Father's Day

Dad Child Crawl – Father’s Day Craft

Dads love their children and children love their dads. It’s the perfect play combination when dads get to be childish again and children get, well, a playmate whose sole objective is to entertain them.

Thinking about the upcoming Father’s Day, it was great to be reminded of one of the most symbolic and fun child-dad activity – the horse-crawl – with daddy playing the crawl-horse and the child sitting on dad’s back as the horse-rider. This sure brought back memories of laughter and joy in our own family.Kids craft, crafts for kids, craft ideas, kids crafts, craft ideas for kids, paper craft, art projects for kids, easy crafts for kids, fun craft for kids, kids arts and crafts, art activities for kids, kids projects, art and crafts ideas, toddler crafts, toddler fun, preschool craft ideas, kindergarten crafts, crafts for young kids, school crafts, fathers day, fathers day crafts, paper plate Craft, Interactive crafts, motion crafts, fun craft, father and daughter, father and son, father and child

Have a fabulous Happy Fathers Day!



  • Paper Plate
  • Cardstock Paper
  • Wood Skewer
  • Crayons
  • Gluestick
  • Scissor
  • Safety Cutter
  • Tape


1. Draw the outline of dad and child on a grey/white cardstock paper.

2. Colour the dad and child using crayons. Outline them using a black pen.

3. Cut out the dad and child figurine.

4. Trace and cut out identical father figurine on a grey/white cardstock paper.

5. Color and outline the second father figurine.

6. Place a wooden skewer between the two dad figurine and glue them together. You may want to trim the sharp end of the skewer.

7. Color and outline the other side of the child cutout similar to the front.

8. Glue the child figurine on the dad as shown in the picture below.

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