Happy Thanksgiving

Best Thanksgiving Drawings Easy

Thanksgiving Drawings Easy

How to Draw a Pilgrim

How to Draw a Pilgrim Featured Image

Pilgrim is the Latin word for “traveler.” It often describes someone who journeys far for religious reasons. This is called making a pilgrimage. In the United States, it is most often applied to the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony… Read more

How to Draw a Thanksgiving Background

How to Draw a Thanksgiving Background Featured Image

What is Thanksgiving? In the United States and Canada, this holiday celebrates “the harvest and other blessings of the past year.” In the U.S., the holiday is linked to a legend of a feast shared by the English colonists and the Wampanoag Native American people in 1621… Read more

How to Draw a Cartoon Steak

How to Draw a Cartoon Steak Featured Image

The word “steak” comes from the mid-fifteenth century terms steik or stekys, refering to “a thick slice of meat cut for roasting or grilling or frying.” Steak is a favorite food of people around the world… Read more

How to Draw a Cornucopia

How to Draw a Cornucopia Featured Image

What is a cornucopia? Also called the Horn of plenty, it is a decorative object or motif used to symbolize abundance. The first cornucopias were curved goat horns overflowing with produce and grain. Later, baskets woven in this shape were used… Read more

How to Draw a Pumpkin Patch

How to Draw a Pumpkin Patch Featured Image

A pumpkin patch is a garden used for growing pumpkins. Each year, millions of children across North America look forward to visiting a local pumpkin patch. There, they can often play in corn mazes and… Read more

How to Draw Acorns

How to Draw Acorns: Featured Image

Acorns are the nut or fruit produced by the oak tree. Acorns have a distinct appearance from other nuts, with a characteristic… Read more

How to Draw Falling Leaves

How to Draw Falling Leaves: Featured Image

Trees with falling leaves have a certain emotional appeal that resonates in popular culture. In the novel And the Mountains Echoed by… Read more

How to Draw a Mushroom

How to Draw a Mushroom: Featured image

​​​Mushrooms are fascinating creatures that are neither plant nor animal. The mushroom looks like a plant, having roots, called mycelium, and growing… Read more

How to Draw a Turkey Dinner

How to Draw a Turkey Dinner: Feature image

​The turkey is a wild game bird native to North America. Native peoples began to domesticate the turkey hundreds of years ago, and it was… Read more

How to Draw a Scarecrow

How to draw a scarecrow: Featured image

The scarecrow is a mannequin placed in a farming field to deter birds (such as crows), deer, or other animals from eating the crops. The traditional… Read more

How to Draw a Corn Cob

How to draw a corn cob: Featured image

​Corn, also called maize, is a food producing plant native to the Americas, likely first grown in Mexico. There, it was bred from sturdy grasses… Read more

How to Draw Fall Oak Leaves

How to Draw Fall Oak Leaves: Featured Image

​Oak trees are well known for producing acorns and displaying vivid colors in the fall of the year. Valley, chestnut, and chinkapin oaks turn yellow… Read more

How to Draw a Turkey

How to Draw a Turkey - Really Easy Drawing Tutorial

Turkeys are large birds native to the Americas. The turkey was first domesticated in Mexico around 800 B.C., and it has since been farmed… Read more

How to Draw a Pumpkin

how to draw a pumpkin featured image

Would you like to learn how to draw a pumpkin? It’s easy when you use this cartoon vegetable drawing tutorial… Read more

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