Father's Day

Easy Guitar Card for Dad who loves Music

Such a lovely and easy Father’s Day Card to make – complete with handy Free Printable.

Guitar Cards for Father's Day - Collage of steps

Easy Guitar Card for Dad

Hello Tedsters! I’m so happy to be back, and especially happy to share some love for our awesome dads! Our dad loves playing his guitar, so this one is for all the music, guitar loving dads out there, we want to know “You Rock!”

Father’s Day Rock Card for kids – supplies

  • Guitar Card Template

We recommend printing on 65lb or thicker cardstock (always check your printer specs when selecting your paper weight)

  • Colors – Paints, Markers, Pencils etc
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Glue (we used hot glue)
  • 6 x Pony Beads (optional)

How to make a Guitar Card for Dad (You Rock!)

  1. Print out your guitar card template, and fold it in half so the guitar is on the front of the card.

  1. Next, color in your guitar. This is a fun way to personalize your guitar, you could even add stickers or draw a cool design. Once you’re done coloring you might also want to go over the outlines again with a black marker or sharpie.
  2. Now we’re going to hot glue on our pony beads. Lay the beads in a row, like we did in our picture, then lift each bead and place a little dot of hot glue on the card, then place the bead back on the glue.

  1. Time to cut! Cut out the guitar from the rest of the car, then cut 6 pieces of yarn that measure in length from the pony bead to a little beyond the card.
  2. Place a drop of hot glue at the top / center of the pony bead, then glue down one end of your yarn. You can use a toothpick or wooden skewer to push it down in place. Do this for all 6 pieces of yarn.

  1. Now stretch the yarn up to the top of the card, enough to be straight but it doesn’t need to be super tight. Place a dot of glue at the top of the card and press down with your toothpick or skewer. Do this for all 6 pieces of yarn making sure they’re evenly spaced.

  1. Once the glue has dried it’s time to trim the excess yarn from the top of the card.

  1. You’re done! Now you can write in a lovely note about how much that special someone “Rocks!”. Rock on Tedsters!

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