Father's Day

Bow Tie Father’s Day Card

We’ve been busy making homemade cards and homemade gifts for Father’s Day this week. I’m so excited to show you bow tie Father’s Day cards we made today.

This year we’ve used a fun paper folding technique to make bowtie cards. The process for making our ties was extra fun because we made painted white paper with acrylic paint to make our ties in custom colours and patterns.

Then we added real buttons for interest and dimension, and bam… we have another shirt and tie Father’s Day card that really pops.

Folded Paper Bow Tie Father's Day CardsOk! Let’s make these cards!

Kid holding yellow shirt and bow tie card


Supplies for Folded Bow Tie Card


  • 8×11 white printer paper
  • acrylic craft paint
  • paint brush
  • card stock (1 piece for the card and 1 piece for the shirt)
  • buttons
  • glue stick
  • glue gun
  • markers


Start by painting your paper. We gave our paper one coat of paint in a solid colour. We used a hair dryer to dry it quickly, and then we painted on our designs.

How to paint paper

We dotted on polka dots, using the handle end of our paint brush, and we used fine liner brushes to make more detailed designs like diamonds and squiggles and whatnot. We dried the paper again, and proceeded to folding our paper into bow ties.

When your paint has dried, cut a 2-inch strip off the long side of the painted paper. Set it aside for later.


How to Fold a Paper Bow TiePlace your painted paper face down. Fold it in half to crease it, and open it back up.

Now, fold the outer sections into that center fold and glue them down flat.

Fold each end of the paper into the center, accordion-style. Pinch the whole thing together in the center to form your bow-tie.

Squeeze a bit of hot glue into a couple of the center creases and pinch while the glue dries. This will hold the folds together so your paper bow tie doesn’t spring open during the next step.

Now, grab that long strip that you cut off, set it face down and fold the long edges into the center to make the strip narrower, and to give it a nice smooth front.

Wrap this strip around the middle of the bow tie a couple of times. Snip off the excess and secure with a bit of hot glue.

Gently stretch the bow tie to even it out, and ta-daa… a folded paper bow tie!


First, make the actual card part of the card by folding a piece of card stock in half.


How to make a paper collared shirt

Trim a new piece of card stock (which will be the shirt) so that it’s smaller than the folded card. This will give you some room to write on your card.

Make a 2-inch cut in the top-center of the shirt piece. Fold the corners of the cut to form your collar, as seen in the collage above. Glue this paper shirt to the front of your card.

Attach your paper bow tie to the front of the card with your hot glue gun. Add a few buttons to the shirt, and write your Father’s Day message.

Kid writing message on Father's Day Card


If you want to make your message a pun, you can borrow the line “Dad, you’re “tie-rrific”.

3 paper bow tie cards for father's day

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