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France announced its deadliest day of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on Thursday with 365 to bring the total to 1,696. However, French health official Jerome Salomon said that number did not include people who died at home or at retirement homes.


Among the deaths Thursday was a 16-year-old girl, the youngest victim of coronavirus in France.

“It’s unbearable,” the girl’s mother Sabine told reporters by phone from her home in the Parisian suburbs. “We were meant to have an ordinary life.”

According to Sabine, the girl, Julie A., developed a cough and reported shortness of breath last weekend. Her condition deteriorated while she was hospitalized, despite not having any underlying health conditions.

“From the start, we were told that the virus doesn’t affect young people. We believed it, like everyone else,” Sabine said.

France issued a nationwide lockdown on March 17 but is still lagging behind on testing, meaning its numbers are likely not as accurate as possible.

“It is very difficult to estimate when the peak will come… people who are ill now were infected before the confinement began,” Salomon said.

“Now there is less contact, people are going out less and get infected less. So we hope there will be fewer people getting sick next week,” he said.

France orders 250 million masks to ease coronavirus shortage

“I want to tell the French people, especially healthcare professionals, that I understand and share their expectations, and sometimes their anger,” Veran told a news conference.

The government would launch a review into the shortage of protective gear at a later time, he added.

“We’ll learn lessons in due course about how we prepared our country for a threat which, I remind you, is the first public health crisis in a century.”

France has been under virtual lockdown since Tuesday with citizens allowed out of the their homes only to buy groceries, go to work, exercise alone or seek medical care.

The pandemic has triggered a massive surge in demand for protective gear in France and neighbouring European countries including Italy and Spain. China, where the virus originated, and where countless factories were shut down, accounts for more than half the global production of masks, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Companies such as Louis Vuitton owner LVMH and French bank Crédit Agricole have joined the effort to source masks, with LVMH saying on Saturday it was ordering 40 million.

In 2013, France took the decision to reduce the number of masks held in strategic reserve after a public outcry over the cost of bolstering stocks during the H1N1 bird flu crisis.

Veran said the government would ramp up testing too, following WHO guidelines. Until now, the government said testing should be made available only for those showing severe symptoms.

“What is at stake here is to multiply the number of tests once the lockdown is lifted,” Veran said.

Hospitals in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg have offered to treat some critically ill coronavirus patients from the neighbouring French region of Alsace.

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France may expand 14-day coronavirus lockdown, claims ‘idiots’ defying guidelines


Coronavirus France Update

France is probably going to stretch out its fourteen day lockdown to attempt to slow the coronavirus pandemic as the nation’s inside clergyman impacted “idiots” overlooking the request to remain at home.


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“At the point when I see that individuals keep on heading off to the recreation center, to the sea shore or to hurry into open markets,” it signifies “they have not comprehended” the standards of the lockdown, Macron told columnists while visiting the Pasteur Institute for clinical research in Paris.

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Macron on Thursday denounced that such a large number of individuals appeared to take the repression measures “gently.”


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Genevieve Chene, who heads France’s general health office, said almost certainly, an augmentation to control will be vital. She said that two to about a month of repression will be required for the episode to be contained.

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In the wake of declaring the 15-day lockdown for the whole nation, the French government on Tuesday established an approach commanding that any individual who leaves their home must have official documentation expressing their purpose behind being outside. Every single French resident were required to download a structure with their name, birthday and purpose behind being outside. On the off chance that anybody is gotten outside without the structure, police have been approved to impose fines.


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All things being equal, news reports have demonstrated gatherings of individuals walking around parks and overlooking the 1-meter (3-foot) social separating rule. French President Emmanuel Macron said the main adequate purposes behind going out are setting off to the specialist, strolling the canine or going for a single run.

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Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said French residents were thinking little of the hazard. “There are individuals who think they are present day legends by disrupting the guidelines while they are in truth morons,” he disclosed to Europe 1 Radio, as per AFP.


Coronavirus France Paris

A few authorities have called for stricter cutoff points, and Paris police are thinking about closing down riverside walkways, a move Bordeaux has just taken.



Coronavirus France ski

Access to the whole Mediterranean coast shut on the grounds that “we are seeing an excessive number of individuals on the sea shores,” as indicated by Pierre Dartout.

Coronavirus France Lockdown

“All things considered, it is in fact important to expand [the regulation measures] all together for the braking to be adequate,” she stated, before including that France’s episode was probably going to top around the center or end of May. She focused on that the planning relied upon how intently individuals followed restriction measures.


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Castaner additionally got out the robbery of careful veils from clinics and said specialists would manage anybody associated with the “detestable” exchange of taking such defensive gear.






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