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Eid al Fitr Food Recipes 2021 – Eid Recipes Dishes For Guests

Many people are looking for Eid al Fitr Food Recipes. If you are one of those people who is looking for the food recipes on this particular day, then you are just in the right place. There are different recipes in different parts of the world. Moreover, it depends on your culture, area, and taste. However, I will discuss some general recipes here. Let me discuss some recipes.

Eid al Fitr Food Recipes

Eid al Fitr comes after the month of Ramazan. This Eid is known as the happiness for Muslims. New clothes, foods, outings, and gatherings are the main activities that provide entertainment to the people. There are many food recipes that are popular in different parts of the world and people love to eat and cook on that day.

Usually, sweet recipes are the best ones to start the day. After that people cook different recipes in different parts of the world according to the culture and interest. Typically, chicken, mutton and beef recipes are famous. Let’s talk about these recipes:

1. Beef Rendang

As I already told that different foods are famous in different parts of the world. Usually, Muslims of Malaysia and Singapore love to cook this recipe on the Eid. It is a very delicious recipe better in the lunch of the green salad. However, Indonesian people also love this recipe on the special occasion of Eid after the month of Ramazan.

2. Tagine

It is one of the favorite recipes for the Muslims of North Africa. Do you know it? This recipe is not about the one food but it is a combination of chicken, mutton and dry fruits but it is very delicious, and you can cook it in lunch or dinner. Sweet and Sour flavors will motivate you to eat this recipe again and again.

3. Kobeba

It is made with the beef or lamb for the special day. Usually, this dish is famous in Egypt. People of Egypt love to eat this recipe on the special day of Eid. As you know, Ramazan is an important month for the Muslims, so, they live happily on the blessings of God. If you are looking for a recipe for lunch or dinner on the Eid, then you should try it.

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4. Biryani


Biryani is another famous dish in East Asia to eat at lunch. Muslims of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Kashmir love to eat Biryani on Eid. There are different types of Biryani, but one of the most famous types is rice with chicken. It is a spicy dish. If you like spicy things, then you don’t miss this recipe.

5. Borek

Many people love this recipe in as brunch on the day of Eid. Billions of people celebrate Eid al Fitr every year. They love to eat unusual dishes on that day. If you are also looking for a particular dish to eat on Eid, then you don’t need to miss this dish. However, you can eat it after the sweet dishes at brunch.

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