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Best Happy Journey Wishes

It is a beautiful feeling to be loved by someone you also care for. Expressing your love is extremely important. In our hectic schedules, we must not forget special occasions that come into the life of each other. We must try to rejoice those events, as celebrations should not be dependent on reasons. In this way, it shows other people how important they are to you, and you never overlook them even in your busy routine.

Aside from sending your warm wishes, you can even use face to face conversations to deliver your feelings towards others. These wishes will definitely help you out in expressing your emotions in the right way. You can even get ideas to decorate your speech while showing your true sentiments for your loved ones.


Below you’ll find all the wishes you need to wish someone you love or care about.

  • Have a safe flight – and please let me know when you land!
  • The pilot is going to take great care of you up there – safe flight!
  • May your air be clear, the flight be smooth, the plane be safe, and the sky be blue!
  • Are you ready for your trip I wish you to see as much as possible Good luck and happy journey
  • I appreciate your enthusiasm and bravery This journey will be a real challenge Get ready properly
  • On this unusual trip I wish you to be crazy as never before Its your time to enjoy your life Cheers
  • I want to wish you a good journey Its time for you to take a break from everything Wish you a lot of fun
  • Put on your sunglasses and dive into the holiday Your trip is still waiting for you Be ready for everything
  • Travelling is so important I know that you are real traveller Wish you that this journey meet your expectations
  • I know you haven’t left yet but I already miss you so please just go and come back safe really soon. Okay thanks.
  • Do you realize that everything starts now Wish you a good weather sun and more time to relax Wish you a good leisure
  • Finally its your time to take a rest Wish you to have amazing journey and meet new people Everything will be perfect
  • Can you imagine that today is the first day of your vacation Prepare for you trip and get ready It will be so marvellous
  • I’ll just stand in the airport by the Arrivals terminal until you get back because I can’t wait! Have a safe flight!
  • I love you to the moon and back – but please don’t go there to test it because then you’ll be gone for even longer!
  • May you have a lot of fun on the way. May this journey bring peace to your mind and joy to your heart. Have a safe journey!
  • May you have a lot of fun on the way. May this journey bring peace to your mind and joy to your heart. Have a safe journey!
  • Its your time to celebrate your holidays I wish you to have extraordinary time and unbelievable journey I will wait you back
  • Bright sky big waves and wonderful people perfect holidays Wish you to enjoy your journey and find something new Good flight
  • Its a wonderful time to celebrate your journey Im very happy for such good decision to travel Dont forget your glasses and hat
  • Remember, planes actually like to stay in the air. They have lift – so you’re safer in the air anyways! Have a safe flight!
  • Today is a perfect day the start of your trip Wish you to enjoy the sunbaths and great tropical weather Im sincerely envy of you
  • I hope to see you safe and sound when you finally return. Till then, enjoy everything that comes in your way. Have a safe journey!
  • May this journey of yours be full of extraordinary memories and sweet moments. I wish you a safe journey along with a safe return.
  • There’s a strong chance I buy a ticket and just go with you. That’s how badly I want to be together. Please have a safe journey.
  • Words cannot describe what you mean to me. So I’ll just tell you “I love you” – and see you again when you return to me soon.
  • Do you book your flight yet On this journey I wish you to find yourself Also its a perfect time to explore the world Im so happy for you
  • I hope this journey will be the most memorable adventure of your life. All I wish is that voyage be unimpeded and unhampered. Good luck!
  • There is always enough light at the end of the tunnel, As long as you strife to not end your Journey inside the tunnel. Have a safe journey.
  • Im very glad for your trip Its a really good way to try something new and different Love you much and will wait for your call with new stories
  • I would like to thank you for this opportunity to travel with you I know that this journey will be unforgettablefor both of us See you on plane
  • Discover the unknown on your way. See the unseen and feel the awesomeness of this journey. Have a safe journey dear. All the best wishes for you!
  • If you have a smile for me, Please keep it very safe, When you come back here, You will give me a bundle of it. Missing you already. Safe journey.
  • On this summer vacation I want to wish you to feel free and independent Its your time to think about nothing Lets feel the summer and good journey
  • Its not the first time then you go to the journey but I really worried about you You know new places people and other things But I wish you a good time
  • Sun sea sand and coloured cocktails the best part of the holidays Wish you to have amazing trip with full of such things Everything its just beginning
  • May your journey be full of bewildering experiences. May you enjoy every bit of it on the way and reach your destination safely. All the best wishes for you!
  • May your journey be full of bewildering experiences. May you enjoy every bit of it on the way and reach your destination safely. All the best wishes for you!
  • Traveling is looking for something you know you need but cant explain what exactly that is Wishing you to finally find that secret experience and come back safe
  • I hope you have prepared yourself well for the journey. I’ll be waiting for you until you return safely. Looking forward to hearing your experiences on the way!
  • Trips and adventures holiday and sea sun and sunbaths its all you need for this moment Wishing you a great time and we will celebrate it then you come back See you
  • Hey you are off to a holiday, So, I thought I must wish you this day, Enjoy the days ahead without any stress, As I wish you all the best for a safe journey and god bless!
  • It will be so empty without you here Anyway have a happy journey and come back safe Hope that this experience will bring you a lot of joy and excitement Dont forget to write
  • May your journey be full of new lessons and new experiences. I hope that you’ll land safely on your destination and return back to us again with good health and good memories.
  • May your journey be safe Hope you will have a wonderful time and come back with a lot of amazing memories Forget all your worries and take your time to relax and see the world in all its beautiful colors
  • Traveling can be stressful but dont forget that the main goal of every journey is the positive experience you receive when you see new places and meet new people Wishing you to find what youre looking for
  • Hope your journey will be full of unforgettable adventures and you will meet a lot of new interesting people Life is about traveling and learning so use this timetocollect as many memories as you possibly can
  • Travellers are those people who search for something It might be love happiness fun new friends or an unforgettable experience It doesnt matter what you are looking for I wish you to find it May this trip bring you joy and happiness
  • Oh I love when somebody is going on a trip It means that Ill get my souvenirs very soon Well get my orders I want you to bring me many unforgettable memories bright pictures and a good mood Okay and one magnet Ha-ha have a great trip
  • Sometimes we all get so tired that the only thing we want is to hit the road and forget about everything that bothers us Im really happy that you got such a great opportunity to travel and get some rest from this crazy world Have a nice journey

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