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Best Thanksgiving Movies For Kids

Thanksgiving Movies For Kids

What’s better than a good, old-fashioned Thanksgiving movie night with the entire family after every dish on the Thanksgiving menu has been devoured, you’ve polished off your fair share of Thanksgiving pie, and you’ve had long nap (obviously)? You may be thinking, how do we pick movies to watch on Thanksgiving the whole family will enjoy? Because it’s not always easy to land on a movie that’s entertaining (and let’s face it, appropriate) for all ages, we’ve put together this list of the best movies to watch on Thanksgiving that please a crowd.

While some films on this list are Thanksgiving-themed movies, most are just funny family movies. Take animated funny kids’ movies like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Free Birds—guaranteed enjoyment for the little ones. Others usher us into the Christmas season with loads of laughs (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) or nostalgic, feel-good moments (Miracle on 34th Street). Sports-loving families can’t go wrong with movies like Rudy, The Blind Side, and Remember the Titans. After all, it is football season! If the kids are busy playing Thanksgiving games and it’s an adults-only movie-watching gathering, You’ve Got Mail or Eat Pray Love might be more your taste.

Stream these best family Thanksgiving Day movies available now on Disney Plus, Amazon, Hallmark Channel, as well as Thanksgiving movies on Netflix.

1A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


While it’s one of the best Thanksgiving movies for kids, people of all ages absolutely adore this animated pick. Thanks to a last-minute invite from Peppermint Patty, Charlie Brown and the gang attempt to throw together a Thanksgiving dinner.

2You’ve Got Mail


The charming remake of the 1940s The Shop Around the Corner spans all seasons—including fall—and features a memorable Thanksgiving scene. Plus, who doesn’t love a Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan matchup?

3Garfield’s Thanksgiving


Everyone’s favorite grumpy (and hungry!) cat is forced to go on a diet on the worst possible day of the year. Grumpy, indeed!

4National Treasure


Treasure hunter Benjamin Gates (played by Nicolas Cage) is on a mission to steal the Declaration of Independence to protect a legendary treasure from getting into the wrong hands.

In the mood for a double feature? Watch National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, also available on Disney Plus.

5Little Women


This classic tale of the March sisters—Meg, Amy, Beth, and Jo—is a great holiday movie for all the ladies in the family.

6Home Alone


The holiday season doesn’t officially start until the whole family gathers around to watch Home Alone.



Nothing says “Thanksgiving” quite like a classic football movie. Rudy’s inspirational story will resonate with everyone in your family, and the chilly fall setting will fit your November mood.



This story from Roald Dahl is sure to entertain the whole family. You’ll all be rooting for Matilda, the little girl with big powers who outsmarts everyone in her world.



This movie is a must-see for any sports-loving family. Set in Hickory, Indiana, where folks take high school basketball very seriously, a new coach faces many challenges from the townspeople and the team on the road to the state championship.

10Toy Story 4


Adults and kids alike will delight in the entire Toy Story collection of movies (four in all) available on Disney Plus. All your favorite characters—Woody, Buzz, and more—welcome new friends like Forky to the latest set of adventures.

11E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial


This classic ’80s film doesn’t have a Thanksgiving theme, but it’s sure to become a family favorite any time of the year. Get ready for a roller coaster of emotions—laughter, sadness, and everything in between—as the universe’s most lovable alien steals your heart.

12Eat Pray Love


After the kids are tucked in, watch Julia Roberts embark on a journey of her own to India, Italy, and Bali. This film is truly a feast for the eyes and soul.



This charming tale about Remy, the rat who dreams of being a chef, feels especially appropriate for Thanksgiving.

14Fantastic Mr. Fox


The family, friends, and feasting in this animated film make it the perfect flick to watch post-pie. Bonus: Taking in director Wes Anderson’s signature autumnal color palette is the best way to wave goodbye to fall.

15What’s Cooking?


Never worry that your relatives are the only ones who find themselves at odds with each other during the holidays. This funny (and all-too-relatable) movie follows the stories of several families at Thanksgiving.

16Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade


We’re suckers for a good Hallmark holiday movie. This one revolves around Chicago’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade and, of course, love.

17Turkey Hollow


Two kids befriend mysterious monsters when visiting the town of Turkey Hollow. The wacky Lifetime movie will have the kids in stitches.

18Dan in Real Life

Steve Carrell’s part as a widower in this fall-set dramedy will resonate with every dad out there and remind the whole family how important it is to stick together.

19The Oath


The hilarious Tiffany Haddish and The Mindy Project’s Ike Barinholtz do their best to survive the holidays with a family who doesn’t share their opinions about a political oath they’re supposed to sign by Thanksgiving.

20Remember the Titans


Starring Denzel Washington, this family film about a team who inspires their segregated town to come together is best viewed under cozy blankets.

21Holiday Inn


Although normally considered one of the top Christmas movies, every holiday gets its own song and dance in this classic Irving Berlin musical starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire.

22A Family Thanksgiving


We’re suckers for good Hallmark movies. In this one, a successful woman gets the opportunity to see how her life could have been different.

23Paul Blart: Mall Cop


This hilarious Kevin James comedy is kid-friendly and appropriately takes place on Black Friday. Win, win.

24Addams Family Values


Wednesday Addams flips the script during the Thanksgiving play portion of this family film.

25Miracle on 34th Street


This classic Christmas movie begins at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, making it the perfect thing to watch on Turkey Day and usher in the Christmas season.



At first glance, the inspiring story of an underdog boxer might not seem like an ideal Thanksgiving film, but fun fact: Rocky and Adrian’s first date fell on the holiday.

27Planes, Trains and Automobiles


There’s something so heartwarming about this classic movie that follows two men as they try to make it home for Thanksgiving.

28National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


Get in the Christmas spirit as you watch the Griswold family attempt to host a big family Christmas party that ultimately turns into disaster after hilarious disaster. Family challenge: Everyone pick their favorite Christmas Vacation quotes.

29Free Birds

Two rival turkeys team up to try to get turkey off the Thanksgiving menu once and for all. (Good luck, guys!)

30The Blind Side


Get your tissues ready: The Blind Side is a touching movie about the real-life Tuohy family who takes in a homeless teen who eventually becomes an all-American football player.

31Curly Sue


It’s hard not to love the little heroine of this classic John Hughes film. She helps a homeless man con people into giving them food and shelter, which will make you feel extra thankful for your own blessings this year.

32A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving


Set on Thanksgiving in the Hundred Acre Wood, this animated film is a great option if little ones are joining in movie night.

33Home for the Holidays


Claudia Larson’s Thanksgiving doesn’t go according to plan, but by the end of the movie, she’s gained a whole new outlook on life.

34Grumpy Old Men


Two old men who have despised each other since they were kids now have a mutual love interest, which makes for the most hilarious Thanksgiving Day scene.

35The Family Stone


Even though this movie takes place over Christmas, The Family Stone presents a realistic and emotional (albeit dramatic) story about one family’s story of coming together.

36The New World


A story about the birth of America certainly seems appropriate this time of year.

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