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It is a beautiful feeling to be loved by someone you also care for. Expressing your love is extremely important. In our hectic schedules, we must not forget special occasions that come into the life of each other. We must try to rejoice those events, as celebrations should not be dependent on reasons. In this way, it shows other people how important they are to you, and you never overlook them even in your busy routine.

Aside from sending your warm wishes, you can even use face to face conversations to deliver your feelings towards others. These wishes will definitely help you out in expressing your emotions in the right way. You can even get ideas to decorate your speech while showing your true sentiments for your loved ones.



Below you’ll find all the wishes you need to wish someone you love or care about.

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  • Be the cause of happiness for others who dont have They need it most
  • Life throws you a thousand chances All you have to do is take one and have faith
  • The triumph of challenging yourself through the struggles is comparable to nothing
  • The moment you seize worrying the moment you will feel happyIts all about your choice
  • Happiness of life lies within yourself As long as you feel you are content you are happy
  • Once you have achieved your goal Then look back you will come to appreciate your struggles
  • The struggles in your life has shaped you into the person you are now Be thankful about it
  • Another term of sharing is happiness The more you start sharing the more you are happy in life
  • Without struggle you wouldnt have known what life is Struggle makes a person know what real life is
  • Life will become much easier when we will finally understand which hands to shake which ones to Hold
  • The secrete to success is constancy Stick to your purpose and work hard Otherwise success is just a dream
  • Dont waste your time looking back on what youve lost Move on for life is not meant to be traveled backwards
  • Life asked with Death Why people love me and hate you Death said you are a beautiful lie and Im painful truth
  • Failing is the first step to the path of success It means you are trying in every way to achieve it in your life
  • The people who have gone through struggles pain deprivation loneliness are the most beautiful people in the world
  • Dont dwell in past Dont daydream of future Now is the time Now is the life to enjoy Live a happy and healthy life
  • Life is short live it Love is rare grab it Anger is bad dump it Fear is awful face it Memories are sweet cherish it
  • To be successful you dont need a degree Successful is he who knows to lose and still have a loving family and friends
  • Good things come to those who wait greater things come to those who get off their ass and do anything to make it happen
  • Your actions will take you to the top notch of success Just keep working on your goals It will create the path to success
  • You know life is worth the struggle when you look back on what you lost and realize that what you have now is much greater
  • Sometimes loosing can mean the beginning of happiness Loose yourself to the close ones and the people who care for you in life
  • Always smile Our faces are the best billboards where the ads of life are seen The Bible says Why worry when the Lord is with you
  • People are in constant struggle with themselves They are always having debate inside about which side will dominate evil or good
  • Our greatest failure lies within us giving upon things without even trying To be successful in life giving up should be given up
  • Dont lose your heart and hope when things dont work out because I am sure something better is waiting for you as you deserve the best
  • Small drops of water make an ocean Just like that if you can accomplish small successes it will turn into something bigger and better
  • When you are choosing to be successful you are also choosing to be failed Because eventually you will find new ways to reach your goal
  • Everyone can start something but finishing something is not everyones cup of tea And those who are the finishers are the real successor
  • Life is all about a card game Choosing the right cards is not in our hand But playing well with the cards in hand determines our Success
  • God didnt promise that life would be easy but he did promise to be with you on every step of the way So keep going have a beautiful life
  • Lifes like Facebook People will like your problems and comment but no one will solve them because everyone else is too busy updating theirs
  • Trust in life should be like the feeling of a one-year old baby When you throw him in the air he laughs because he knows you will catch him
  • The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create to overcome to endure to transform to love and to be greater than our suffering
  • Life is not a rehearsal Each day is a new show no repeat no rewind no retake Perform carefully live the best choose the best and do the best
  • Enjoy and use every moment of life Dont save it because there is no courtesy desk for us to go and get a refund on an unused moments of life
  • Whenever you get pain in your life Just think about the full form of pain Positive Attitude In Negative Situations Follow it Life will change
  • I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach who walk their talk
  • God is indeed an answering God Sometimes you dont need to shout or cry out loud because He hears even the very silent prayer of a faithful heart
  • Laugh whenever u can Apologize whenever u should and let go off whatever u cant change Life is too short to worry about anything Be happy always
  • Life ends when you stop dreaming hope ends when you stop believing and love ends when you stop caring So dream hope and loveMakes Life Beautiful
  • In life happiness is a matter of perception Some choose to stay unhappy having everything And some choose to stay happy with the little things he has
  • Look around you Be grateful Be happy about what life has offered you There are people who dont have legs or hands shelter or food Still they are happy
  • Every great one has a story filled with sorrows and struggles Fighting all those they came out as the shining stars of their fate as well as the world
  • Dont ask yourself what the world needs Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that Because what the world needs is people who have come alive
  • Nothing good comes easy in life The probability of your success depends upon your hard work and attitude You can never succeed without meeting deadly challenges
  • Life is like a novel Its filled with suspense you have no idea whats going to happen until you turn the page keep turning your pages and enjoy the thrill of life
  • If the pressures in life seem like crushing you down think of a crushed grape that produces the best wine The pressures you have in life only brings out the best in you
  • In life there are times that you have to face tough decisions either you make it or break it But do remember whichever way you go there are no wrong decisions in life its for you to make it right

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