Eid Mubarak

Eid al Fitr Activities 2021 (Eid Mubarak Activities)

Eid al Fitr comes to at the end of Ramzan and Muslims celebrate this event every year. Many Eid al Fitr Activities are performing by Muslims.  According to the teachings of Islam, there are one-day celebrations, but people keep celebrating this event for three days. I am celebrating this event for 20 years. In this post, I will discuss the activities of this day. Stay with me for details!

Eid al Fitr Activities

People from different parts of the world celebrate this event in various ways. There are a lot of activities related to foods, prayers, new clothes, gifts, and gatherings. As you know, there are billions of Muslims belong to different cultures, societies, and countries. But there is a common thing among all these Muslims. Do you know it? The common thing is that they all celebrate Eid with the same level of spirit.

Let’s talk about these activities.

1. Foods

On this particular occasion, people cook unique recipes at their homes and invite their relatives for lunch and dinner. Usually, sweet dishes are favorite to start the day of Eid. After that people love to eat chicken, mutton, and beef in lunch with their dear friends and family members.

Moreover, dinner is another essential part of food activity. B.B.Q. is a famous dinner party on select days. I also love this food to eat on with my friends.

2. Prayers

The day of Eid starts with prayers. Usually, Muslims wake up early in the morning for the Namaz e Fajar. After that, they wear new clothes for the special Eid Prayers. You can see children, teens, and old people in new clothes. They hug each other on this particular day with smiles and forget all their difficulties and problems of life.

3. Cloths

It is a special event for a clothing point of view. People in the business of this field earn a lot at this event. People start buying clothes, watches, glasses, shoes, jewelry, and much more before a month of that day to make it more special. Children involve a lot at this event to buy new clothes, toys, watches, glasses, and shoes. I can say that it brings the happiness on the faces of people.

4. Gifts

Transformation of gifts is one of the best Eid al Fitr Activities. Many people love to wait for gifts from their elders on that day. Children are the central part of this activity as well as other activities. Do you know it? Children demand a lot of things on that day. Money is more important for children to buy new toys, foods and much more. I remember that I was a child and collected money from my father, mother, uncles, and aunties to buy a big remote-control car. That was exciting for me!

5. Gatherings

It is one of my favorite Eid al Fitr Activities because I love to spend time with my family, friends, and relatives on that day. These gatherings bring a smile on my face all the time. Moreover, I never forget these gathering throughout the year and wait for the next Eid all the time. In my opinion, this activity promotes love, harmony, peace, smiles, and care for each other. So, every Muslim should participate in these activities at that particular event.


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