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Spain is battling the black marketeers and price gougers of the coronavirus crisis

Madrid, Spain (CNN)Ernesto Ruiz Lopez, a pharmacist in Madrid, says he’s never seen anything like this. He can’t get protective masks, gloves or hand sanitizer from his regular suppliers, because they won’t pay the sky-high prices, increasing at every stage of the chain, to obtain them. And he’s wary of the intermediary sellers he calls “absolute pirates” trying to profit from shortages during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Spain is one of the worst-affected countries in the world, with more than 5,000 deaths attributed to coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University. Severe limits on people’s movements here have been extended for a further two weeks and the authorities are trying to source sufficient protective equipment for a health service that is already very stretched.


Ruiz Lopez, who has owned a pharmacy near the Spanish capital’s Retiro Park for eight years, says his distributors won’t pay skyrocketing prices for these vital products. Masks are now fetching three or four times their normal price, while gloves are going for about double their usual value, he says. Other suppliers who have them in stock have abruptly raised prices, such as a 20% jump for hand sanitizer — and demand payment in advance.
“In the end, you would pay twice as much for something you know is worth half of that and you take the risk of not knowing what you’ll actually get,” Ruiz Lopez told CNN.
But nor can he afford to work unprotected. Ruiz Lopez and his five employees wear masks and gloves and limit the number of customers in the pharmacy to just two, one at each counter, while the others wait outside, some wearing masks and gloves themselves.
In recent days, Ruiz Lopez says, some of the prices have moderated, which he thinks may be due to the police crackdown on companies and individuals exploiting these products. Police have publicized seizures with videos on their social media accounts, which has prompted some distributors to move their goods more quickly, the pharmacist says.

Granada, Spain – Every night in Spain since the coronavirus state of alert was decreed on March 14, citizens take a moment to applaud the country’s beleaguered medical workers.

But this hopeful image does little to dim the pain of the pandemic; Spain’s daily death toll reached a harrowing new high of 769 on Friday, bringing the total number of fatalities to almost 5,000.

Like many countries, Spain is trying to physically combat smuggling and illegal sales of masks and gloves to combat coronavirus, or Covid-19, as well as limit the damage done by websites claiming to sell drugs that can treat the virus.
Last week, Spain’s Civil Guard [the country’s national military police] announced it had seized around 69,000 masks and more than 5,000 goggles and gloves at airports and ports of entry. Some of the equipment was due to be auctioned online. Around 7,000 masks had been imported from Ecuador were impounded in Gijón, northern Spain, while a further 11,000 masks were impounded at an airport in the Canary Islands. The most significant seizures, however, have taken place in Madrid, where around 44,000 masks have been recovered.

Fresh cases of coronavirus-related infections did drop, from a record total on Thursday of 8,578 to 7,871 on Friday.

But both numbers are far worse than a week ago, when new cases stood at 2,833.

Another unnerving fact is that compared with Italy, where eight percent of health workers are affected, in Spain by Friday that tally stood at 16.5 percent.

Coronavirus Spain

Spain remains the fourth most coronavirus tainted country, edging nearer to Iran in third with in any event 16,169 cases recorded Wednesday morning. In any event 1,135 individuals have kicked the bucket in the Islamic Republic.


Coronavirus Spain News

The complete number of affirmed instances of coronavirus overall outperformed 200,000 on Wednesday, as indicated by Johns Hopkins University. The loss of life beat 8,000.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering’s on the web count additionally indicated in excess of 82,000 individuals have recuperated.

Coronavirus Spain Madrid

The quantity of affirmed cases in Spain has taken off by 2,000 to 11,178. Specialists there are keeping up a halfway lockdown on 47 million individuals.

It is presently the European nation most exceedingly terrible influenced after Italy.

At 12 PM Spain started halting vehicles crossing its fringes from France and Portugal. Just Spanish nationals, occupants and cross-fringe laborers were being permitted to enter the nation.


Coronavirus Spain Barcelona

In a comparative move with other world pioneers, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez approached Spaniards Wednesday to unite as one to wage “war” against the novel infection by avoiding potential risk, including staying inside.

The EU is prohibiting explorers from outside the coalition for 30 days in a phenomenal move to seal its fringes in the midst of the coronavirus emergency.

The measure is relied upon to apply to 26 EU states just as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. UK residents will be unaffected.

The boycott came as passings kept on taking off in Italy and Spain, and France started an exacting lockdown.

Europe has been severely hit by the infection, which has slaughtered 7,500 all inclusive.

In excess of 185,000 individuals have been tainted around the world, as per the World Health Organization.

