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Best Abandonment Quotes

The abandoned feeling is painful. It can be physical or psychological. If you ask me to describe abandoned, it is indeed a painstaking feeling to be left alone with no care, protection, and support. Like, fathers who abandon their children, daughters abandoned by fathers, friends whom you trusted, that heartwrenching feel of being left in […]

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Best Toxic Mother Quotes

Toxic Mother Quotes 1. Toxic mothers always remain the strangest, craziest people we’ve ever met. Marguerite Duras. 2. I was worthy of her love whether she gave it to me or not. Every child is worthy of love. Richard Paul Evans. 3. My toxic mother can only intimidate me if I let her. While she’s busy trying to bully the […]

Pain Quotes Sad Quotes

Best Damaged Quotes

Hurt And Damaged Quotes To Help Overcome Pain Being hurt is an emotional pain triggered by someone being cruel to you or treating you unfairly. Every one of us goes through different types of pain in our lives whether it’s from trauma, loss, disappointment, or heartbreak. It is an inevitable part of life. Although everyone […]

Pain Quotes Sad Quotes

Best Deadbeat Dad Quotes 2021

One of the greatest challenges in collecting child support is that deadbeat dads move from job to job and state to state. It’s hard to keep track of them.Rod Blagojevich Deadbeat dads are like magicians, they pull lifetime disappearing acts.unknown There’s really no point in having children if you’re not going to be home enough […]