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Best Hyvee Thanksgiving Dinner

Hyvee Thanksgiving Dinner

Hyvee is a well-known grocery store in the United States. Hyvee Thanksgiving dinner is available for all levels of gatherings. The store also offers catering for different events.

hyvee thanksgiving dinner

Hyvee Thanksgiving Dinner For All

Like several other grocery stores, Hyvee also sells pre-cooked food for holidays. These days, people are talking about hyvee Thanksgiving dinner because of its quality and creative recipes. You can either visit the store to buy Thanksgiving food or can order it online. You can also get groceries through the Hyvee app if you want to prepare your meal at home.

Hyvee Thanksgiving Dinner 2021

Whenever Thanksgiving is about to come, people start waiting for Turkey. Hy vee holiday meals 2021 include Turkey, ham, apple pie, gravy, and other foods. It also offers rewards for those who buy food in large quantities.

These meals are available for small and large gatherings of two to sixteen persons. Even if you are alone, you can order for yourself any thanksgiving meal.

hy vee thanksgiving dinner menu prices

Hyvee Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Prices

HyVee Thanksgiving Dinner 2021 Hyvee Thanksgiving Dinner Serves Prices
Applewood Pit Ham Meal Serves 8 $89.99
Brown Sugar Spiral Ham Meal Serves 8 $99.99
HyVee Holiday meal Brunch for 2 $21.99
HyVee Holiday meal Brunch for 4 $39.99
HyVee Holiday meal Brunch for 6 $54.99
Crowd’s Choice Gourmet Ham & Turkey Serves 12 $269.99
Family Feast Turkey Dinner Serves 12 $149.99
Ham or Turkey Dinner Serves 2 $34.99
Ham or Turkey Dinner Serves 4 $59.99
Honey-Glazed Spiral Ham Feast Serves 12 $189.99
Prime Rib Party Pack Serves 8 $169.99
Turkey Breast Bundle Serves 6 $89.99
Turkey Party Pleaser Serves 8 $99.99
A La Carte Holiday Meal Items Vary $0.00

Is Hy Vee Open On Thanksgiving?

Hy vee hasn’t yet announced its holiday, however, you can order a few days before Thanksgiving to be on the safe side. Whereas several other stores also offer pre-cooked meals for Thanksgiving, including dinners. Hy vee Thanksgiving dinner prices will be easy for you to pay.

Hy vee Thanksgiving Dinner Hours

Hy vee on Thanksgiving Nov 25 Thursday Reduced hours (closes at 5:30pm)

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Hy Vee Thanksgiving Dinner For 4

A family of 4 can get Thanksgiving dinner for just $50, including turkey or ham, depending on the recipe. Likewise, holiday meals are also available for six and more persons. You can see a single meal’s cost and then sum it up for four persons or more as you want. Hy vee Thanksgiving Turkey dinners are mostly affordable for all people.

Hy Vee Thanksgiving Dinner Catering

hy vee thanksgiving turkey dinner

Other than meal packs, Hyvee also provides catering services. It is a great chance for you to have hyvee catering Thanksgiving dinner to serve a large gathering. You don’t have to wash your dishes after the event is over. You can simply order a meal and chill with your guests. However, you will need a lot of time to heat frozen foods.

Hy Vee Thanksgiving Dinner Reviews

A large percentage of customers are happy with Hyvee meals as evident from its reviews. But, in case of any complaints, you can call its customer support, or can email them through the app.

Whether its hy vee Thanksgiving dinner for 2 or more people, it is satisfying in all ways.  Its party trays are very popular that include the turkey, brown sugar spiral hams, Applewood ham, salads, sides, mashed potatoes, sweetcorn, ribs, etc.

Other than dinner, the store also offers brunch for two to six persons. The brunch includes biscuits, eggs, fruit salad, buns, and other items. On normal days, you can also buy shrimps, a tray with cheese, meat, and charcuterie.

Its veggies and fruits tray looks very attractive with colorful items. Whereas the sandwich and sub tray is ideal for breakfast or brunch. Likewise, the wings are delicious as well as catered foods. Hyvee has served thousands of people with its catering for weddings, corporate functions, home parties, and Hyvee holiday events.

Hyvee makes its customers happy with gift cards, especially on Black Friday. Like, if you buy something worth $150, Hyvee will reward you with a $20 gift. However, this offer is valid only for an in-store shopping offer.

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