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Columbus Day Essay: As a great historical figure, Christopher Columbus is the only person whose holiday has been named after him, apart from Martin Luther King Jr. The one date in history class that everyone remembers is 1492. On average, he gets a thousand words, a map, a portrait, and an illustration from a .


The basic story is straightforward: a man sailed west to make a fortune, perhaps by exploiting natives in previously unknown lands, perhaps by trading with “the Indies.” Unfortunately, textbooks tend to shy away from such candid language. Rather, they leave out almost everything important while adding all kinds of details that didn’t happen. There are some who call the voyage to the Caribbean “storm-tossed” when they had good weather, but no one mentions that his flagship, the Santa Maria, hit rocks off Haiti. Columbus wrote that the local leader “sent all his people from the town with many large canoes to unload the vessel.” Columbus returned home on two ships, leaving 40 men behind. In a way, this detail challenges the “superior European / inferior primitive” meme that has been prevalent in our culture since Columbus’ day.

By asking students to examine the words in textbooks, educators can encourage them to think about them. Vasco Da Gama never even gets a quotation mark when he “discovered” India. Columbus discovered America, but Vasco Da Gama was never said to have discovered India. Students who notice the large number of people living in India may remark that there had to be many people living there. On Haiti, where Columbus marooned his 40 crew members, there were a lot of people also living, but they somehow became invisible to the world, which is why we say “discover.”

In spite of being more honest than Spanish conquistadors, the terms “New World” and “the Americas” are still less biased. Are Europeans (and Africans) responsible for colonizing or settling the Americas?

Theodore de Bry’s representation, a century later, of Spanish dogs attacking American Indians.

Like Da Gama, Columbus introduced shocking practices on his second voyage, such as cutting off the hands of Native American soldiers if they failed to pay a quarterly gold tax. He established a trans-Atlantic slave trade between the West and East by shipping 5,000 Arawak slaves in chains to Spain and Majorca. It is noteworthy that sexual activity was a particularly repugnant attribute of the trade: Columbus noted that “girls from nine to ten are in demand.” They contributed to the decrease in Native population of Haiti from perhaps 3,000,000 people in 1491 to fewer than 500 in 1535. A slave trade originated in East Africa and developed in West Africa through a son of Charles’.

In addition to all of this, students might discover when and why Columbus Day was adopted by their state. Is it appropriate to join the movement to rename the holiday in honor of Native Americans? The educators can prevent students from buying into the assumption that everyone accepted slavery in 1493. There was no such thing as the Arawak! Further, neither did Bartolome de las Casas, a Spanish priest who argued that the slave trade was among the most inexcusable crimes ever committed against God and mankind, along with being one of the most unjust, evil, and cruel acts ever committed.


In order to understand modern society, we must take Columbus seriously, because he introduced four transformational processes:


  • The plunder of the resources, wealth, and labor of indigenous people thousands of miles from where they reside;
  • Slavery in the transatlantic trade;
  • A lot of the people he subjected to had racial implications as a result of his actions
  • The “Columbian exchange” was a period of cultural and biological exchanges between the New and Old Worlds. Exchanges of plants, animals, diseases, ideas, and technology changed the ways of life of Native Americans and Europeans. In both hemispheres, the Columbian Exchange had an impact on society and culture. Crop changes and war changes, as well as increased mortality rates, were the consequences of the Columbian Exchange for Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans.

Why Columbus Day Should Not Be a Holiday Christopher Columbus has been seen as a saint for quite some time. Youngsters in primary schools all around the country are instructed that he found America. Nonetheless, there were numerous others who were native to the land as of now and the Vikings showed up in America very nearly 500 years before Columbus. Christopher Columbus, as it ended up, was liable for boundless massacre; he allowed his men to assault, murder, ravage and oppress native individuals. The shrewd deeds of Columbus far offset the couple of achievements he accomplished. It doesn’t bode well for the United States to perceive this alleged Christian with a… show more substance…

These travelers kept moving right to South America. When Europeans showed up in America, there were at that point somewhere around forty to fifty million native individuals possessing the land (Faber 4-5). Different wayfarers, from Norway, Greenland, and Iceland arrived at America hundreds of years before Columbus (Faber ix). Albeit these individuals endeavored to live in this new land, they didn’t remain long, and neglected to make an enduring authentic effect (Faber 20-26).

Columbus never at any point strolled on what we presently call the United States of America. Any place he landed, he was inspired exclusively by his own voracity. Columbus came for the gold, flavors, and slaves. In his journal, he referenced gold multiple times simply in the initial two weeks, alone (Katz 13). Indians who couldn’t discover gold, were rebuffed by having their hands cut off. Most slaves kicked the bucket in transit to Spain. Numerous Indian females were taken as sex slaves, some as youthful as nine and ten years of age.

“It is just revolutionary or at present unfashionable thoughts that the messages forget about “it is all thoughts, including those of their saints.”” (FitzGerald) USF doesn’t perceive a significant occasion. A ton of schools don’t perceive this occasion. This surprises and baffles me. The occasion that I am talking about is Columbus Day. My hairstyling salon isn’t open, nor is my number one alcohol store. For what reason is my school actually open? The explanation is essentially on the grounds that many individuals consider Christopher To be as a dictator and don’t figure we ought to notice this occasion. In the event that we will observe Presidents Day and Independence Day, why not observe Columbus Day. Our nation can kill and it is legitimized, and Columbus killed at this point it is some how disliked. I accept we need to regard and show because of the man that lead to our establishing as country.

