Eid Mubarak

Eid Ul Adha Gifts Ideas To Make Eid Special For Loved Ones

Eid Ul Adha Gifts: Eid-ul-Adha is a wonderful celebration that honors the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) for his willingness to sacrifice his own child in the name of God. It is also about the endless meat that fills up the houses after cutting up the animals. However, this can also involve people searching for the perfect Eid gift idea as well! Because it is an important and exciting occasion that comes once a year. Therefore, Muslims all around the world including Pakistan will be celebrating it in a grand way as always.

Despite the fact that the main focus on entertainment is usually the BBQ’s and meat dishes but one can spice it up by giving gifts to other people. It would be best to make those gifts Islamic so they conform to the occasion. Even though providing presents to each other is something usually performed during Eid-ul-Fitr but this gesture is always welcomed because of its kind-hearted nature. Besides, most people don’t say no to gifts and it is seen as a sign of respect as well.

Gifts To Consider For Eid 2020:

2019 is not complete without these Eid gifts! Here are some Islamic gift suggestions for the religious occasion:

Arabic Jewelry:

Many of us remember seeing necklaces with Arabic or Islamic saying printed on them, but never got the opportunity to buy them. Now is the time to purchase these unique designs to celebrate and ensure that the Eid aura stays alive. Not to mention, there are various materials that you can choose from, this includes silver, copper, and even gold. You can select to gift an available design of the jewelry or carve the name of the person that you might be gifting it to. It serves as a thoughtful idea to present something like this during a religious holiday. However, getting their name customized on it doubles the impression.

Posters with Calligraphy:

The ultimate Eid gift idea would definitely be posters with Arabic calligraphy on them. Pakistanis love to hang such designs onto their house walls. Moreover, Arabic itself is a beautiful and graceful language that is gorgeous to see written as well as when it is spoken. Even people that are non-Muslims mention Arabic to be a soothing language and that its written script looks charming. This is why gifting someone with a poster that has Arabic writings either drawn through a black marker or watercolors appears to be a considerate gift for this occasion. If you have a bit of practice with the language then it would be an exceptional move to write the sayings yourself, as well.

Islamic Gift Baskets:

If one sets an extra budget then investing in a gift basket isn’t a bad idea too. However, going for a standard basket that has various chocolate bars would seem boring and cliché. Also, it wouldn’t fit well with this religious holiday. So what could one replace this with? An Islam inspired gift baskets that consist of mostly religious items, this can include Islamic bookmarks, prayer mats, a pack of dates, and an Islamic pillow.

What do you think of the situation? Will you be gifting anything to your friends or family this Eid? Will you choose from this list as well? Share your thoughts.

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