Happy Thanksgiving

Best Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem

Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem

For MsDora—teacher, counselor, mother, and grandmother—holidays and family make the perfect blend of good times and pleasant memories.

Thanksgiving ...when the extended family comes together.

Thanksgiving …when the extended family comes together.

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Whether it is the annual Thanksgiving dinner or a birthday or holiday celebration, it is always an auspicious occasion when the extended family comes together.

There are always trips down memory lane, rounds of laughter and, of course, a bountiful spread which necessitates a prayer of thanks. For that special moment, a traditional Thanksgiving acrostic for the family gathering would certainly be in good taste.

Instructions for the Thanksgiving Acrostic

Here are the instructions for a T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G acrostic (example below), which could serve as an example for the adults and can be adjusted for the children.

  • Assign one letter of T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G to each family member. If there are more family members than letters, make the adjustment so that the whole word is spelled out.
  • The letters could be assigned as early as one week in advance, or as late as when they arrive for dinner, depending on their ability.
  • Ask each person to compose one, two or four lines (your call) to contribute to the special Thanksgiving feature. If one line is assigned, the lines do not have to rhyme; and if two or four, rhyming is optional.
  • If there are the necessary number of adults and the necessary number of children, do two acrostics. The children will love their own version.
  • It would add fun and organization if the letters are printed and held up as the lines are read or recited. (One set of letters can be used, transferred from children to adults in turn.)

This exercise adds expectation and excitement and also presents the opportunity for those with the potential to exercise their oratory gift. Feel free to start the tradition this year by making use of the acrostic below. Edit the lines, if necessary, to fit your family situation and enjoy adding poetry to your family gathering.

Options: Your acrostic can spell T-H-A-N-K-F-U-L or G-I-V-E T-H-A-N-K-S or any appropriate word or phrase.

Turkey and dressing - the Thanksgiving favorite

Turkey and dressing – the Thanksgiving favorite

David Whelan via Wikimedia Commons

T – H – A – N – K – S – G – I – V – I – N – G

T—for Thanksgiving—and for Together

Tells a glad tale at this time of year;

Family gathering around the table,

Naming our blessings for all to hear.

H—for Homecoming from near and from far

To share food, faith, hope, courage and love;

We start by joining our hands and hearts,

In praises to our dear Lord above.

A—for Ancestors both living and past—

They deserve mention, respect and applause;

Watching their spirit of gratitude,

Is why we join the Thanksgiving cause.

N—for Newcomers by birth or marriage,

Add to our family as years roll on;

Our number increases, and that’s good proof

Of the favor our family has won.

K—for the Kindness we hold in our hearts,

Outwardly showing in ways that we care:

In patience, forgiveness, companionship,

Appreciation when occasions appear.

S—for Sharing—and Strength—and Support;

Family virtues we have in each other,

Enabling us to lighten the burdens

And stresses of each sister and brother.

G—for the Gifts we do not take for granted:

Our lives, our health, the love we all share,

The reasons we smile, the goals we achieve

Our various talents, some of them rare.

I—for Ideas we have learned in passing

Through our struggles and everyday fights;

Then comes today when we all give thanks

For insights which shed light on our nights.

V—for the Values we teach to our young,

Thankfulness among the top of the list;

If we pass on what we learn from our elders,

The worst of the vices our youth will resist.

I—for Intimacy, family closeness

Expressing affection, connecting minds,

Building relationships on the right premise:

Love centered in godliness never unwinds.

N—for the Names by which we are known;

Some change when our females get married.

Still we take pride in holding each one

To the standards our family established.

G—is for God, His Grace and His Goodness,

And Gratitude we owe Him all of our days;

For all He has done, and will do for our family

We give absolute thanks now and always.

Pumpkin for the pie that crowns the meal


Using the word, Thanks” think of something that begins with each letter of the word to complete this acrostic poem.   


An acrostic poem is a form of poetry that uses the letters from a word to begin each line of the poem.  Acrostic poems can be written about any subject.  They are fun to write as they do not have to rhyme; each line can be written as a sentence, phrase, or simply use one word.
To write your own acrostic poem you must first decide what you would like to write about. With Thanksgiving upon us, we chose to write an acrostic poem about gratitude using the word, THANKS.


This Thanksgiving, start a tradition sharing what you and your kids are thankful for.  But don’t just say it, write what you are grateful for in an acrostic poem!
 To set up our acrostic poem, I wrote THANKS vertically on a piece of paper and then my oldest and I worked on filling in the acrostic poem using those letters.
My 8 year old and I brainstormed all the things he is thankful for:
  • activities that he enjoys doing
  • people he loves
  • favorite things


Then using our list we tried to fit those things within our acrostic poem.
Here’s what we came up with.  I did help my 8 year old– mostly with letter K, but otherwise he filled it out all on his own.
My 8 year old is thankful for:
Toys to play with
House to live in
All my friends
New baby Griffin
Kisses from mom and dad
Soccer and show(s)
Acrostic poems are fun to write and if you get stuck trying to think of a word to use, break out the dictionary!  Yes, we actually did that!!
Remember, there is no right or wrong way to write an acrostic poem!
thanksgiving poetry for kids

This simple thanksgiving poem was a great way to reinforce all the wonderful things and people that we are thankful for in our life!  It is a wonderful way to teach gratitude!

Give thanks this Thanksgiving holiday by filling out an acrostic poem of your own.

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