Christopher Columbus set forth for the East Indies in the year 1492. “Columbus equipped three sadly little ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, and set out from Spain.”” (Lowen 39) This shows that Columbus didn’t set off on a simple journey. It shows that we need to take a gander at the difficulties he went through to carry the new world to Spain. Regardless of whether he killed, assaulted, and ravaged individuals he went over in the new world he actually made it there and took the news back to Spain. That is reason enough to regard and express gratefulness to him for me. I unquestionably would not have the guts to head out into the obscure to discover something that I probably won’t receive the full rewards of. .

Some say, “Columbus didn’t know for certain where he was going. Proof says he was looking for Japan, India, and Indonesia.”” (Loewn 55) This doesn’t make any difference. Who cares where he thought he was going. He tracked down another land that had not been found and that land is the land where millions dwell. .

Individuals say if Columbus didn’t take this news back to Spain another person would have. That I concur with.


1. Contra Columbus Day

Columbus Day: In Denial of History October 12, Columbus Day, is a public occasion. For most Americans, it’s a three day weekend from the everyday schedule. Numerous people group notice this day with marches and shows portraying Columbus as a saint, with grinning Indians and fearless mariners, with out truly realizing what started to occur on that day 500 years prior. … Christopher Columbus Day is the most politically mistaken occasion on the schedule and if a greater amount of us know the reality of what their praising, a superior option can be found. Rather than having Columbus Day we can have a dedication day,…

Initially celebrated in 1792, Columbus Day was made a public occasion by President Benjamin Harrison, who asked that the day be commended on the 400th commemoration of the occasion. Columbus Day has been praised yearly on the second Monday of each October since 1920. … Most Americans right up ’til the present time are raised with the conviction that Columbus is a man deserving of acclaim for all that he has accomplished for this country. … Observing Columbus Day simply commends the great and covers up the awful. I’m in support of an additional a day away from work one time per year, yet it is crazy that we would respect Columbus enough to have a holi…

Columbus Day Constituent Letter To my Colorado constituent, In congress today, there was a vote whether to keep Columbus Day as a National Holiday. Most of my kindred Congressmen needed to reexamine Columbus Day, and make it a voyagers day. … We should keep observing Columbus Day for overseeing our country. … Columbus Day should in any case be commended on the grounds that he kept our extraordinary country good to go. … For giving al Americans a decent eating routine, it is our obligation to maintain Columbus Day. …

Columbus was brought into the world in Genoa, Italy in 1451. … At the point when they arrived on what is currently present day Cuba, they accepted they were in Japan. … America probably won’t have Columbus Day in case Columbus was not Italian. … In 1892 president Benjamin Harrison made a commerative proclaimation on October 12. after 13 years Colorado turned into the primary state to notice Columbus Day as a day for festivity, and in 1937 Franklin Roosevelt pronounced each October 12 Columbus Day. … We as a whole realized we had a three day weekend, cherished the individual for it, and would pay attention to anything the educator would need to say about him, regardless of whether the t…

“Should We Celebrate Columbus Day?” … Columbus Day is a devoted occasion, or right? Certain individuals accept that Columbus Day shouldn’t be commended, in light of the fact that Columbus didn’t actually find America. … We shouldn’t observe Columbus Day since it’s anything but an upbeat occasion for certain individuals. … All in all, Columbus Day ought not be commended. …

We don’t observe Leif Ericsson Day since his disclosure of America doesn’t hold the significance that is illustrative of Columbus”. Columbus” disclosure was a watershed throughout the entire existence of the native people groups” of the New World and one of the most groundbreaking occasions throughout the entire existence of humanity: every 50% of the planet became mindful of the other half’s presence and started a huge exchange of materials, societies, and individuals. … It is additionally critical that Columbus” revelation is utilized as crude material to progress different antiquarians” theories about the victory or disappointment of Christia…

What was Christopher Columbus? … For some Columbus Day is a festival, while for other people, it is a day of groan. … Columbus” appearance was a catastrophe directly from the beginning. … Hundreds of years after Columbus” multi day journey, this Italian is at the focal point of a precarious cross-current equivalent to any experienced when he traveled west to discover east in 1492. Columbus” undertaking was to track down a toward the west course to Asia. …

The letters of Columbus to Ferdinand and Isabella This letter starts with Columbus telling the ruler and sovereign how he has come to the Indies in 33 days. … The cutting edge world today may not be so cutting-edge if Columbus never made his journey. … I fell that for Columbus the various journeys that he took more likely than not been dreamlike. … Right up ’til the present time islands districts actually exposed the names that Columbus gave them, and when the information on these spots returned to the central area, individuals ran in large numbers to begin another life in another land. I here and there like what it resembles to live in…

Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus is the best voyager ever. … Christopher Columbus was given three boats. … On the third day Columbus accepting a few Indians as advisers for three different islands in the Bahamas to see whether this was the East Indies. … During his inquiry, the Santa Maria hit a reef and was grounded on Christmas Day. … With no decision Columbus headed home.

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