In the interim, the Euro 2020 football rivalry has been deferred by a year.

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What are the EU measures?

The movement boycott will influence all non-EU nationals from visiting the coalition, aside from long haul occupants, relatives of EU nationals and negotiators, cross-outskirt and medicinal services laborers, and individuals moving merchandise.

Free travel is a treasured rule inside the European fringe free Schengen territory. Yet, lately numerous nations have singularly forced full or fractional fringe shutdowns in an offer to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

This incited the commission to suggest that the coalition demonstration in a progressively bound together design and limit section to the association in general, at the encouraging of French President Emmanuel Macron.

A visual manual for the pandemic

Britons asked to dodge trivial travel abroad

The measures were concurred in a video-summit between EU pioneers on Tuesday evening and will currently must be executed by part states.

“They said they will promptly do that,” said EU Commission boss Ursula von der Leyen at a question and answer session. “This is acceptable, with the goal that we have a consistent and joined methodology [where] the outer outskirts are concerned.”

The UK and the Republic of Ireland – which is a piece of the EU however not Schengen – will be welcome to join the measure.

It was likewise critical that the EU “unblocks the circumstance” with respect to shut inside outskirts, Mrs Von der Leyen stated, in light of the fact that “such a large number of individuals are stranded”

The most recent arrangement of Brexit talks has likewise been postponed.


Coronavirus Spain Lockdown

Spain’s coronavirus cases spike, edges nearer to Iran in the midst of across the country lockdown.


Coronavirus Spain Cases

A secured Spain kept on edging nearer to Iran as health authorities reported Wednesday more than 2,500 coronavirus cases were recorded medium-term, raising the count well past 13,000.


Coronavirus Spain Updates

Health authorities revealed there were 2,538 extra COVID-19 cases across Spain since Tuesday, carrying the meeting to at any rate 13,716. There have been at any rate 558 passings across the nation.

That is up from the at any rate 11,178 cases and 309 passings in the nation declared Tuesday by Spanish health emergency center executive, Fernando Simón.



when was coronavirus spain discovered?

Hundreds Confined to Tenerife Hotel for 14 Days Over Coronavirus Fears

“I can hardly wait to leave,” said a British visitor of the inn in the Canary Islands. At any rate 13 individuals have now tried positive for the infection in Spain.


when was coronavirus spain found?

Spain will force an across the country lockdown for about fourteen days as a major aspect of a highly sensitive situation the administration is to announce Saturday as coronavirus cases are taking off, El Mundo detailed.

The lockdown will be actualized from Monday morning and will mean Spaniards may be permitted to leave their homes under constrained conditions, such as going to work or purchasing goods, the paper stated, refering to a draft order that the bureau of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is set to endorse on Saturday.



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Spain turned into the second European nation to force an across the nation … to a potential antibody being created by a German firm, CureVac.


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(CNN) — The couple of individuals despite everything strolling in Madrid’s shockingly unfilled stops on Monday were met by humming rambles overhead, teaching them to: “Return home!”

The Spanish capital, similar to the remainder of the nation, is presently on fractional lockdown trying to stem the most exceedingly terrible coronavirus episode in Europe after Italy.

Spain’s recorded instances of the infection flooded by 1,400 medium-term, to an aggregate of 9,190, with 309 passings, its Health Ministry said. In the interim Italy has more than 24,000 cases and in excess of 1,800 passings, as indicated by the World Health Organization.



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Cabrita said nine intersections would stay open, to take into account the travel of items and laborers required to cross the outskirt.

Spain’s 15-day highly sensitive situation comes after school terminations were reported a week ago.

Harder measures are relied upon to trail the health service recognized a 25% day by day increment in the quantity of cases, its crises facilitator, Fernando Simon, said Monday.



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Clerics in the profoundly Catholic nation are observing Mass alone, with administrations demonstrated uniquely on TV or through internet based life. Eateries and bars have been shut. Furthermore, social locales like the Prado Museum and Royal Palace in Madrid are additionally closed, as a component of the intense estimates reported by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Saturday.

That day, the administration declared that the executive’s better half, Maria Begona Gomez Fernandez, had tried positive for the infection. The couple are both “well” and following precaution measures at their official habitation, La Moncloa Palace in Madrid, the announcement included.


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Somewhere in the range of 47 million Spanish occupants have been restricted from leaving their homes — except for those going to work, purchasing nourishment, setting off to a medical clinic, or supporting an old individual or youngster in their consideration.


The fringe among Spain and Portugal will close Monday after a joint choice between the nations, Portugal’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Eduardo Cabrita, said at a public interview.

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