Father's Day

Father’s Day 2021: 15 gadget gift ideas for less than £101

Whether you pour your papa a pint, make him a card or bounce one of his dodgy jokes right back at him, there are countless ways to say ‘thanks’ on the day that’s annually dedicated to fathers.

Of course, things are a little trickier this year. If you’re not living the lockdown life with your dearest dad, you’ll have to show your gratitude for his parenting techniques from afar.

You could stand on his doorstep, clap for three minutes then spell out a message of thanks on his manicured front lawn using leftover Amazon Prime packaging, à la Art Attack. Or, for a demonstration that’s less likely to get you written out of his will, you could buy him one of the cracking gifts listed below. The choice is yours.


Beer mats bought on eBay. Pint glasses sourced from the back of the cupboard. The picnic bench painstakingly stained with lukewarm lager for that authentic summer scent. Yet despite his best efforts, your dad still can’t recreate the true pub garden experience.

What’s missing? A properly poured pint – which is where the Sub Compact comes in. Drop a compatible 2-litre keg in the top and – after a short wait to build anticipation and cool the contents to an optimal 2°C – dad can start pulling pints like a fully licensed landlord.

With a whole range of beers and ciders available, you’ll never again see supermarket tinnies served at The Father’s Arms.

We check 1,000s of prices on 1,000s of retailers to get you the lowest new price we can find. Stuff may get a commission from these offers.


Despite what your rally-mad dad might think, trying to get his hatchback sideways on a country lane was a bad idea before lockdown – and it definitely doesn’t count as an essential journey now. Satisfy his hooning fix a safer way with this retro Lego set.

A miniature reimagining of Audi’s legendary Sport quattro S1 – the boxy beast that became an icon of Group B rallying in the Eighties – the 250-piece set is as faithful to the original as little bricks can be, from the optional spot lamps to the whopping rear wing.

There’s an authentically suited minifigure in the hot seat, but you’re not exempt from co-driver duties: dad might need you to read pace notes from the instruction booklet.

We check 1,000s of prices on 1,000s of retailers to get you the lowest new price we can find. Stuff may get a commission from these offers.


Some might love their lockdown lodgers, but extended house guests aren’t every dad’s idea of the perfect quaranteam. If your papa is among those craving some personal space, these cordless cans could be just what he needs for audio escapism.

They can’t do anything to ease state restrictions on his liberty, but the Move Style will at least leave him free to roam about the house: a full charge delivers a solid 14 hours of wireless Bluetooth streaming – which should outlast even the longest of squad sourdough sessions.

Unlike said sourdough, the ’phones are well-made and lightweight. And, while there’s no active noise cancelling, the cushioned cups limit outside sounds so that your father can focus on the crisp, balanced tunes caressing his canals – instead of the gluten-fuelled group call going on downstairs.

We check 1,000s of prices on 1,000s of retailers to get you the lowest new price we can find. Stuff may get a commission from these offers.


Whether your dad’s crazy for cricket or fanatical about football, the absence of live sport this summer is sure to spoil the fun for armchair commentators of every discipline.

But if it feels like 100 years since there was competition on the telly, you only need to go back 94 to find some stylised sporting solace: the bold Wimbledon print above was produced in 1926. It’s one of many  vintage posters available from the London Transport Shop, all of which evoke a halcyon era when typography was king and competitors could actually come within two metres of one another.

Sure, its travel directions might be tough to swallow at a time when unnecessary journeys are banned – let alone crowding into grandstands – but one look at that vivid lawn is sure to have your dad reaching for the strawberries and cream, before yelling “you cannot be serious” at the latest government announcement.

Father not a fan of the racquet? From rugby to cycling to rowing, there are throwback prints to suit every spectator in the online store – though this is the only one which conveniently features the date of Father’s Day.


Amazon’s Fire tablets have long been a staple of the Father’s Day gift guide – and for good reason: they’re versatile, capable and affordable, offering endless entertainment options and no shortage of smarts.

The updated Fire HD 8? You guessed it: the same, but a bit better. Alongside everything you’d expect – Alexa for voice assistance, a decent app catalogue and an Amazon-focused interface – the latest variant of the 8-inch tablet runs faster, lasts longer and offers more storage. It also ships with USB-C for rapid recharging and an optimised gaming mode – so your dad can finally crack the top levels of Candy Crush without getting sidetracked.

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