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Eid Festivals – Celebrations of Eid ul Fitr 2021

Eid Festival is an integral part of every Muslim’s life. Muslims celebrate this Eid every year once after the month of Ramadan. These Festivals are the order from the Prophet Muhammad SAWW, and it is necessary for every Muslim to celebrate them. There are different parts of the Festival of Eid. I am going to discuss these parts. Let’s talk about the Eid Festival.

Eid Festival

There are many events in Islam to celebrate according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAWW. Eid is also a Festival, and there are two Eids in a year for the Muslims. First Eid is known as the Eid ul Fitr, and the other is Eid al Adha. Billions of people from different parts of the world love to celebrate these Eids. Eid Festival starts from the previous night of Eid.

Various activities are part of the Eid Festival. Eid ul Fitr comes after the month of Ramadan in which fasting is the main activity. After the month of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate this Eid in every side of the world. This event shows the tradition of Muslims. There are many activities the part of this tradition. Let’s talk about these activities in details:

Eid Traditions


Every event and festival shows its traditions. In my opinion, festivals are the best way to express culture and traditions. There are unique and valuable Islamic traditions we express on every Eid. The festival is not the name of tradition, but many other activities express the traditions and culture of Muslims. Do you want to know these traditions? That’s great! I hope you will also love this tradition. As I told, many activities are part of this festival and tradition, so, let me talk about these activities.

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Eid Shopping

In my opinion, the Festivals start with the activity of shopping. Usually, people have a lot of craze for shopping, but some people don’t know that shopping is a part of Islam. Moreover, children have a unique craze for shopping.

The process of shopping starts before the month of Eid. There is one crucial thing, and many people don’t give attention to this thing. The shopping activity of Eid is essential for the business point of view. Money becomes in the circulation on this event and business earn more. On the other side, the state also earns and grows the economy on these events.

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Eid Prayers

On the day of Eid, prayers are the first thing to do on that day. According to the teachings of Islam, prayers in the morning on the Eid are the best way to gather Muslims at one place. They hug each other to wish after the prayers. Eid Prayers give the big message to the whole world that Muslims are united and they want to live with love and peace.

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Eid Foods

After the prayers on the day of Eid, the process of eating breakfast, brunch and lunch started. There are many unique dishes people love to eat on the day. If you also love food and want to eat unusual dishes on the Eid, then I have discussed some dishes in the article on this website. You can visit that article for more information about food recipes:


In the evening, people come out from their homes to meet each other for dinner. I also love to make dinner with my friends on the night on Eid. If you have good friends and want to meet with them, then you should avail this opportunity because it comes after a year. I hope you will love to eat with your friends outside the home.

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Why is Eid Celebrated?


There are many concepts and theories behind these celebrations. For Muslims, it is very simple to answer that we celebrate Eid because Prophet Muhammad SAWW has ordered to celebrate the Eid. Moreover, there are much logic behind this festival. Let’s talk about these logics:

Business on Eid

Many people love to celebrate Eid, but they don’t know the real concepts behind this event.

As you know, if we don’t spend money to buy things, the circulation of money stopped. The less circulation increases the poverty in society. On the Eid Festival, people spend money to buy clothes, shoes, foods and other things that increase the circulation of money. This circulation of money increases the earnings of the businessman. On the other side, the state also improves its economy on these types of events.

Festivity of Eid ul Fitr


The nature of human needs something entertaining in life without any tensions and stress. On this event, people eat, meet and buy things without any stress. In my point of view, it is one of the best events in festivity point of view. Muslims from every culture, every side and every country smile with each other on this event.

Socialism of Eid ul Adha (Azha)

In a busy schedule of life, people don’t meet their relatives for a long time. It is tough to believe that people are living without meeting people. This Eid Festival allows us to meet with others from morning prayers to dinners. I have experienced that people invite their dear ones on lunches and dinners. Moreover, people cook things to send in the homes of poor people. That’s a real tradition and spirit of this festival.

There can be many other activities depend on the situation, place, and culture. I have discussed some everyday activities that are part of the Eid Festival.

Final Words

Eid is an event for Muslims that brings socialism, festivity, and business in the lives of people. Moreover, it increases the earnings of the businessman. The true spirit of Eid is to remember poor people who are not able to buy cloth, shoes, and food.

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