Constitution Day Activities For Kindergarten

Constitution Day Activities For Kindergarten: Observing Constitution Day can be a test in kindergarten. The Constitution is a major, confounded report and thought to show our understudies. That is the reason we made our American Symbols research project! This examination project is incredible for observing Constitution Day since it carries those large plans to a level that our understudies can comprehend! What better approach to observe Constitution Day than by finding out with regards to American images?

constitution day

Constitution Day

For every American image, we read a book which is our examination. Then, at that point we record our learning our realistic coordinator or tree graph. The understudies then, at that point utilize this realistic coordinator to write in their American Symbols Research Journal. The read out loud makes the exploration kindergarten well disposed! The realistic coordinators give a framework to the understudies composing.

American symbols included:   U.S Constitution, The American Flag, The Statue Of Liberty, The White House, The Liberty Bell and the bald eagle.

Constitution  Day Art Projects

For each of the American Symbols, we also do fun, simple art projects!

This Statue Of Liberty project is fun and easy!  Students make a crown and torch.  The torch is a toilet paper roll and tissue paper.  Then we pose as Lady Liberty!

Statue Of Liberty Directed Drawing

Handprint Flags

This flag is done one on one with Mr. Greg!

The White House!

This is a simple project using basic shapes.  I model how to cut each shape and then the students do it on their own.  We do not use a template or lines to trace and cut!

Constitution Day Snack

Toast, blueberries, strawberry jam and cream cheese

American Symbols Math And Literacy Centers

We use these American symbols math and literacy centers for differentiated and engaging centers!

Constitution Day Sensory Bin

To create a Constitution Day sensory bin we used rotini pasta and bowtie pasta to create this fun, engaging sensory bin for our class!


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Kindergarten understudies don’t think dynamically enough to connect the expressions of the United States Constitution with the opportunities they appreciate as residents of the U.S., yet they are sufficiently sagacious to comprehend the significance of the record. Observe Constitution Day, which is September 17, with an assortment of active exercises sure to show kindergartners some things about the Constitution. Doing as such will likewise satisfy the legitimate commitments directing that understudies ought to have somewhere around one day of Constitution instruction each school year.

Do Some Crafts

In addition to the fact that crafts help sharpen the fine engine abilities of kindergarten understudies, however they additionally give an active way to the kids to find out with regards to a particular point. Request that your understudies imagine that it’s 1787, and the president has requested that they plan a banner for the recently free United States. Have the understudies share their banners, clarifying how their plan addresses the U.S. Give guides of the first 13 states for the kindergartners to shading. Whenever they’ve shaded these, have them shading guides of what the U.S. it would appear that at this point. Collectively, investigate the two guides. Another art is give understudies a few star patterns and have them draw pictures of things they’re allowed to do, for example, go to chapel where they need or play on any jungle gym that they need. Work with the youngsters to stick the stars to a huge piece of butcher paper to make an opportunity arrangement.

Kindergarten students coloring.

Read Picture Books

Peruse “In case You Were There When They Signed the Constitution” by Elizabeth Levy and Joan Holub, which is a book that shows understudies, through words and pictures, who the vital participants were in drafting and marking the constitution. “Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution” by Jean Fritz depicts the mysterious idea of drawing up the Constitution and layouts the key occasions that occurred during the warm summer of 1787. The delineations, drawn by notable kids’ book writer Tomie dePaola, assist with rejuvenating the set of experiences exercise. Offer the point of view of the two sides of the American Revolution with “George versus George: The American Revolution as Seen from Both Sides” by Rosalyn Schanzer. The book diagrams the fight between George Washington and King George and presents realities from the two sides of the conflict.

A teacher reads to her class.

Study the Preamble

Peruse the Preamble to the Constitution to the kindergartners. It’s the short prologue to the archive, and it just requires around 40 seconds to peruse, as per Myrna Blyth and Chriss Winston, creators of “How to Raise an American.” Talk regarding what the Preamble implies, utilizing age-fitting language, and afterward give the kindergartners clear white paper and have them draw an image of what “We the People” signifies. For instance, understudy can draw their families partaking in their opportunities, for example, going to chapel or praising the Fourth of July with firecrackers and a cookout. Play the melody “Preface” from the “School building Rock” series for the understudies, and let them chime in as another action.

The Preamble to the Constitution.

Get Hands-On

Consult with your kindergartners about casting a ballot and how that is an opportunity stood to residents of the U.S. Set up a counterfeit vote in your homeroom to permit the understudies to get an involved vibe for how choices are made dependent on the laws in the Constitution. Another movement is to utilize quills and paint to show understudies how the Constitution was recorded. Show kindergartners how the finishes of plumes were utilized as pens by plunging them in ink. Urge the understudies to dunk their plumes in the paint and draw or compose a message to their kindred Americans. End Constitution Day with a festival of opportunity. Cut red, white and blue paper into little parts of make confetti for the understudies to throw into the air, or have a parent acquire a cake beautified to resemble the American banner.

A kindergarten teacher with her class and an American flag.

Today we celebrated Constitution Day in my kindergarten classroom. Since the Constitution can be such a very BIG idea for young little minds, we always put a patriotic spin on this very special day. To begin, the students arrive at school dressed in red, white and blue. Then the fun begins!

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The feature of our day is making devoted caps! With this extremely straightforward movement, understudies get a 4″ band of red development paper and a few 2×4″ segments of white development paper square shapes. The youngsters use stick sticks to connect the white strips to the band. Every understudy then, at that point removes 4 blue development paper stars and pastes the stars onto their headband. When the entirety of the cutting and sticking is finished, I fold the embellished band over every youngster’s head and staple the closures together.

This project is so simple, but so adorable and the kids have a blast!



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