Columbus Day

Columbus Day New York

Columbus Day New York: A federal holiday in the United States honoring Christopher Columbus’ first landing in North America. It is observed on the second Monday in October.

Columbus Day is one of the 10 U.S. legal federal holidays, but it is not considered a major holiday. The postal service is closed on this day.

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Banks may be open, but some transactions will not be processed due to a Federal Reserve Bank holiday. Some businesses will remain open and retailers will have sales.

These two exchanges will be open on this federal holiday.

In addition to state-level celebrations, the day is now celebrated in many cities as Native Americans’ Day or Indigenous People’s Day.

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Which states observe Columbus Day?

Every state no longer celebrates Columbus Day. Our guide to public holidays by state can help you determine if your state celebrates Columbus Day.

It is possible that some state offices will remain open on Columbus Day, even if the state observes it as a holiday.

Aside from being celebrated on a state level, the day is also now observed by many cities as Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

The Society for Human Resource Management reported that only 14% of organizations closed on Columbus Day in 2014.

History of Columbus Day

Columbus’ voyages across the Atlantic Ocean initiated the European exploration and colonization of the Americas.

Columbus did not reach the American mainland until his third voyage in 1498, despite the significance of the first voyage in 1492.

Rather than find a sea route to India, he landed on an island in the Bahamas that he named San Salvador.

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Did you know?

The consensus is now that Columbus did not reach the Americas first and that Vikings had been exploring the region as early as 1000 AD.

There had been celebrations in 1792 to mark the 300th anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the Bahamas, but Columbus Day was first proclaimed by President Benjamin Harrison in 1892, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the Bahamas.

Colorado was the first US state to declare Columbus Day an official holiday, due to its large Italian immigrant population at the time. Franklin Roosevelt established the first federal Columbus Day celebration in 1937. It is observed annually on the second Monday in October.

Timeline of Columbus Day

1792 – The first Columbus Day celebration is organized by The Society of St. Tammany and held in New York City (300th anniversary of Columbus’ landing).

1892 – President Benjamin Harrison issues a proclamation establishing a celebration of Columbus Day on the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ landing.

April 7th 1907 – Colorado becomes the first state to declare Columbus Day a legal holiday.

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1920 – Columbus Day begins being celebrated annually.

October 12th 1937 – First federal observance of Columbus Day, under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

1971 – Columbus Day becomes a legal federal holiday in the United States. Presidential Proclamation (PL90-363) states that the observance of Columbus Day is always on the second Monday in October.

How is Columbus Day celebrated?

A huge parade in New York City marks Columbus Day, the biggest celebration of Columbus Day. It is also celebrated in Italian-American communities across the country.

  • Columbus Day is about to sail off the edge of the world?

Columbus was an explorer, sailor, and leader of the exploration of the New World. In 1844, financed by Spain’s Catholic Monarchs (Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand II of Aragon), he set off to find a shorter route between Europe and the Indies. With three Spanish ships, he set sail for the west. Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean for the first time on October 12, 1492. As a result of this ignorance, he called the country’s indigenous people “Indians” when he arrived on American soil.

Exactly 300 years after Columbus first set foot on American soil, the first memorial service was held to honor him in 1792. Since Columbus was Italian, Italian-Americans see him as a hero and as a major part of their culture. Italian-Americans have contributed significantly to expanding Columbus Day. Columbus Day originated on the 12th of October 1866, when the Italian community of New York celebrated the discovery of America with a party. In 1892, a statue of Christopher Columbus was erected on Columbus Avenue.

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When is Columbus Day?

Columbus Day falls on every second Monday in October, around the date when Christopher Columbus first set foot in America. In 2021 Columbus Day will be on October 11th.

What can you do on Columbus Day?

New York celebrates Columbus Day each year with a big parade: the Columbus Day Parade. There are 35.000 participants, including groups, bands, floats, and marines. Around a million people attend the parade, and another million watch it on TV!

Starting from Fifth Avenue and 44th Street, the parade heads north along Fifth Avenue towards 72nd Street. Make sure you have a good spot on Fifth Avenue. The parade begins at 11:30 and ends at 15:30.

Columbus Day Parade Celebrates Italian American Pride — Long Islander News

What can you expect on Columbus Day?

Columbus Day is a federal bank holiday. Schools and government buildings are closed on this day. Fifth Avenue is going to be very crowded because of the parade. Do not schedule shopping there on that day if you want to go there!


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