Grandparents Day

Best Grandparents Day Crafts For Kids And Preschoolers

 Grandparents Day cards are a wonderful way to let your grandparent know how much you love them. Whether you’re looking for something funny or touching, you’re sure to find the perfect card for the grandparent in your life.

All of these Grandparents Day cards are free and can be quickly printed from your computer. Hand deliver them or put them in the mail to make sure your grandparents have an extra special Grandparents Day.

If you have a little more time to devote to making a Grandparents Day card, consider making your own using a Grandparents Day poem. You can also find Grandparents Day freebies like coloring pages, crafting projects, and activities.

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    A Garden of Love Grows in a Grandparent’s Heart

    A card and paint on a table

    This lovely Grandparent’s Day card from Paper Ramma can be given as a card for a printable that can be framed. The card says “A Garden of Love Grows In a Grandparent’s Heart” and is available in blue, pink, green, and purple.

    After printing out the card, have the grandchild use white craft paint to add their fingerprints to make the dandelion seeds.

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    Happy Grandparent’s Day!

    A colored grandparent's day card on a table with colored pencils

    Grandparent’s Day card that is packed full of sweet activities for the grandkids to do before handing over the card.

    There’s a picture to color, a portrait to draw, and a fill-in-the-blank letter to fill out. It folds up easily and is ready to give as a quick gift that the grandparents are sure to love.

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    Grandparent’s Flower from Greetings Island

    A yellow floral grandparent's day card

    Grandparent’s Day card that features two photos on the front that’s perfect for showcasing the grandkids or a special moment with their grandparents. It’s a fun yellow and green floral design that anyone will love.

    You can customize this card with photos, text, different layouts, and stickers before printing. This card can be printed as a traditional card or mailed as an e-card.

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    Happy Grandparents Day

    Grandparents on the front of a Grandparent's Day card.
    Grandparents Day card that’s incredibly cute and features a grandma and a grandpa.

    You can fully customize this Grandparents Day card with your own text, pictures, and stamps.

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    Dear Grandparents Letter

    A handmade Grandparent's Day card on a table.

    After you print out this Grandparent’s Day card , the grandkids will get to fill it out with why they’re grateful for their grandparent, what they like most about them, what their favorite memory of them is, and a drawing of the two of them.

    This card is so special that you could even frame it and give it as a gift.

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    Grandparent’s Day Thumbprint Card

    A Grandparent's Day thumbprint printable
    Who Arted?

    This is an adorable Grandparents Day card from Who Arted? that only takes a little work on your party to make it a very special keepsake. Print off the card, add the grandkids’ fingerprints, and then have them list the top five reasons they love their grandparents.

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    Happy Grandparents Day Coloring Card

    A Grandparent's Day card that kids can color
    Pastiche Family Portal

    Pastiche Family Portal has a free Grandparents Day card that can be printed and then colored in by the grandkids.

    You can print this Grandparents Day card on regular printer paper or on cardstock.

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    We Love Our Grandparents

    A pink and gray Grandparent's Day card.
    Eat, Drink, Run and Be Mommy

    Here’s a beautiful Grandparents Day card from Eat, Drink, Run and Be Mommy that has a place for you to include three photos as well as some custom text with the grandchildren’s names.

    This is a .psd file so you’ll need Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or the free graphics program Gimp to open and edit this free Grandparents Day card.

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    Happy Grandparents Day Card

    A blue and white Grandparent's Day card.
    Made by Cristina Marie

    Cristina Marie has designed this simple but lovely Grandparents Day card that features blue text and a flower. The inside is left blank so you can personalize the card.

    This Grandparents Day card opens as a PDF that you can print, cut out, and then add your message to


    Being a grandparent is the best thing ever and receiving a gift from your grandkids is even better. This list of crafts can make all the grandparents happy.


    1. Hand Print Card:

    Hand Print Card

    Gift this lovely card to your grandparents as part of the grandparents day kids crafts. This card is made with a hand print in colorful paint. You can add in some lovely lines or a poem for your grandparents as well.

    2. Heart Cut Out:

    Heart Cut Out

    Make your grandparents happy with this card. The craft for grandparents includes making a card with a top of your handprint. The handprint itself is then cut in the center so show a little heart. Wish them on their day by gifting this cute card.


