columbus day indigenous peoples day
Columbus Day

Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day

Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day: On Monday in the nation’s capital, there is no Columbus Day. The D.C. Council voted to replace it with Indigenous Peoples’ Day in a temporary move that it hopes to make permanent. Several other places across the United States have also made the switch in a growing movement to end […]

cokumbus day hockey tournament
Columbus Day

Columbus Day Hockey Tournament

Columbus Day Hockey Tournament: Every year, this three-day event sells out earlier than ever at the completely renovated Hyde Park Ice Pavilion in Niagara Falls, NY. You may not recognize the rink if you haven’t been there recently. Both rinks have new locker rooms, ice surfaces, scoreboards, benches, and stands, plus the Stoneroom bar and […]

Columbus Day

Columbus Day Games

Columbus Day Games: As you read this article, you’ll discover some new Columbus Day activities for kids. Christopher Columbus is said to have sailed the ocean blue in 1492. His ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, brought him to the New World. Over two centuries have passed since Columbus Day was first […]

columbus day gifs
Columbus Day

Columbus Day Gifs

Columbus Day Gifs: There are many Christopher Columbus scenes (jpegs) in the Library of Congress’ archives. These are all listed as being copyright free (No Known Restrictions on Publication). However, if you wish to use them for business purposes, such as advertising, we strongly suggest you do your own copyright research then access the originals  […]

columbus day greetings
Columbus Day

Columbus Day Greetings

Happy Columbus Day Greetings:Holidays celebrating Columbus’ arrival to the Americas are called Columbus Days. During the reign of the Spanish kings, Columbus was sponsored by the king and queen of Italy. The objective was to find a westward route to land then known as the “INDIES” such as China, India, and Japan. Three ships were […]

columbus day government holiday
Columbus Day

Columbus Day Government Holiday

Columbus Day Government Holiday: Columbus Day is a U.S. occasion that honors the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492, and Columbus Day 2021 happens on Monday, October 11. It was informally celebrated in various urban areas and states as ahead of schedule as the eighteenth century, yet didn’t turn into a government […]

columbus day genocide
Columbus Day

Columbus Day Genocide

Columbus Day Genocide: Christopher Columbus’ three caravels first made landfall in the Caribbean on October 12, when the United States celebrates this event. ‘Cacique’ (chief) of the Taino, the first indigenous people Columbus encountered, discusses why observing this day is unjust. As October 12 nears, I experience strong emotions. It is only the Indigenous people […]

Columbus Day

Columbus Day Flag

Columbus Day Flag:With the all star flags, learn all about Columbus day! It commemorates Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas and is celebrated each year in many countries in the americas and worldwide. On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus landed down in the Americas. The day celebrates his arrival. On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus […]

columbus day facts
Columbus Day

Columbus Day Facts

Columbus Day Facts: Christopher Columbus arrived in Bahamas, part of the Americas, on October twelfth, 1494. Columbus Day is intended to commend this appearance. Christopher Columbus was an Italian mariner, brought into the world in Genoa, Italy in 1451. He cruised with three boats and 90 team individuals on the journey that landed him in […]

Columbus Day events
Columbus Day

Columbus Day Events

Columbus Day events provide lots of entertainment throughout the 3-day holiday weekend, which always includes the 2nd Monday of October. In 2021, Columbus Day weekend includes Saturday October 9, Sunday October 10, and Monday, October 11 – although visitors start to arrive (and hotels book up) as early as Wednesday or Thursday. Columbus Day is […]