just sacrifice my spring break just because I had to let a student go through removal exams because he didn’t make it.

 I love being on a vacation and not having to worry about whether today is Monday or Wednesday.

 I’d rather unplug during my spring break. Wouldn’t want to worry about someone sending me emails about work.

 In the course of one week, I feel like it ended all too soon. Spring break, please stay and never go.

 I enjoy seeing kids play with each other outside my window as I sip my afternoon tea.

 At some point of the week, you can’t just stay inside the house and chill. Spring just gets in to you and you just have to go out and enjoy it.

 Go where the WiFi is weak and where the waves are strong, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting emails.

 All I want for spring is going to the spa and getting my hair done.

 Teacher’s getting a vacation for spring break is the best thing ever!

 Spring break is a great week without alarms and schedules.

 Happiness in spring break is not having to set an alarm for the next because I can just sleep ‘til noon.

 I love being a teacher, because when the kids are on their vacation, I am too.

 The biggest Don’t about spring break is never bother someone about work.

 My kind of spring break is hiding from everything that stresses me out. So I like to hide on my couch, watch TV all day with my pajamas on.

 Spring break is the best time to heal the mind, body and soul.

 Going on a vacation makes a teacher feel younger and happier, so it’s easier to deal with students after a good long spring break.

 I want to go to the beach and escape from the sad reality of work.

 A day before spring break ends already stresses me out.

 The least I want to happen is waking up to find out that it’s Monday and my vacation is over.

 Yearning for long vacations away from work is what makes me human, and I can’t deny that I’m just so excited about it.

 May this spring break help you realize that adventures are the best way to learn.

Funny and Inspiring Quotes about Spring Coming

While you’re only a few days away ‘til spring break, you can’t help but feel giddy over the feeling that you’ll have a week long or even more of enjoying yourself. Here are some funny and inspiring quotes about spring coming:

 Here I am, on my desk, unable to listen to my professor because I’m freaking excited when this day ends because it’s going to be spring break!

 Five minutes and I’m sweating as hell. I’m so excited because when that bell rings it’s spring break!

 One week before spring break starts, and you and your friends are already planning whose parties to crash.

 My body is here, but my heart is already at the beach. That’s how excited I am about spring.

 Time to go shopping for the cutest flip flops because we’re going to the beach in a week!

 I wonder how I’ll get wasted this spring break.

 The excitement for spring break to come is overwhelming. Looking forward to something is one of the best things about vacations.

 I will have fun this spring and I will make the best of it.

 I can imagine myself lying on the sand, underneath the palm trees while sipping coconut juice.

 I’m about to have an opportunity to make the most memorable spring with my friends, so a cute bikini is a must.

 I can’t wait for spring break. I miss my cat. I miss room. I miss my mom. I miss home.

 Spring is enjoying the wind against my hair as I surf the waves with my friends.

 Going to download as many video games as I can. Can’t wait to play them all when spring break comes!

 Dear beach, I think I am in love with you. I’ve been thinking of you and I can’t wait to see you.

 Spring break means I can stay in my pajamas all day long for an entire week. I can’t wait!

 My plans for spring break? Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

 I like to write down about what new things I can learn this spring break. I can always party and trying new things.

 Get your cameras ready because a vacation isn’t complete without posting them on Instagram!

 Always remember to make a budget plan this spring break. You wouldn’t want to go broke in the middle of the trip.

 Spring break is coming and it’s time to sit back and think what I want to do. I like to plan things since it’s only a week or so, but if nothing’s according to plan, might as well go with the flow.

 Everyone’s favorite season is spring because what lies beyond it is spring break.

 It’s spring break again so I bet the theaters will be packed, the beaches will be crowded, the bars will be full, so I might just enjoy my days snuggling at home with my dog and play video games.

 Let’s all stay positive; spring break is only a few days away.

 This semester’s final exams are going to be hard, so study hard and always remember that the reward that lies ahead is the sweet days of spring break.

 I want to travel this spring break so I’ll have a lot of stories to tell when I come back.

 I can’t wait to pack up my bags and be ready to go!

 Let’s make lots of memories this spring break, and it’ll surely last a lifetime.

 All I want is a fresh and memorable start this spring break.

 Never tell me to keep calm when spring break is just a few days away.

 Stay strong because spring break is 24 hours away.

 I plan on doing anything that makes me happy this spring break.

 When I’m at school, I want to go on a vacation. When I’m on a vacation, I’d never want to go back to school

 Isn’t it amazing how more productive we become a day before spring break starts?

 I’m looking forward to going anywhere near the ocean this spring break.

 For this spring break, I don’t intend to write one page only. I want to write an entire book about my adventures in just one week.

 Going on a vacation bring life and love to your work.

 This spring break, I want to get away from stress by traveling somewhere far, beautiful and breathtaking.

 All I want to do this spring break is lie on my bed, watch Netflix, and eat ice cream.

 I’ve been through a lot for the past months, so I really need a long vacation and chill wherever I want.

 Let the countdown to spring break commence!

 I want to go to that place where I can be alone and relax.

 After weeks of working and studying hard, I think we all deserve to have an awesome break.

 Don’t count the days you have this spring break, rather, make each day count.

 Save up money as much as you can because we’re going to the beach, bars and parties!

 Never forget to laugh and smile this spring break.

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