    3. Hand Cut Out Helpers:

    Hand Cut Out Helpers

    Show your grandparents who their angels and buddies are by cutting out your handprint on colored paper. Stick this on colorful scrolls and write down your names. This is a wonderful grandparents’ day craft idea.

    4. Open Me Card:

    Open Me Card

    This cool card made by the grandkids will be loved by all. The card is folded and a picture of a boy or a girl what you can see. When the card is opened, the grandparents can see what the kids have written inside. This is perfect for grandparents’ day crafts for preschool.

    5. Paper Plate Badges:

    Paper Plate Badges

    Show your grandparents who is the number one grandparent for you with these cute paper plate badges. You can color the paper plate with gold paint and then add some blue ribbons at the bottom. Make these craft gifts for grandma or grandpa.

    6. Paper Cup Figures:

    Paper Cup Figures

    Here is a fun activity that you can do with your kids. These figures of grandparents are made paper cups. Color the paper cups and then use paper cut-outs for the face and hair. The string can be used for the arms and legs. These make good grandparents day crafts for toddlers.


    7. Salt Dough Craft:

    Salt Dough Craft

    Make a bunch of salt dough for your kids and ask them to stamp their hands in it. Bake these and then use as ornaments for decoration. Grandparents will love to get these as gifts and are the perfect craft gifts for grandparents.

    8. Baby Bees as a Craft Idea:

    Baby Bees as a Craft IdeaSave

    Show grandparents their grandkids in the form of bees. The finger stamps painting idea is good for kids to do. Decorate the bees and write down the names of the grand kids under each stamp. Grandparents’ day kid’s crafts are a nice way to show them your love. Using a simple way to express and wishes give good look to craft.


    9. Bag of Goodies:

    Bag of Goodies

    Make these colorful gift bags for your grandparents and fill them with goodies or little notes. The bags can be decorated as easy grandparents day crafts. Add some chocolates or cookies for a sweet touch. This type of creativity helps to make a bond between grandparents and kids.

    If your kids want to give some special gifts to grandparents then handmade crafts which will be special for their grandparents, it helps to express their love to their grandparents. These kids crafts for grandparents will make the grandparents really happy. They show the genuine love that grandkids have for them. Using many methods while making crafts like glass or paper etc., kids will really enjoy making a craft for their grandpa and grandma

    Today we are going to provide DIY Handmade Happy Grandparents Day Cards ideas to make at home. Grandparents day is coming and people who have their grandparents are curious to surprise them. The best way to make your grandpa or granny happy is to present them a DIY Grandparents day card.  National Grandparents Day is being celebrated on different dates in the world. In the United States, this day is being celebrated after one week of National Labor Day. This year Labor Day is going to be celebrated on September 2. According to this, the national grandparents day USA will celebrate on September 8. So don’t wait and prepare your greeting card by using DIY Card Ideas for your grandmother or grandfather.

    Handmade Happy Grandparents Day Cards

    Grandparents Day:

    Everyone wants to celebrate some precious moments with their family members. For this, we started celebrating different days for different family members like mother’s day, Father’s day, Girlfriend day, boyfriend day, grandfather day, grandmother day and many others. Grandparents day  is coming and everyone anxiously waiting for this day. In the USA, Grandparents  is going to celebrate. So here we are sharing some DIY Handmade Happy Grandparents day cards ideas that you can use to create awesome cards.

    DIY Handmade Grandmother’s Day Card:

    Hi, buddy if you are looking for a DIY Handmade Grandmother’s Day Card for your granny then you are at the right place. Here we are going to share some Grandmothers’ day card ideas that you can make at home. We are sharing step by step detail of these cards so that you can follow these steps to create tremendous cards.

    Simple Handmade Grandmother’s Day Card:

    Here is one of the best Simple handmade grandmother’s day cards for toddlers. Those boys and girls who want to say thanks to their grandmother can create this simple but elegant Grandmothers day card on this grandparent’s day. So check the material and complete procedure for how to make this tremendous greeting card for your granny.

