Father's Day

Father’s Day Craft

Children have a special relationship with their father. While mothers are their emotional anchors, fathers are often their exploration anchors. Being around a father mostly means playtime or crazy fun activity time. All because fathers enjoy nothing else more than seeing a smile on their children’s face.

So, this fathers day, we decided to craft one father-child activity special – the high toss. This is one of the most enduring moments for dads and tots. It was fun creating this craft and brought up happy memories for when our toddler was under 2 years and enjoyed soaring through the air only to land in the safe comfort of dad’s arms.

Happy crafting!

Easy Father's Day Crafts



  • Paper Plate
  • Cardstock Paper /Construction Paper
  • Craft Stick
  • Crayons
  • Gluestick
  • Scissor
  • Safety Cutter
  • Tape


1. Draw the outline of dad and child on a grey/white cardstock paper. Or you can download our handy template (Get the free template by subscribing at the end the post).

how to make paper plate craft for father's day? Draw a simple father and child figurine on a paper.

2. Colour the dad and child using crayons. Outline them using a black pen.

3. Cut out the dad and child figurine.

 Father and child drawing cutouts for the craft.

4. Make three cloud shapes on a paper plate using a blue crayon and write the Happy Father’s Day message as shown in the craft.

Writing Happy Father's Day message on the paper plate.5. Tape/glue a craft stick at the back of child figurine.

 Attaching the child figurine to the craft stick.

6. Make a diagonal cut (approx 3 inches long) on the paper plate such that the craft stick attached to the child moves comfortably through it.

7. Glue the dad figurine to the paper plate.

8. Insert the craft stick attached to the child through the cut and your interactive father’s day craft is ready.

Hope you enjoy making this father’s day craft with kids!

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