columbus day bank holiday
Columbus Day

Columbus Day Bank Holiday

Is Columbus Day a Bank Holiday?

You may be able to do so if you are in the right place. Public holidays are observed on Columbus day in most states (on average 35/50), but not in all. As a result, it’s important to check your state’s policy before leaving on Monday!

In what year did Columbus Day become a national holiday

Historically, Columbus Day has been observed in the United States since the late 1800s. In 1833, Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901) encouraged Americans to observe Columbus’ 400th anniversary, although the holiday was made statutory only in 1907 after Italian-American Angelo Noce’s efforts. 

Significance and Controversy

For many Italian-Americans, Columbus day is an unofficial celebration of their heritage and contributions to America’s success.  It is often marked with parades and displays of civic pride. 

Critics did not, however, agree that the day was a good one. A wave of Catholic immigrants has been associated with Columbus Day since the 19th century and it has faced backlash. During the early 19th century, anti-Catholic organizations, like the KKK and Know Nothings, believed a celebration of Christopher Columbus could increase the Church’s influence in a predominantly Protestant country.

However, today, criticisms of Columbus have been leveled against the figure who enslaved, exploited, and infected the native populations he “discovered.” 

2021 Federal Reserve Bank
& American National Bank Holiday Schedule

New Year’s Day
Friday, January 1

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday, January 18

President’s Day
Monday, February 15

Memorial Day
Monday, May 31

Independence Day
Monday, July 5 (Observed)

Labor Day
Monday, September 6

Columbus Day*
Monday October 11
*Federal Reserve Bank is closed, but American National Bank is open

Veterans Day
Thursday, November 11

Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 25

Christmas Day
Saturday, December 25

Christopher Columbus first stepped foot in the Americas on this day in U.S. national history. The holiday is observed in the USA on the second Monday in October.

Columbus Day, though one of the 10 legal federal holidays, is not regarded as a major holiday by Americans. No mail will be delivered.

There will be no transactions processed by banks on this holiday, as it is a Federal Reserve Bank holiday. There are similar sales at retail stores and most businesses remain open.

This federal holiday sees the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq remaining open.

As well as on a state level, Native American’s Day is now celebrated in many cities as Indigenous People’s Day.


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