    Simple Handmade Grandmother’s Day Card


    • Art Sheet ( Blue, Green, Pink, and yellow colors)
    • Glue
    • Marker
    • Scissor
    How to Make:

    Step 1:

    Take the blue color art sheet and fold it into two

    Step 2:

    Cut a circle shape with the help of scissors and some oval shapes with pink sheet

    Step 3:

    Cut the shape of the stem and leaves with green sheet

    Step 4:

    Paste all shapes with the help of glue as given in the above picture

    Step 5:

    Take a marker and write your messages

    Birthday Card for Granny

    Grandparents Day Cards

    On the below side, we are going to share the Grandparents Day Card that you can make at home with the help of simple materials. This is one of the easiest Handmade Happy Grandparents Day Cards. Everyone can make this tremendous Grandparents Day cards by using simple ideas. Just read the below side you get detailed information about how to make this Handmade card.

    Grandparents day Card


    • Art Sheet
    • Needle (Soi)
    • Thread
    • Pencil
    How to Make:

    Step 1:

    Cut the art sheet into your desired size and fold it into two

    Step 2:

    Take a pencil and draw a Heart shape on the front of the card

    Step 3:

    Make holes on sides of Heart

    Step 4:

    Take the thread and randomly pass-through holes

    Step 5:

    You can use Glue to make the thread more stable

    Homemade Greeting Cards

    Homemade greeting cards are the best gift that you can present to anyone. If you are going to prepare a card for Grandparent day then you must have to check this awesome Homemade card for this special day. Here is the material that you can use to create it.

    Homemade Greeting Cards


    • Art Sheet (Different Colors)
    • Pencil
    • Heart Stickers
    How to Make:

    Step 1:

    Cut the art sheet into your desired size of card

    Step 2:

    Now take a white sheet and cut a rectangular shape slightly shorter than the card

    Step 3:

    Paste this shape according to the picture

    Step 4:

    Draw a jar in the middle of this card

    Step 5:

    Paste heart shape stickers randomly in and out of the jar

    Step 6:

    In the end, you can cut different shapes and paste on the bottom of the jar to write your message

    3D Grandparents Day DIY Card

    If you are looking for the best card to make at home then you must try 3D Grandparents day DIY Card. In this card, you need nothing except a card, a cutter and some flowers of your own choice. In the below side, I am going to tell you about the complete procedure.

    3D Grandparents Day DIY Card


    • Art Sheet White
    • Cutter
    • Rose petals or any other
    • Transparent Sheet
    How to make:

    Step 1:

    Take and sheet and fold it into two

    Step 2:

    Take a cutter and cut the heart or any other shape on the front side of the card

    Step 3:

    Take a transparent sheet and paste in the inner side of the card

    Step 4:

    Open the card and filled the shape with rose petals

    Step 5:

    Take a white paper or transparent sheet to cover the backside of the flowers

    Step 6:

    Write your message on the card and send it to your granny or grandpa.

    Happy Grandfathers Day Cards

    If you are looking for the best homemade Happy Grandfathers Day cards then this is a perfect website for you. This is one of the best techniques for making greeting cards for toddlers. To create this card and present it to your grandpa on this day. This is one of the best Handmade Happy Grandparents Day Cards.

    Happy Grandfathers Day Cards


    • Art Sheet
    • Colors
    • Pencils
    • Beads
    How to Make?

    Step 1:

    Take the art sheet

    Step 2:

    Dip your hand in the paint and place on the card

    Step 3:

    Write your message

    Step 4:

    Décor this card with beads

    Step 5:

    Send it to your grandpa

    What Do you Write in a Grandparents Day Card?

    Those who are looking for what do you write in a grandparents day card can check the below quotes which will help them to make their grandparents happy. Asides this, you can write anything that shows your love in these cards.

    Grandparents Day Quotes

    You can use these Grandparents Day Quotes in your card to deliver a message uniquely. We have decided to provide you the best Grandparents day quotes 2019 that are as follows. So simply check the list of these quotes.

    1. I know you have loved me since I was born, but I have loved you my whole life
    2. Grandparents, Like Heroes, are as necessary to a child’s growth as vitamins.
    3. If nothing is going well, call your Grandmother.


    Here are some ideas for you to celebrate this Grandparents Day 2020 by creating DIY Cards for them and writing some quotes for them. Make Handmade Happy Grandparents Day Cards to show your love. Grandparents are not less than the blessing of God to kids.

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