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Father’s Day Gifts for the New Dad, Who Just Wants a Drink (And May Be Missing His Sleep!)

Know a guy who just became a new dad and unsure what to get him for Father’s Day? No worries, we’ve got the best Father’s Day gifts for the new dad to make your shopping a breeze, from Father’s Day beer gifts and other unique Father Day’s gift ideas.

From a high-tech cocktail creating machine to awesome headphones, these are some of our top picks for fun Father’s Day gifts for new fathers.

New Dad Gifts


​What if there was a Keurig for cocktails? Imagine being able to drop a perfectly measured cocktail capsule containing a mix of anything from juices to bitters, then adding the spirits of your choice and having a mixologist worthy cocktail every single time. Best yet, he can choose how strong to make his drink. If that special first-time dad still misses his misses his barfly days, Bartesianis literally the next best thing. It’s sleek, it’s gorgeous and it looks like it might be right at home shaken and not stirred at James Bond‘s bachelor pad. And in case the new dad has to grab a cocktail on the run, he can store his two favorite spirits in attached reservoirs and it self cleans after every cocktail.


If the new dad in your life misses his margaritas, this upscale blender is for him (and you too, which makes it a doubly brilliant investment).Wolf Gourmet’s Pro Performance Blender boasts blending speeds over 210 MPH. In addition to making killer cocktails and mocktails, it also makes soups, grinds grains and blends smoothies. There’s an easy LCD control panel and best of all, despite all the horsepower this beauty has an average size footprint and isn’t quite as noisy as some other power blenders we’ve tested out. Wolf Gourmet Pro-Performance Blender, 64 oz Jar, 4 program settings, 12.5 AMPS, Blends Food, Shakes and Smoothies, Red Knob, Stainless Steel (WGBL200S), $799.00, Amazon


If the new dad misses both the scent and taste of his favorite tipple, Demeter Fragrance has Gin & Tonic and Whiskey Tobacco cologne sprays, shower gels, body lotions, and massage oils. If dad is a little more adventurous, Demeter Fragrance also offers Cosmopolitan Cocktail, Fuzzy Navel, Sex on the Beach, White Russian and Kamikaze too! Worth noting, the massage oils double as beard oils in case sexy time isn’t on the agenda for the foreseeable future. 1 oz.


​Having a new baby around can be more than a bit distracting. With Canary DIY smart home security cameras there’s one less thing a new dad has to worry about. Canary cameras have a super easy set-up and are great for everything, especially no-contact deliveries right now as they alert him of movement outside and let him say ‘thank you’ through the camera. Canary Flex is $178.00 with the purchase of 2-year premium service.


Just because he can’t get to a bar is no reason to give up on the atmosphere entirely. Man Crates Personalized Barware Crate includes 2 engravable pint glasses and a bottle opener, coasters and a variety of snacks (including corn nuggets, beer nuts, pistachios, and peanuts). $99.99, mancrates.com


BOMANI Cold Buzz is a lower calorie alcohol-infused cold brew coffee made from ethically sourced 100% Arabica coffee beans, in case your dad likes a little buzz with his midday buzz. $3.99/11 oz. can and $13.99/4-pack, select retailers


Adidas Headphones: FWD-01 Sport In-Ear: For the dad who only wants to look like he’s tuning out the kids, the FWD-01 headphones still let him hear his surroundings while listening to music from his glory days. They’re also lightweight and tangle free, for when the new dad who seems inspired to head out for a run whenever it’s his turn for diaper duty.


If the new dad enjoys pounding back beer most of all, he needs a BrüMate which is like a personalized beer cooler. It’s made of triple-insulated, stainless steel can cooler designed to fit 12 oz slim cans with easy to use push-lock technology for easy insertion and removal of his favorite canned beverage.

Misunderstood whiskey

Misunderstood Whiskey doesn’t just have the best name ever, it’s aged in oak barrels and tastes absolutely amazing including tasting notes of vanilla, caramel and naturally, ginger. It also is my new favorite ingredient for making boozy pound cakes. 


If he’s substituted the gin mill for the barbecue grill, now would be a great time to treat the newly minted father to thePhilips Smoke-less Indoor Grill which has infrared technology that heats the grill up within one minute and creates evenly cooked food, while leaving the grease tray cool enough to minimize the unpleasant smoke and grease spattering. It’s also incredibly easy to assemble. All he has to do is set the grill on the base and flip the on switch.  Less fussing, more grilling.

Santa Margherita

Help him celebrate the birth of his new baby girl with a toast made with delicately pink Santa Margherita Sparkling Rose which is a little bit fruity and a little bit dry. 

Hope foods

Who says Father’s Day gifts have to be expensive to be impressive? If your best friend used to spend his weekends drinking beer while eating chips and dip and watching the game, now might be a good time to help him ease into healthier habits. Hope Foods is an incredible line of plant-based dips and spreads that might just satisfy his craving for his days before he was a dad. While roasted garlic is amaaaazing, the chocolate cashew & almond dip gives Nutella some stiff competition.

Eastern Provisions

(Eastern Provisions)


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